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					Red is a great color for just about any kitchen space. The color is
associated with energy and well-being and it actually stimulates that
appetite. If you want to incorporate this hot color into your interior
decorating ideas, you might want to consider chili pepper décor for your

The bright red pepper is lovely to see in a kitchen space. There is
something so appealing about the design that I couldn’t resist adopting
it into my own home. The chili pepper décor didn’t take over the kitchen
at first. The process was pretty gradual. Following are some supplies
that led to a room filled with this spicy theme.

The first item I received in this decorative kitchen theme was a pair of
salt and pepper shakers. They are bright, bright red and shaped like
chili peppers. I love the high gloss finish and the deep red color. Since
these items were in plain sight all day long I thought about using a
chili pepper décor motif for the room.

I went back-and-forth on this   decision because I was pretty happy with my
black and white design that I   had before. However, the hot red shakers
really caught my eye each and   every time I entered the room. They made me
want to cook and they made me   want to consider the chili pepper décor a
little more seriously.

My friends were also attracted to the idea of the   chili pepper décor idea
for my kitchen. The person who bought the shakers   probably had no idea
that the gift would lead to a collection of items   that fill the room with
vibrant color. She also didn’t know that it would   lead to other similar
gifts from others.

My sister bought me a pitcher that is just perfect for the chili pepper
décor motif. She figured that it would go well with the shakers that we
all love so much. That present was followed by a whole ensemble of
placemats, napkins and curtains all suiting the chili pepper décor. My
husband bought these.

I love the look in my kitchen and I think that the chili pepper décor
goes perfectly with the overall black and white room. It really adds
character and color to the space. It looks as if the entire room was
renovated but all that was added was a few bright, vibrant items that set
the whole tone in the area.

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