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					Look back on your life thus far. Ponder all the things you've
accomplished. Imagine what you're most proud of and what you seriously
regret. Our lives are made up of so many different aspects and events.
What's most difficult to think about is how they'll end. It's scary!
There's no denying this. We humans commonly fear the unknown. And what if
we actually did know ahead of time? This could make things ten times
worse. Maybe you'd be consumed with preparing yourself, or searching for
ways to prevent it. All the while, wasting the life you have left with
constant anxiety and dread. I suppose it's best to never know. But, even
though we can't tell when our time will come, many of us have had near
death experiences that shock us or even enlighten us.

Let me tell you about my near death experience. Now, just to be clear, I
wasn't pronounced dead or dead for a few seconds or anything like that. I
was simply cruising down the Interstate in my car and out of nowhere a
semi almost crushed me. I escaped the accident with a split-second
maneuver. But, for a second I thought that was the end for me. I had
always heard that people with near death experiences see flashes of their
lives. This wasn't the case at all for me. I instantly had flashes of a
future. A future for my 1 year old daughter without me in it. It was
heart-wrenching. How would it affect her if I left her behind? There are
so many things I wanted to do for her. I knew I had to live, and it was
mostly for her. This may sound funny to some, but probably not to those
who have children of their own. Your priorities switch and someone else
becomes more important to you than yourself.

Countless individuals like you and me have endured near death
experiences. Many of them were actually considered dead for a moment or
two. I can hardly fathom such a surreal experience. If you haven't
noticed, humans have become obsessed with this topic over the last 30
years. We routinely make movies about it and flesh-out any and all
possibilities. We want to know what comes next, and just maybe those
who've had near death experiences can fill us in a little. You can read
personal accounts of these types of experiences on See
and try to understand what others have seen. It may just blow your mind!

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