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									                             “Grabbing Real Estate Leads”

As a real estate agent, you have no guarantees of a monthly paycheck. This is one of the
hardest fields in business to conquer and few have emerged successful. The rewards are
plentiful, however, once you have hit the jackpot.

Most of your income comes from listings, commissions and leads. Thus, you should
concentrate on getting these three things which might later on lead to a sale.

Here are some tips on how a real estate agent can grab hot leads and earn bigger

1. Master your field of business.

Just like an architect who has mastered the art of designing, you as a real estate agent
should have a vast knowledge of your market.

Read and research on the latest about real estate. Make a general survey of your area
because your neighbors are the most probable customers to bring some business your

2. Develop your “people skills”. As an agent, you are dealing with people everyday so
your primary goal should be to serve your clients.

As much as possible, try to give them what they want while gaining something for
yourself. You deserve to have a big commission if, in the end, you have helped your
client look for the exact piece of land, house or property that they want.

3. Broadcast a recorded message using a radio transmitter.

Radio transmitters allow real estate agents to broadcast a personalized message that they
can record for prospective clients. You can also use this equipment at 'Open Houses'
when you see a client in the vicinity to personally address them.

4. Conquer the market within your own neighborhood.

You can use the radio transmitter at public events within your area. The community is
your first, and best option to gain a following. Once the people in the vicinity hear about
your business, you will have an instant clientele. One of the best ways to advertise your
business is by spreading the word so make sure that you reach out to these people.

5.Come up with marketing tools and strategies that will help increase your listings.

It is important to remember that home sellers and home buyers are your main target
market. Once you have gained enough knowledge of the market and you have developed
the necessary skills, you are sure to climb your way to the top as a real estate agent.

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