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                       The Science Of
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                      Online And Offline.

                                 The Nigeria version


                                   Nnadi Donatus

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Thank you for investing in this ebook. This ebook will be a guide toward effective

creation of a successful business both online and offline.That is why I went extra

mine to reveal some of the shocking strategies of making cool legitimate cash as a

Nigerian. Even if you are a newbie trying to invest or seeking out for successful

business both online and offline to do, this ebook is going to be your complete step

by step blueprint of getting started and creating your own business that will

generate streams of incomes.

Nigeria is a country flowing with milk and honey with a lot of opportunity that can

be exploit to our advantage despite the economic and political problems facing the

country, we only needed to look around us to identify this opportunities and exploit

them but most of us fail to see them even when they are right under our nose. It is

an open secret that white collar jobs are no longer available, but still most of the

youths roam around the street looking for jobs that are not. Our universities

produce thousands of graduates every year but no job for them. The only way out

to this mess is being self employ.

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By being self-employed you can be working online and offline. This simply means

that you are working for yourself. You determine your future and secure your

destiny, you can never be rich working for another person, even if you are

gainfully employ, you should prepare yourself for the raining days, because you

will retire or even get dismissed one day.

This book is divided into two parts, the part one will talk about internet business,

this are business you do on the internet while the second part will talk about the

offline business, this involves the physical business you can do and make huge

amount of money doing it. Which you can start with little or no capital once you

have the necessary information.

                                      PART ONE

                               INTERNET BUSINESS

Before I go into details on how to make money on the internet, I will tell you one

of the major problems why Nigerians don‟t succeed online, this is because the

internet is made up of many opportunity which one can exploit, here you will see

many people trying to go into four to five system of making money online which

they will end up not achieving success at many of the numerous opportunity. My

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advice to you as you read this ebook is to choose one or two and focus on it, set an

objective, articulate it, devise a strategy of achieving this objective and work

relentlessly hard to achieving your objective.

Here, I will deal with the internet business that works for Nigerians, because is not

what work for an American will work for you as a Nigerian, you must have bought

many scrap in the past but I assure you if you apply each and every strategy on this

ebook effectively then you are on your way to the top.

Attached at the end is an interviews with Nigeria professionals in various area ,

their strategy and how tos, the route to take for successful business, their advice on

how to get to the top. Internet business is not a get rich quick business, that is

where most people get it wrong, they think you can just jump into the internet and

start making millions of dollars. If you are looking for instant riches without doing

anything then the internet is not a place for you. There is not much different

between online business and offline business, the only difference is that one is

done on the internet while the other is offline. One major advantages of online

business is that your business is known globally and you transact business 24 hour

a day around the clock. One thing you should guide against in business is instant

gratification. Treat your business like business and give it time to work. Don‟t

expect instant wealth over night and don‟t be discouraged when things don‟t work

out the first time. The systems and business are:

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INTERNET BUZ 1: Information Marketing

        Information marketing is the combination of two terms “information”

and “marketing” where information means a knowledge derived from any source

about something or somebody while on the other hand marketing is the process of

planning and executing the conception of pricing, promotion and distribution of

ideas, products and services to create exchanges that will satisfy the needs of

individuals and organization. Or it can be simply be defined as the satisfaction of

consumer wants profitably. So therefore information marketing means the

derivation of the knowledge of the wants and needs of the consumer and satisfying

it profitably. Information marketing is simply marketing of information.

Creating your own info product is the best way of generating stream of income

because is so easy to do, so easy to distribute and offers maximum profit

potentials. I can wake up with a topic in my mind sit down at my computer, within

a short time have a short reports or book I can turn into a downloadable ebook and

offer for sale in my website. Anyone can create an info product or sought out for

someone to do it for you if you have the required idea. Information marketing is

worth investing…………there are many advantage of going into information

marketing business.

    It is a money spinner

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    Any body can do it

    Not too much cost in creation of info product

    It is easily accessible and downloadable by buyers

    The profit margin is very high

    You only create your info product once and sell it countless of times

    You can do this business any where, you don‟t nedd an office or a university


For effective and clear understanding and getting started with information

marketing I recommend and suggest you to clearly read the following listed

ebooks below, follow the instructions effectively and apply them, I guarantee you

successful trip to the top.

