Horse Riding On Your Mauritius Vacation

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					Horse Riding On Your Mauritius Vacation

Even if horseback riding has been a basic part of your lifestyle since
you were a child, as it has been for many Americans, it is something
which has just recently begun to become popular on the island of
Mauritius. The newfound interest in this sport is one reason why it is
something you should try during your Mauritius vacation. You may be
delighted to see how quickly the interest has grown in your longtime
favorite sport. It will certainly add a touch of adventure to your

One evidence of the growing popularity of horse riding is the
availability of a horse riding vacation package. This package will give
some knowledge and experience to a person who is essentially unfamiliar
with this sport. On Mauritius, it will not matter if you are not an
expert at horse riding, because until quite recently the sport was
virtually unknown on the island. If you are a skilled rider, however,
you will not only gain much enjoyment from this experience, but you may
also be able to give a few horse riding tips to those who are completely
unfamiliar with the sport!

When you select a horse riding package, you will stay at a lovely little
guest house which is specially reserved for the horse riders. You can
have a ninety-minute ride around the farm, where you can view a variety
of wildlife from atop your horse.

After you have learned and experienced the basics of horse riding, you
and the other horse riders will venture further out into the countryside,
where you can ride through a delightful country village and enjoy the
picturesque scenery. When you ride through the countryside, you will
surely agree that it is one of the most beautiful that you have ever seen
and being able to see it all from atop a horse will make it all even more

The horse rides occur three times per day. You can sign up by yourself,
or book the trip for your entire family. These longer rides, which last
between two to three hours, also include a delicious lunch beside a
sparkling-clear river for all of the horse riders.

If you had not thought about incorporating horse riding into your
vacation plans, it will surely be a worthwhile prospect. Whether you
have been horseback riding throughout most of your life, or if it will be
a brand-new experience for you, it is one which you will certainly enjoy.

At present, horse riding which is available to the public is located in
the north region of Mauritius. It is considered to be a means of seeing
the sights, as well as enjoying the horses. With this relatively new
sport's fast-growing popularity, the horse riding holiday packages are
expected to increase in their availability.

In the meantime, if your Mauritius vacation destination is focused in the
northern part of the island, you will have a lot of fun if you put a
horse riding package on your vacation agenda.

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