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					Bay County in Florida is the place to go for white beaches and turquoise
ocean. One of the most popular tourist areas is Panama City Beach
Florida. It's very busy during the summer season with people coming south
to catch a bit of sunshine. It's most popular however, during Spring
Break when college and high school students come to enjoy the nightlife
and the beach lifestyle. A wealth of attractions awaits visitors,
including water parks, amusement parks and activities such as bungee

A lot of construction has taken place in recent years, especially in the
luxury home market. This has been done to keep up with demand and also to
rejuvenate areas that had been damaged by hurricanes. The tourism economy
is doing well, especially the boating companies that organize sightseeing
tours and pontoon boat rentals. There are trips to take people to swim
with dolphins and to go snorkeling. For a fun way to get around, there
are electric cars and moped for hire.

Most young people, who come for a vacation, head for the Club La Vela,
said to be the largest nightclub in the United States. The club in Panama
City Beach Florida often features in television programs about dance
music culture. In addition to the dance floors, there are bars and
swimming pools. Dancing areas are split into different genres, consisting
of techno, house, rock and hip hop. Nights for under age kids are
organized too without any alcohol for sale.

The natural world is on show at Zoo World and Botanical Park. More than
350 animals are resident, some of which are endangered. The park contains
250 different species of trees and plants. The zoo has operated a
successful breeding program and several endangered species have been born
here. The most popular exhibits include monkeys, alligators, exotic
birds, camels, bears, lions, tigers and various kinds of reptiles.

The Gulf World Marine Park is a terrific day out for all the family in
Panama City Beach Florida. There is a chance to swim with dolphins and
watch sharks being fed. Animals on display include American alligators,
iguanas, snakes, tortoises, turtles and flamingos. Live animal shows are
popular attractions and performers include sea lions, dolphins and

The city takes part in a qualifying heat every November for the Ironman
World Triathlon championship. The race takes place in Hawaii and is one
of the toughest of its kind. Contestants run, cycle and swim to be the
best and the event is televised. The outstanding athletes receive a lot
of support from the Panama City Beach Florida crowd.

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