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									New York City on a Budget It Can be Done

Despite common misconceptions, it is quite possible to enjoy many of the
great things that New York City has to offer even on a rather modest
vacation budget. It is important to remember when planning your vacation
that your budget is often the most important deciding factor as far as
which activities should or should not be included in your families plans.

The beauty is that you can still present many fun and wonderful options
to your family while following a rather strictest of budgets. First of
all, if you pay for your lodging ahead of time that is one worry you
won't have during your stay. Finding a hotel room that has microwaves and
refrigerators can go a long way towards limiting expenses. You can also
save money by filling your bottles with waters at your hotel rather than
purchasing new water bottles, bringing snacks from home for the kiddies,
and eating at nice restaurants that offer lunch menus at lunchtime and
hitting less expensive or fast food restaurants in the evening.

Another thing to remember is that you do not need to purchase every
photograph that is taken of your children while in New York. Consider
carefully which photograph will be the most meaningful to your child
years from now and let that be the photograph you purchase. Use your
camera to record other memories of your time in New York for a fraction
of the cost. Be sure to bring plenty of extra film (if you're still using
a camera that requires film) and batteries with you from home, as these
are likely to be more expensive to replace in New York.

Other great money saving ideas for your time in New York would be to
purchase The New York Pass. It may seem rather expensive but you can
purchase a 3 or 7-day pass that will actually grant you free admission to
many area attractions. You will easily make up your investment if you
were planning to visit the attractions that this provides free admission
to. You will find wide selections of museums and zoos are offered as well
as discounts in some of the gift stores.

New York is a great city in which to shop. It's not such a great city in
which to shop on a budget. If shopping presents too great of a temptation
for you avoid it. While there are some wonderful and interesting shops to
see and experience if you can't go in and out without spending money,
then it would be in the best interest of your vacation budget to skip
them all together. If you can resist the temptation there are many malls
and stores that offer not only delightful merchandise but are also a
sight to behold in and of themselves.

If you have children there are many activities for children that are
available for free in and around the city. Search the Internet while in
the planning phases and I'm sure you'll find many activities that you can
all enjoy as a family that fit into the fabulous freebie category. Many
of the museums in the city also offer free admission on certain days of
the week or at certain times. Other museums offer a pay what you will
type of admission so that no one is actually turned away from the
wonderful experience that awaits them inside.
New York City also has many national parks, some of which have profound
historical significance. The admission to these national parks, including
the Statue of Liberty is absolutely free and the family can enjoy their
time there as well as gaining a profound sense of history in the process.

No matter what your budget, you can afford to have a good time in New
York City if you take the time to carefully plan the events you will and
will not participate in based on your budget. Keep in mind to allow for a
few really nice events and reward yourself for being so budget conscious
throughout your trip. It is a vacation after all, even if you are limited
to expenses.



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