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					One thing I love about heating systems now days is the variety. It's
great how we can choose from old school and contemporary methods. I'm not
going to lie though. I absolutely prefer wood burning stoves and
fireplaces over the gas methods. I think many people get the wrong idea
about these heating sources. They tend to picture a wood stove in some
old western movie that a few cowboys sit next to in order to warm their
hands. Let me tell you, wood burning stoves have come a long ways. They
are not simply for aesthetic purposes. In fact, they can heat your home
just as well as forced gas. However, the costs on these two different
methods are not comparable. Are you ready to learn the difference?

What did it cost you last winter to heat your home? Did it run you 1000
or 2000 dollars? Heck, it may have even cost you more. So much depends on
the size of your home and the location you reside in. Obviously a 3500
square foot home is going to cost you more than a 1300 square foot home.
There is more space to heat. And clearly you're going to need more heat
in Maine than you'll require in South Carolina. The winters are much
harsher and colder up north. If you typically use natural gas to heat
your home, then I'll bet that it costs you a pretty penny. Gas is not
cheap, and the prices are going up this winter, not down. Wood on the
other hand is not that expensive. I just had a cord of it dropped off at
my home and it ran me 140 dollars. This is fuel for the wood burning
stoves and fire places. Fuel that will cost you much less in the long
run. In a cold state you could probably heat your home for the entire
winter with three cords of wood. Have you figured out the total cost yet?
However, there is one catch. You need to purchase one of the contemporary
wood burning stoves. These are highly efficient. I'm talking about
heating 90 percent of your home by just burning wood. The central heating
in your house can be a back-up.

It's rather easy to get the skinny on what wood will cost you in your
area. Maybe one of the new-age wood burning stoves is exactly what you
need to have installed for this winter. Get online and see what it would
cost to have a cord of wood delivered to your home. I truly think you
will love this form of natural heat.

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