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					Outdoor Activity

There is nothing better than getting out and about to enjoy some fresh
air and fun. A lot of people spend their whole time indoors, either in
the office or in their homes. It's not a healthy lifestyle. I feel staid
if I don't indulge in some outdoor activity. I get insomnia if I stay
inside all week. Even a walk in the park makes me feel better, or a half
hour of throwing a Frisbee around.

Games like badminton and volleyball are fun to do outside. I especially
like to play games on the beach when I'm on vacation. My family and I
like to play boules. It's a habit we picked up when we visited France.
Outdoor activity should be part of your routine, and you shouldn't let
bad weather keep you in. A vigorous snowball fight keeps you young! It
would have to be pretty stormy to stop me from sledging.

Enjoying the outdoors doesn't have to involve exercise. A simple picnic
at the weekend is a good tonic after a hard week at work. I enjoy just
going down to the local pond with a loaf of stale bread, and feeding the
ducks. I also like to go fishing, early on a morning, on the river. It's
wonderfully relaxing to sit idly on the riverbank. Outdoor activity is
good for the mind and the body.

There is a lot of discussion today about the state of health amongst the
younger generation. Every survey shows that they don't get enough
exercise and spend too much time in front of the TV and computer. I think
the problem may be exaggerated when it comes to the statistics quoted,
but it's still worrying. Parents must do everything in their power to
instill a love of outdoor activity in their children from a young age.
Take them camping and get them hooked!

Lots of different pastimes can capture the imagination of the young. An
outdoor activity such as orienteering or hiking may appeal to them. Other
activities could include bird watching or going on night walks to look
for nocturnal creatures. My children enjoyed looking for moths, badgers
and bats. Another outdoor activity we all enjoy as a family is to go
paintballing. It's a great way to let off steam and it's good exercise
too. If you have a suitable tree in the garden, you could build a tree
house. Then the kids could live in it all summer.

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