Looking At The Eclipse Elliptical Trainer by MaggieMills1


									Looking At The Eclipse Elliptical Trainer

The eclipse elliptical trainer is undoubtedly the most popular elliptical
machines in the low budget price range on the market. The eclipse
elliptical trainer starts at three-hundred-and-forty-nine dollars and
only increases by fifty dollars for the next highest model. The eclipse
elliptical trainer is undoubtedly one of the most affordable machines out
there, which leaves no excuse as to why someone does not own a elliptical
machine. You may be questioning the eclipse elliptical trainer based upon
its price, however that should not be a big concern. The eclipse
elliptical trainer is manufactured by Fitness Quest, who actually
manufactures some very popular products that you most likely have seen on
infomercials such as the total gym, the Tony Little machines, as well as
the ab lounge. All of these products made by Fitness Quest are popular
and reliable which is why it comes to no surprise that their eclipse
elliptical trainer is such in high demand. We will go over some key
features and benefits of the eclipse elliptical trainer, so that you can
get an inside look of the machine itself.

The biggest key feature and what attracts so many people to the eclipse
elliptical trainer is the price. For all of the features it has and a
warranty that more expensive machines do not even have, the eclipse
elliptical trainer is a great bargain. For the small investment you put
into the machine, you will get a lot more in return then if you bought a
more expensive machine that had even less features then the eclipse
elliptical trainer.

With the eclipse elliptical trainer you even get a LCD console which has
some basic but great features for its price range, such as a heart rate
monitor, speed, distance, time, a odometer, as well as how many calories
you burned. This may not seem like much to some consumers, but on more
expensive machines from other brands, you do not even get that much, if
you even get a LCD display.

The eclipse elliptical trainer also has six built in workout programs.
What makes this feature unique and great is that there are evenly three
workout programs that focus on speed, and the other three programs focus
on resistance. These are well put together workout programs that try to
cover the overall fitness of the user. There are up to eight levels of
magnetic resistance which gives you some flexibility in your resistance

There of course were some problems that did arise with the eclipse
elliptical trainer, but not as many as one would expect from a elliptical
machine in this price range. The stride length is only fifteen inches and
is the biggest problem found on this machine. The one year warranty may
not seem long to some people, however the warranty for the eclipse
elliptical trainer is longer then some machines that cost a lot more then
the eclipse elliptical trainer.

Overall, the eclipse elliptical trainer is a great buy for anyone who
just wants a standard machine and has a very limited budget. You get some
great features for the price and warranty. If you want to own a
elliptical machine but do not have the money to buy more expensive
machines, then the eclipse elliptical trainer would be your best buy.

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