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									Honeymoon Suites

Your honeymoon is a special time, and you want to have a relaxing and
special time with your new spouse. No matter how busy many people are,
they still make time for this tradition, even if it is only for a few
days. No matter where you choose to go for your honeymoon, you are
probably hoping to get one of the many honeymoon suites to stay in while
you are there. Honeymoon suites offer a lot of extras to make your stay
extra special, but remember you are going to pay more to get it.

There are places to specialize in honeymoons, and you will find that they
have nothing but honeymoon suites in their establishment. While each
suite is different, they are all geared towards making your honeymoon
extra special. Don’t be fooled though, there are many places that just
aren’t worth your time or your money. I went to one such place, and I
have to say, it completely ruined my honeymoon, and I would give almost
anything to erase the memory.

I don’t know how they did it, but the photographs of the rooms and
honeymoon suites were gorgeous. They went into great detail spinning a
yarn of unending romance and things you and your spouse can do that will
create beautiful and lasting memories. Ha. The place was a nightmare, and
I couldn’t even get my money back. I felt like I had walked onto a bad
set for some seventies adult film, and no amount of scrubbing could stop
me from feeling as dirty as I felt after leaving.

No matter where you decide to find your honeymoon suite, make sure you
know what you are getting. A fireplace included in a room does not mean
you are getting real wood. You may be getting a rubber log that is lit
with a light bulb. That private pool in your room might be something you
never forget, mostly because it is dirty and leaves a foul stench in your
suite. Not all honeymoon suites are created equal, and you don’t want
your memories to be as bad as mine.

Look up each resort or hotel you are considering by doing an online
search. Don’t go to their websites. Make sure you look up reviews from
real people who have stayed there. For the most part, people won’t write
a bad review unless they really felt the need to do so. If you find
nothing but bad review after bad review, you should look elsewhere for
honeymoon suites and consider yourself lucky. Had I took the time to look
online, I would have spared myself a two day stay in the worst of
honeymoon suites. Now when I look online, I find the bad reviews.
Apparently, the place has not changed. Don’t let this happen to you.

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