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					It's kind of tough to believe in the whole supernatural/hocus pocus side
of things. Who's really to say what's valid and what's not. Now, I'm not
going to lie; I've come to believe in certain things in my life. I don't
doubt the existence of God or the concept of spirits. However, when it
comes to tarot cards, psychic readings and horoscope compatibility, I'm a
little dubious. Hey, how can I not be? You've surely seen how many frauds
have graced our televisions over the years. They always show up on
infomercials with some spiel about our future, but then they ask for our
credit card number. Big surprise! Let me guess, the crystal ball says
that I'm about to lose money to a scam.

Astrology is a big business. While folks used to attain their readings
from the paper, now they can acquire this knowledge online. Nothing's
really different. Only the access has changed. The last time I read my
"Libra" sign, I wasn't too impressed. I believe it told me that something
I was waiting for would soon happen, and that my relationship was headed
for a rocky path. Hmm, that's quite vague if I do say so myself. First of
all, something I was waiting for could be anything. Heck, it could be
diner or a paycheck. And as far as my relationship goes, I'm married.
When is marriage ever not a rocky path? Anyone who is married will
concede with this. So basically when it comes to notions like horoscope
compatibility, I have to wonder. Actually I have to question horoscopes
in general. One thing I do know is that I would never base a relationship
on horoscope compatibility. Talk about naive.

Compatibility is compatibility. There are no two ways about it. Are you
compatible with your significant other? This basically concerns whether
or not you enjoy the same activities, share the same beliefs and dreams,
and want the same things in life. Horoscope compatibility holds little
relevance in my book. I guess you could say that Ms. Cleo didn't convince
me of much. On the other hand, to each his own. If you wish to seek a
mate with horoscope compatibility, then good luck with that. This means
you'll be the one in the bar asking "What's your sign?"

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