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									Pregnancy test

I remember walking into CVS several years ago, nervously stalking the
aisles and wondering if people knew why I was there. I stood there,
staring at all of the brands of pregnancy tests and wondering which one
would be the best and most reliable. I finally settled on EPT since it
promised to detect early pregnancy before any other brand would. So, it
was the EPT manufacturers that changed my life in a single moment. The
pregnancy test assured me that motherhood was in my near future.

So, I did what most women do when they take a home pregnancy test and see
the same results that I did – I made a doctor’s appointment. Ironically
enough, the first thing that the nurse did when I arrived was make me
take a pregnancy test. It wasn’t anything different than the same store
bought pregnancy test that I had taken a week earlier. Why the need to
make me repeat the same procedure and charge me a larger fee for my
appointment? I mean, I had already confirmed that I was pregnant. But,
apparently that is how things work. So, I had another pregnancy test
confirm what I already knew.

If you’re finding yourself walking into your local drug store and walking
down the aisle of feminine products, trying to figure out what pregnancy
test is the most accurate, you’re not alone. So many different companies
have now developed pregnancy tests that they claim are more effective and
provide faster results. The prices range greatly, so you’re more inclined
to spend more thinking that a more expensive brand will definitely be
better. However, they’re all based on the same factors and chemicals.
They all require you to urinate on a stick. You’d think that they’d find
a better way to give a woman good news other than making her drink
several glasses of water just to have the urge to use the bathroom.
Perhaps someday, the drugstores will have a different type of pregnancy
test. Until then, you can walk up and down the aisle and rest assured
that the many manufacturers who make pregnancy tests all use the same
technology. You can make the decision as to how much you want to spend on
purchasing a pregnancy test. Some women will spend massive amounts of
money purchasing a variety of pregnancy tests, hoping that different
brands will provide different answers. The facts will still remain the
same – if you’re pregnant, that’s not going to change depending on a
simple brand.

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