Are_You_Made_For_Each_other by MaggieMills1


Are You Made For Each other

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The couple was walking on the sidewalk. They looked to be totally
absorbed with each other.


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The couple was walking on the sidewalk. They looked to be totally
absorbed with each other. They were not speaking to each other, but a
glance at them could tell that they were in deep love and were made for
each other. What is this mystical quality of being made for each other?
What qualities does this kind of relationship have? Are all the choices
same? Or as we say in science, opposites attract. So the choices are
totally different? Will a couple having different choices in every aspect
love each other or fight over the choices? We can say that at least most
of the choices should be very common. If I say that my partner and I are
made for each other, what I must mean is this - he/she is the right
person for me. There is no other person in the world other than him/her
who can make a better couple with me. We are happiest being together and
our happiness comes from our relationship.

Are choices the only factor that matter in our life? Is it enough if my
eating habits, my dressing choices, my color preferences, my weather
preferences and all my other likings are same as my partner, we are made
for each other? Is that all to the relationship supposed to be made for
each other? There must be something more? What can be that? Let us find

Love for each other, a deep longing for others body, heart and words and
a feeling of deep satisfaction that is derived when the couple is
together. The couple has only one desire- to share everything, every
thought, and every emotion. The main goal in life - make and keep the
partner happy and feel happy in his/her happiness. Whenever we look at a
mother with her child, we never say that they are made for each other,
but they share a bond that is very deep. If a couple can somehow share
that kind of bond, it can be called 'made for each other.'

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