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The Polaroid i531


									The Polaroid i531

Another contender in the low-priced digital camera arena is the small, lightweight, 5
megapixel Polaroid i531. Praised for its image quality and wide LCD, this digital camera
is wonderful for beginners. Children might find the thin, lightweight body too frail for
their use. But for adults who want a simple camera for daily photography, the Polaroid
i531 delivers.

The Polaroid i531 has a 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and CCD image sensor. It has
a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and a minimum aperture of f/5.6. The camera's focal length
ranges from 6.2mm to 18.6mm. Pictures are taken in JPEG format.

Like other cameras in its price range, the Polaroid i531 has a collection of settings, both
automatic and programmed. Some settings work best for outdoor action shots, while
others make the most of low light situations. The camera is praised for being easy to use
with intuitive buttons and settings that are easy to figure out.

Other features include ISO equivalencies of 100, 400, 200, auto, and 50. The camera
comes with 16MB of internal flash memory. A good-sized LCD screen (at 2.4 inches)
makes image previewing a breeze. Users can also capture motion video with this camera.

For connectivity, the Polaroid i531 comes with a USB cable. It also comes with a wrist
strap to keep the camera secure – a necessity, since many users have described the
Polaroid i531 as easily breakable.

A real stand-out feature of the Polaroid i531 is the camera's self-timer. These are fairly
rare among the lower priced digital cameras. Users who want to take pictures of
themselves can set the timer for 2 seconds or 10 seconds, pose, and enjoy. Digital camera
users have long searched for low-priced cameras with timers included. This feature sets
the Polaroid i531 apart from its competition.

What do users think about the Polaroid i531? They laud its user-friendly setup and
picture quality. However, many do point out that this camera is rather flimsy. With
dimensions of 2.4 in x 3.5 in x 0.9 in (HxWxD) and a weight of 4.9 ounces, this is not a
camera you want to subject to rough treatment. Some users complain that they have had
to replace the camera after only a couple of days because of physical breakage.

To summarize, the Polaroid i531 is an easy to use, low cost digital camera with a
generous LCD and good picture quality. It also comes with a self timer for users who
want to take photographs of themselves. But the camera is also easy to break, so should
be handled with care. This digital camera would be a good choice for beginners, but not
necessarily for children due to its fragility.

The Polaroid i531 retails for about $70 US and can be found wherever digital cameras are


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