The Mastery of Dribbling by MaggieMills1


									The Mastery of Dribbling

In basketball, you want to make sure that every dribble and move that the
team members make will lead to the basket and the win. If you are
working towards teaching each time member to have different tricks for
dribbling, then you can begin by teaching them basics and moving up into
developing more advanced techniques as you go.

The first thing you will want to teach anyone who is learning the basics
of dribbling is where to set all of their strength. Many beginners will
try to use their palms when they are beginning to dribble. Instead, you
will want to focus on teaching how to use and strengthen the fingertips
for better dribbling. The wrist will then be able to control the
movement of the fingers, giving more possibilities for controlling the
ball. You will also want to teach beginners how to dribble a lower ball,
giving them the ability to maneuver through defense with more options.
While they are dribbling lower, you will want to make sure that they are
able to keep their head up and away from the ball so they can make their
next move.

After you have the basics of dribbling down, then you can add extra
techniques into the bounce.    The first of these is learning how to
pivot while dribbling. When you are doing basic dribbles, your feet will
be hip width apart and your knees will be bent. When you pivot while
dribbling a basketball, you will be able to turn your body while you are
dribbling into a completely different position, giving you more lead way
to get past defense and make a basket. Another maneuver that you can do
will combine foot work with the dribble. For example, you can fake
moving one way, then turn to move the other, giving you an open shot at a
basket. You can do this same thing by feinting, meaning that you dribble
the ball enough to move the defense out of your way, giving a clear shot
to the basket.

Dribbling beyond the basics is learning how to combine footwork with the
way that the ball is moving. When you begin to teach others how to move
with the ball and how to combine different actions of movement with the
game, you will have the ability to give options for moving past the other
team and into the basket you want to make.

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