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									Traditionally, the rear view mirror has been a great tool for all
different types of vehicles. This item helps individuals get a peek at
all of their surroundings when they drive. However, today’s rear view
mirror is not like those that we have encountered in the past. There have
been some improvements to the product and we have also found some new and
interesting uses for this device.

The typical rear view mirror is simply attached to a vehicle’s front
windshield. It is designed to help the driver to get a good look at the
perspective looking out of the back of the automobile. It’s easy to
confuse this device with the side view mirrors attached close to the
doors on the passenger and the driver’s door, respectively.

Today’s newest designs are quite innovative. The newer rear view mirror
offers more options than ever before, particularly when it comes to
electronics. How many times have you seen someone trying to talk on a
cell phone while driving? Having a hands free phone in the car is a
virtual must for some drivers.

In order to ensure that you are perfectly safe when trying to converse on
the phone you can opt to use your Bluetooth rear view mirror. This
ingenious device makes talking on the cell phone while driving as easy as
checking your mirror to see who is behind you. It works like a breeze.

Whenever you get a call, the Bluetooth rear view mirror displays the
caller’s identification number in the reflective surface of the unit. It
takes little effort and little attention to see who is calling on the
cell phone. If the call is important, you can be talking in no time at

There is a little speaker phone built right into the device. There’s no
fumbling around for your cell phone and there’s no worry about trying to
steer your vehicle while talking. The Bluetooth rear view mirror is a
wonderful safety device that is very simple to use and is very convenient
as well.

The Bluetooth rear view mirror is a technological wonder that is a must
for many drivers but there is another great rear view mirror that’s not
designed for any vehicle at all. This device is designed to mount on your
computer. This handy device is ideal for anyone who wants privacy while
working on their PC.

I love using this during the holiday season. I do a lot of online
shopping and I’ve had too many surprises spoiled while I was browsing for
the perfect gift. My computer’s rear view mirror gives me a heads up when
a recipient enters the room.

Whether in your car or on your PC, you can find a rear view mirror that
suits your needs.

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