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					We need to change our eating habits. I'm not talking about my household
in particular. We already made this change. I am referring to America.
The United States has some of the worst eating habits known to man.
Notice the fast food joints on every street corner. It's hilarious when
you see the television commercials for these places. They act like
everything is kosher; the food is completely fine and healthy, nothing to
worry about. They even have a guy in a clown suit dancing and frolicking
about with children. It's a joke. Give us all a break! Any fool knows
that this stuff will destroy your insides and cause you to kill over from
a heart attack. And yet most people are still buying it. Am I missing
something here? Let me give you a few of my healthy, yet easy dinner
recipes. Maybe these will change your daily eating habits. It's easy to
eat healthy and be cost efficient at the same time.

This is the deal. I like to make a grocery list once a week, like most
folks probably do. I get the shopping done on the weekend. This way I
have stuff at home to prepare throughout the week. This is what I made
last night; baked chicken breast, green beans and wild rice. Talk about
easy dinner recipes. This one was a synch to prepare. You take a portion
of organic chicken breast (the amount that suits your family), you trim
it of any fat and place it in a pan covered with foil. Bake 40 minutes at
375 degrees. While it's cooking, prepare the green beans ad rice. The
beans are simple. Snap off the ends, rinse the beans, toss them in a pan
with a half cup of water and let them simmer with a lid on. About 15
minutes over medium heat should do it. The rice you can purchase in a
box. Try Uncle Ben's wild rice that cooks in 10 minutes. It's fantastic.
Together these items make a great meal that's low on the fat side. Other
easy dinner recipes consist of; baked cod with steamed broccoli, and
turkey burgers with all-natural potato wedges. Give these simple easy
dinner recipes a shot. They are easy to prepare, taste great and are
still healthy.

When you think of easy dinner recipes, don't think of a drive-thru. Sure,
it's quick and convenient to just cruise by a window on the way home from
work, but it's unhealthy. Prepare food on your own and you'll get much
less fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium in the mix.

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