Well, the decorations are up at my house. We've got the skeleton hanging
on the front door, the stunned witch crashed into the garage door on her
broomstick, the decrepit signs stuck in the front yard, the jack-o-
lanterns burning, and the eerie music filling the night air. I guess you
could say we're ready for those trick-or-treators. That time is drawing
near you know. I certainly hope you've got some spooky decorations ready
to go up. Or at least you've picked out your costume, right? Better act
fast, because all the good ones will be gone. I picked up a princess
costume for my teenage daughter over a month ago. Now it's not just any
aristocratic get-up. This thing is one of a kind. This year she will go
as a zombie princess.

It's a blast raising girls. And it's not just because of the princess
costume they sport on Halloween night. It's the whole wardrobe package.
Just take a gander at any local clothing store. The girls section is so
adorable. Of course I'm talking about small girls here. When they're
infants and toddlers, it's the best. The boy attire can hardly compete.
So give this some thought; all you potential parents out there. It's more
fun to dress up little girls. I can still recall when my youngest
daughter wanted her very first princess costume. It was on her third
Halloween. She was so stoked about carrying a magical wand and wearing
fancy shoes. I have to admit, I was worried that suck a costume would not
be warm enough on Halloween night. She didn't like it very much when I
brought her coat along, just in case. The funny part is she ended up
wearing it half the time we were trick-or-treating.

You definitely won't have any difficulties finding a decent princess
costume this Halloween. These get-ups are everywhere and they come in all
shapes, designs and colors. However, like I said before, you should
purchase your princess costume or any costume for that matter, ahead of
time. This ensures that you will get that perfect size you require. It's
always better to be safe than sorry. Oh and, be sure to take along that
jacket for your little princess on Halloween night. It just may get a bit

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