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									Olive oil bottles don’t have to be tucked away in a cupboard. Many of us
typically consider these items to be purely utilitarian in looks and
design. However, There are tons of decorative olive oil bottles on the
market that will serve to make great additions to your kitchen décor long
after the product inside has been used.

In fact, some designers create olive oil bottles that boast beautiful
images that are hand painted. These decorative kitchen items come in a
variety of different motifs that are sure to suit just about any home’s
décor. Quality olive oil bottles are constructed of glass and should have
a touch of elegant style.

I chose to purchase a handful of these items to fit my Old World kitchen
décor. I was looking for a Tuscan theme and the olive oil bottles were
the perfect addition to my motif. Fortunately, many of the designs were
relevant to my particular interior decorating ideas.

The general theme was Tuscan but I also wanted to capture our love of
fine wine as well in the décor. The hand-painted olive oil bottle designs
include many lovely scenes that embrace Old World style as well as a
general appreciation for wine. Following are four examples of four olive
oil bottles that I chose for my décor.

The first hand painted design that stuck my interest in the collection
was the wine and cheese motif. This was one of the most outstanding olive
oil bottles in the selection that I saw. The strong colors, the
contrasting cheese and wine as well as the magnificent detail were too
much to ignore. The wine and cheese was a must-have.

I invested in two other olive oil bottles that offered attractive Tuscan
vineyard designs. One bottle presented a close-up image of rich purple
grapes ripening on the vine. The second presented a striking scene of a
growing vineyard that was so realistic I felt as if I could walk right
into it and pick a grape.

These three items should have been plenty to add color and interest into
my kitchen. However, wine is secondary to our first love: coffee. I found
a couple of lovely olive oil bottles in a French café motif. They don’t
really have the Old World feel of the Tuscan designs but they suit our
kitchen perfectly.

If you want to add some style to your everyday cooking experience you
might want to invest in a couple olive oil bottles for your space. You
may find that your kitchen produces things that are as appealing to the
eyes as they are to the taste buds.

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