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					Getting to Know the Ford Hybrid Car and their Distinct Innovative

Ford has always been a brand name that signifies excellence, innovation,
dedication and is really an All-American brand name. One of the biggest
players in the motor industry, Ford has never failed to provide the
American population and the world, cutting edge vehicles that caters to
every needs.

With the growing environmental concerns not just in USA, Ford has joined
the Hybrid bandwagon and came up with their own Hybrid card. It is
popularly known that Americans love the room and power that SUV's
provide, and with the hybrid sedan crowding with Japanese manufactured
hybrid cars, Ford decided to infuse their hybrid technology with a
vehicle they know many Americans would embrace, a Hybrid SUV (Sports
Utility Vehicle) in the form of the Ford Escape Hybrid.

The Ford Escape Hybrid was first introduced in 2004 and is a gas electric
powered compact SUV. Consumer demand became strong for the Ford Escape
Hybrid prompting Ford to produce more of the gas saving SUV.

To avoid any legal issues, Ford went into an agreement with Toyota to use
some of the patented hybrid technology previously used in the very
successful Toyota Prius. By 2006, The Hybrid system utilized by Ford is
acknowledged as one of the more advanced technology being offered. The
Ford Escape Hybrid is now available as a full hybrid motor vehicle. It
makes use of different power combinations that adjusts to the driving
style to conserve more power and achieve maximum potential and efficiency
in performance. Compared to the conventional gas fed Ford escape, they
provide the same performance, comfort with less fuel consumption.

Aside from the Ford escape Hybrid, Ford has also released another Hybrid
SUV under one of their car brand names, Mercury. The Mercury mariner has
many similarities with the Ford Escape Hybrid and its soon to be released
sibling the Mazda Tribute Hybrid. Ford plans to further develop their SUV
hybrid lineup concentrating on this segment but is not dismissing the
hybrid sedan segment and have plans to introduce hybrid sedans in the

Fords research and design table are now over flowing with plans to
further boost awareness and concern with environmental issues and have
dedicated to provide more alternative powered vehicles as they see that
this is the future. This is because Hybrid cars offer a lot of advantages
and benefits that does not only cater to environmental issues but as to
the pockets of the consumers as well.

With a Ford hybrid car, you will soon notice that you will be doing less
pit stops for refueling as you can squeeze out more miles to a gallon.
With the ever escalating prices of fuel, this is a warmly welcomed
change. You will also notice the significant lowering of the sounds the
engine makes. Plus, some states offer tax rebates when purchasing hybrid
vehicles, which translates to more savings in the bank.
Ford has now over a hundred patents pending to further develop their
Hybrid technology. All of them would be able to make our lives better.
With Ford Hybrid vehicles, you get the same comfort, same performance and
same space but with less gas emissions and less gas spending. You get
true value for your money and your helping our environment at the same

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