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									How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Rugs
When you want a rug for your bathroom

At what time you are trying to decide what and where to go for a bathroom
rug, you might want to consider making one instead by hand; they look
very nice in bathrooms. This way you can make it the size and shape you
want. As well, you can create your own style, design, patterns, colors,
etc, without sweating the market. Of course, online you will find a wide
array of products, including oriental rugs, stylish rugs, etc. The choice
is yours, however, if you want to make your own, check out our ideas.

Why would I want to make a rug instead of buying one?
You may want to take this in consideration. You will be making it to fit
your needs so that way you can pick out the colors you want, and then
decide what size you want also. Rather than choosing online products, you
can create, design, and alter the rug at your leisure. The shape of the
rug is important as style, this is a plus for your bathroom, since the
rugs will match and come together.

Is it hard to make a rug?
It is not hard to make a rug. It takes some time but it is not hard to
do. Some people make rugs in a few days while others make the rugs in
about a week. This depends on you. How fast do you want to work? You may
want to set plans to finish your rug at a time you designate, which will
inspire you to finish early.

What kind of material do I use when making a rug?
Most people just use pieces of rags to do these rugs. This way it looks
like a county setting and it will go with everything, I personally like
the country look in my house.

How do I make my own rug?
When making your rug here are some steps for you to follow:

First, you have to get the strips of rags you want and cut them at ¼
inches then when that is done you have to put the fabric in a tape maker.
The tape maker will fold the raw edges down so that it makes a strip, so
it can be used to crochet. Then you press the strips in half to make a
double fold, followed by rolling it into a ball and then make sure you
chain stitch to join the chain into a ring, combined with a chain stitch
from the hook and then wrap the fabrics over the hook crochet. Stitch
crochet two single crochet patterns and keep going until you get the size
you want.

How can I use my rugs?
When your rug is finished, you can use this for many different things,
such as to put the rug in front of the shower, or maybe in front of the
sink. You can even put the rug in front of the door.

How do I take care of my rug?
To take care of your rug the maintenance is easy to maintain. Just shake
it out and throw it in the washer when you are finished. After washing
just hang to dry. I don’t think I would want to put the rug in the dryer
to dry, since this may make it shrink. Drying will sometimes fade the
color, so I would just hang the rug to dry,

How do I choose material to make a mate?
If you plan to make another rug, choose materials as you did the same
rug. You will need the same material.

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