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find out about child support


									Divorce, find out about child support

You will need to see what your state laws say about child support. The
key point to child support is to make sure that the children are taken
care off when the parents separate. After a divorce, some people can not
provide enough for their family on one income, that is why you need to
file for child support.

The judge will make the child support reasonable by looking at what the
father or mother makes along with the guardian of the child and then the
needs of the child. The older a child gets, the more money you will pay
because their needs increase. Those who refuse to pay their child support
will be prosecuted. It is against the law to ignore the decisions of the
courts. Usually, for child support you get to see the children on a
regular basis.

Both parents have a duty towards the children. One will give the support,
and the other will use the support money to help their children's
expenses. Usually, the one who has the least time with the child will pay
the support. Sometimes it is the father and sometimes it is the mother.
Your martial issues are never a concern in the child support because it
doesn't matter what went wrong with the marriage, only that the child is
taken care of. The only thing that matters is if the parent is
responsible. If there was abuse, obviously they won't get custody and
will end up paying child support regardless of visitation.

You do not get to choose what you will pay, so you need to do your
research when you first start the divorce proceedings. You will first
want to make sure that your payment is scheduled. Your payment is due a
certain time of the month and if they aren't on time, you may end up in
jail for backed child support. Child support is only used to give the
child shelter, food, and clothes. It may be used to purchase school
supplies as well as other related things. Your payments will stop as soon
as they turn 18. Some states require you to pay child support past 18 if
they are still in high school or even college. If they become
emancipated, you don't have to pay child support anymore either.
Obviously if the child dies, you no longer have to either.

Find out right away what you may be paying because if you don't pay then
you will either go to jail, things will be auctioned off to pay your
debt. You will have property seized by the government and then they sell
the items to get the money. If you would like to keep your things or
freedom, you may want to think about the amount you are willing to pay
and then consult your lawyer on seeing if you can get the payment around
that amount. Most people pay about $200-300 a month on child support per

You may have to get a second job just to keep your payments coming. Don't
worry about not getting the payment on time, because most employers will
send it straight from your paycheck. Every check that you get, you will
have a little bit taken each time for your child support bill. If you are
use to living quite extravagant, when you start paying child support,
your spending will have to go down or that you can afford to live on what
you make.

Child support is very serious and you will find that it isn't cheap.
Consult your lawyer to find out what you should expect to pay.

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