4 Steps Ebook By Sunny Obazu – Ojeagbase = Click Here

Information Marketing Demystified By Ife Imiren = Click here to download

INTERNET BUZ 2: Affilliate Marketing

          Affiliate marketing is simply the act of performing any action for

commission. The action may be selling, referring people, leads, cpa. e.t.c. this is

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my most favourite way of creating a multiple stream of income because there are

hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs in which you can sign up with and

start making money immediately. As an affiliate marketer you market a companies

product when you send them customer or make sales you are paid commission.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that there are as many company as to

work with. Many internet entrepreneurs are now millionaires by not even having

their own product but they made their cash by promoting affiliate programs.

As a Nigerian the way things work for us is not it work for an American, so I will

guide you on how to successful get into affiliate programs even where Nigerians

are not permitted to work with. As a Nigerian to succeed in affiliate marketing with

some of the big companies you must do the following:

A U.S address

A US phone number

An ip changer.

Below is link to posts that will guide you to getting the above listed requirements:




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In the above links you will discover a method of receiving your money right here

in your Nigeria bank account. The major secret of operating or working on affiliate

marketing is foreign presence, that is using u.s address, phone number, us ip.

Affiliate marketing does not only end with sales of product and getting

commission from merchant, there is an affiliate marketing called cpa this means

cost per capital. It is the most easy and profitable affiliate marketing any one can

easily operate with. The only obstacle people encounter is the issue of approval by

a cpa network. Without me waisting your time, I recommend you read this post for


NETWORK after which you download this report from the world number one cpa

marketer, this report will stand as your guide to successful money making with cpa

click her to download. Cpamarketing

To discover a crucial steps to make affiliate markeing pay you even if there are

many competitors. How to dominate them. Click here to download

INTERNET BUZ 3 : Blogging Vs Google Adsense.

      This business is the most simple but profitably because you can start it

without any cost or sweat. I enjoy doing this, because this is the coolest way to

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generate stream of income online without lifting finger. It is fun only if you

understand the concept of blogging. But don‟t worry I will put you through on how

to blog and blog to your bank.

Now what is Blog? Blog is an online journal that is updated regularly; here is an

example of a blog www.enairablog.com . if you keep a diary, you will understand

the concept of blogging. On a blog you can share your idea on any topic under the

sun, you see why blogging is cool, is just all about doing that thing you enjoy

doing and earning money doing it. That is the simplest meaning of a blog. I know

the next question is on how can you create a blog but don‟t worry I will guide you

on how to easily do that. Click Here To Learn How TO Do It

Now you have understand what is blog and blogging, the next step is to open a

Google Adsense account and integrate it with to your blog. For opening,

understanding, Google Adsense and making money with it. Head over and read the

post below:



Integrating your blog with adsense or writing post is not the main thing but getting

people to read it. Because the more traffic, the more money you make. So at the

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end of this report I will give you reports and tools that will guide you for huge

amount of traffic. I have also decided to put together this power packs to guide

you in making cool cash with blogging and adsense. Download the power packs


Building An Adsense Empire = Click here to download

Adsense Revenue Exposed          = click here to download

You can also join all Nigerian bloggers on BLOGGERSLAB at facebook to learn

more from blogging and adsense.

INTERNET BUZ 4 : Service Marketing

        Probably this is the easiest and most consistent way to make money online,

this method involves the offering some kind of services which others don‟t have

the skills to do , or are not willing to do, and don‟t have the time to do, in which

they will pay a fee for you to do it. This can be simply called freelancing. This

internet money making method can be done as part time, full time and as a way to

make extra money. In internet service marketing the only requirement you need is

to have access to a computer with internet connection, then you are good to go coz

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you will find many services you can render online. All you need is just to have the

skills required to handle the services. Some of the services are:

Web design

Script writing,

Copy writing



Account opening service

Graphic design

Trouble shooting,

Search engine optimizing


Web hosting service

Domain reselling

Vedio production

Writing e.t.c

Freelance job is the sexiest and must fun way of making a lot of money online

doing simple job which you enjoy doing For people.

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
There are websites which you can register and be freelance their, the good things

about this sites is that they are free to join. On this sites the freelance jobs available

include but are not limited to : e-books creation/writing, seo content, music

composition, graphic dsighn and logo design, web content, website creation and

programming and coding, chatroom and forum moderators and monitors, webtool

development, article writing translation, editing and anything else you can think of

doing which you are skillfull on the web. The sites are elance.com,

rentacoder.com, scriptance.com, guru.com, freelancer.com.

There are other sites which you can outsource for jobs or stating or listing of jobs

which you can do example of the sites are www.fiverr.com for more detail I will

give you free reports on how to get started with this business.

