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									It may seem strange to say, but I have found that little kids like
nothing less than nice closets. I actually found this out myself when I
was quite young. I used to love to hide out in the closet. It was so much
fun. It was a big walk-in closet, and was the only thing that I liked
about my new house. I was mad that we had moved, you see, and so I did
not want any part of it – despising living in a new house like that. The
fact of the matter was that my room had a whole new hiding place, and all
I wanted to do was hide.

One of my favorite parts of the closet was the closet organizer system.
We had great closet shelves in there. They were closet shelves made of
solid mahogany. A lot of the house had been redone with drywall, but
these old wooden closet shelves were left in place. When I was a little
kid, I could actually sit up on the closet shelves, although my mother
would chide me whenever she caught me at it. For the most part, however,
she would just leave me to my own devices and let me enjoy myself. If my
favorite place to hang out was in closet storage systems, what did she
care as long as I was out of her hair?

Of course, I did really like those big closet shelves a lot, but as I got
more stuff, I had to use some of them to store my toys, games, and
clothes, not to mention my toiletries. At first I did not like to have to
give up parts of my hiding space, but after a while I started to really
like the whole thing. I would hide things on the closet shelves,
arranging all of my games in different patterns so that I could have a
prized possession tucked away behind something else. I do not to this day
understand why it was that I was so easily entertained by my closet
shelves, but it did not prove to be a fleeting obsession. On the
contrary, I have gone on to be a full time organizer, helping others to
find the right, magical way to organize their own closet shelf, and from
there, their own life. I have kept that fascination that I first had as a

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