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Reconcile Before It Is Too Late

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I had a bad fight yesterday and today he/she is no more. How do I say
sorry now? It is too late.


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I had a bad fight yesterday and today he/she is no more. How do I say
sorry now? It is too late. But I never thought that this would happen to
him/her. So healthy. A small pain in the chest that increased and before
medical help could arrive he/she was dead. Now what do I do. But you
know, I was right yesterday. But it all sounds like a nightmare now. Oh,
God, this guilt will never go away. How does one say sorry to a dead body
even if one was right?

Have you ever come across such a talk any time in your life?
Reconciliation Day is generally celebrated on April 2nd. This day comes
especially so that we reconcile with all of those with who we have some
tiff or grudge and have strained the relationship. The common meaning of
reconciliation is to patch up or to resolve and bring the situation back
to normal.

What I narrated in the first Para was a dramatization. That does not
happen most of the times. But it was used only to bring your attention to
what if something like this happens. So why not to reconcile every grudge
as soon as possible. Why wait for this day. Let us look at this from the
other side of the mirror. Why not to avoid all the fights. Why not to
kill the arguments before they begin to take a shape? Because once
arguments begin, ego will take over and to prove that I am right, both
the sides will go to any length. The result is never a victory. It is
always a defeat for both the parties. It damages the relationships. It
spoils the whole atmosphere and there are no positives.

None of us wants to easily agree that we might be wrong. That is human
nature. Another important damaging element in arguments is non-listening.
No one wants to truly listen to the other party. That creates further
rancor. The best approach is - never argue, and if an argument begins,
try to kill it by all the means. If saying sorry helps right in the
beginning, say that. If the argument can be deflected by a joke, please
do that. And if the arguments don't stop and damage the relationship, go
back and reconcile as soon as possible. Send hundreds of I am sorry
ecards if needed. But reconcile. Bitterness never helps. It is like a
mineral. It always remains below the surface and with little mining comes
out. Bitterness takes away the love from living. It makes living hell. To
live heavenly on this earth, reconcile. Reconcile with all with whom you
have a problem and cannot forget.

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