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									Celebrity Fashions

A lot of younger girls, and even some older ones, are hopelessly smitten
with celebrity fashions. Though I don’t think there is anything wrong
with this, it can be a problem. Some girls are trying to wear celebrity
fashions that are entirely too much for them. When a twelve-year-old girl
has a thong peeking up above her jeans, you have to cringe a bit, and
wonder why her mother let her out of the door that morning. Sex sells,
but should it be selling to that young of an age group?

There is something about celebrity fashions that catches the imaginations
of teenagers and adults alike. They always have the latest fashions, and
celebrities are worshiped in our world. They have the money to buy the
newest fashions, and they have to keep one step ahead. There is nothing
wrong with wanting to wear celebrity fashions, but you should know that
there is a good way to go about it, and after that, you have crossed the
line into the absurd. You really have to consider what you look like when
putting something on, celebrity look or not. Many of the clothes are
meant to be larger than life, and they should stay on television and out
of your wardrobe.

Celebrity fashions are often dictated by fashion designers. When it comes
to big events, most celebrities don’t even pick out or pay for their own
clothing. Designers give them dresses to wear. If you want to get that
particular dress, I hope you have a lot of money to blow on clothing.
Another thing to consider is lifestyle. A celebrity is expected to be
larger than life (take Cher for example) but most of us end up looking
ridiculous if we copy some of the celebrity fashions you see in the
magazines. Some things should stay on the pages of a magazine and should
never be worn to the grocery store.

If you like celebrity fashions, you should make a few adjustments before
you go shopping. Don’t copy anyone, because you want to be yourself first
and foremost. If you like certain celebrity fashions, you can incorporate
them into your own look. Don’t be a look alike, be an original. Take your
favorite parts of celebrity fashions and find a way to make them work
within your wardrobe while keeping your own personality and taste
involved. You may find you love this more than following the celebrity
fashions to the letter. Nothing is more fashionable than being yourself.

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