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Commercial real estate is the immovable property which is land including all attachments
therein. Commercial is attached to the word real estate because the purpose of the land
and all improvements attached thereto are used for commercial purposes.

These commercial real estate properties may be lands with buildings used for businesses
such as shopping malls, supermarkets, ordinary grocery and other profit-oriented
activities. Even office buildings are called commercial real estate properties.

Most commonly, commercial real estate properties are not being sold to individual
purchasers. Should a commercial real estate property will be for sale; buyer would
commonly be corporations or group of entrepreneurs. Individual buyers usually
purchases residential real estate properties.

Commonly, it is not popular to sell commercial real estate properties, businesses people
such as corporations or groups are merely leasing or acquiring commercial real estate
property by joint venture agreements with commercial real estate owners.

In case of commercial real estate transactions, brokers needs to know how to deal with
other transactions on top of the knowledge of contracting for sale or for purchasing of
real estate properties, brokers need to know how to handle transactions such as leasing,
mortgages, exchange or joint venture transactions.

It may also be helpful to commercial real estate owners if the real estate broker they
contract will be able to conduct property management services as well.

In this case, the real estate brokers need to have the training and knowledge of how to
manage properties including having them rented and the assurance of protecting the
rights of the owners and the lessors as well.

There are real estate schools that offer training for this purpose. The necessary training
for commercial real estate brokers needs to be complete such as offering, advertising,
soliciting, listing, promoting, mediating, negotiating and to effect the meeting of the
minds on sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage or lease of, or joint venture or other
transactions in real estate and any other interests therein.

Commercial real estate transactions are far different from residential real estate
transactions; however, the only similarity is that both of them deal with real estate
properties. It may be in different level because transactions in commercial real estate are
so diverse, because in residential real estate, you only deal with selling and buying, if you
are also conducting leasing of residential apartment, the transaction is far different.

If you are a real estate broker who wants to deal with commercial real estate properties,
you may need additional trainings including property management.

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