This detailed ebook on how to get started even if don‟t have any skills. Or you are

ignorant of any service to render. A friend of my made $50 in two days just

opening and sending/giving followers to twitter accounts. In this reports you will

understand and learn how to do simple work and services to people without

stressing yourself. All is required of you is to follow the simple steps and

instruction on this report. I promise you. YOU GONNA HIT BIG. But firstly head


and TOP FIVERR ALTERNATIVESl for clear understanding.

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below are reports that will guide you to achieving success to this business…

Click here to download the first report

Click here to download the second report

Other freelance websites are: www.allfreelancework.com,

www.freelanceauction.com, www.freelancecenter.com, www.freelancebbs.com.

INTERNET BUZ 5: Customized Sms Business

     This is the business you will never regret doing, the only requirement is that

you should keep your account ready for numerous stream of income. Recent

research confirmed that about 350,000 text messages are sent daily by gsm users.

This business is simply, turning the numerous number of sms and gsm users into


I recommend this business because you can do and start with little or no capital

without any simple experience. It involves the sending of sms with your name to

any number of any mobile network, this is what many organizations like banks use

to send out messages to its subscribers. To set up your own customized sms

business and website for running it visit SMS SET UP for detail. Some of the

numerous websites which you can start this business as a reseller of sms under

them are www.quickhostng.com, www.kullsms.com, www.egatesms.com,

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
www.smscolony.com, www.gmstext.com and many others which you can start

reselling under . this is how this works….for instance if you buy sms for 1 naira

and resell for 2 and assuming you will be sending sms for a church with 10,000

members two times per week. That is you will be making 20,000 naira every week

just with one church, so now check the situation whereby you do it for five to ten

organization. For more details on how to start, contact @


INTERNET BUZ 6: Web Hosting Business

     Webhosting business is a multimillion business in the internet which has

generated a lot of cash/dollars to its operator, company like yahoo.com, lonex e.t.c

are making a lot of money doing this business. This business is so important and

lucrative that every domain ( website ) needs to be hosted in other to put up your

designed website in the cyberspace so that the world can see. It simply involves

allocating a space to website owners through which the sites operate. This business

is yet to be tapped. As a little entrepreneur which you are, you can tap from this big

opportunity by becoming a reseller, by buying of webhosting space from big

companies and distributing it to website owners for a fee. This is a high earning

business that when set up will continue to generate stream of income. In this

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business most of the services offered by resellers are so good that consumer do not

know they are dealing with resellers who do not have servers.

This resellers business can be more profitable if you understand the nitty gritty of

the business. Let‟s check it out. One can buy around 1000MB space from the web

host at 25$ (About 3700) per month. This 1000MB you bought can now be

redistributed to site owners who can who need space for uploading their sites.

Which you can give out like 25MB for around N2000 per month, this means that

your monthly income will be times 10-20 times the amount of buy the space.

Ok…for instance you sell 40 units, that mean that your monthly income will be

about around N80, 000. Here the hosts allow you to even oversell the space and do

not charge you extra unless the actual usage of your account exceed 1000MB.

Which sometimes a typical users uses less than allotted which means you can even

double and triple your income and made unlimited wealth. And one beautiful thing

about this business is that the income will keep on coming month after month, year

after year. You do the work once and get paid over and over again.

The summary of this business is that you will be buying space from the major web

host company and becoming a reseller host. Your efforts are focused on selling

hosting space and your web hosts handles the others. Some of them even handle

customer‟s services for a small fee, which makes it easier for you.

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
In this business you can add to your income by adding or recruiting more resellers,

by doing this you will earn a residual commission on their monthly sales.

INTERNET BUZ 7: Domain Name Business

     This business is one of the lucrative business in the world today, this business

is very hot this is because thousands of people are cashing in on domain name

business, I can boost of many Nigerians who makes thousands of naira and dollars,

daily, weekly, monthly with this business just by registering domain name.

One good thing about this business is that it is very easy and requires a very low

cost investment and a high and huge profit potential. This business can also be

known as online real estate. Domain business is taking a different style and

growing to a level of unlimited moulds of income now.

Let‟s start……..

What is domain name: domain name have many definition from different authors

and experts. It can be simply referred to as name assigned to a website in the

worldwide web. It is a unique address on the internet. It can be likened to your

company name registered with corporate affairs commission. This is an example of

domain name www.enairablog.com as company registrations are on first come first

serve basis, so domain name are. Before you begin to make money from domain

names you need to learn about what makes a domain name valuable, here are some

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
of the characteristic: they must be memorable and short, in generics, easy to

pronounce and spell, common/popular words and phrases, marketability, dot.com.

no hyphens or numbers, good traffic e.t.c.

How ever, domain name differs from one another with what is call extention like

.com, .net, .info, .edu, .biz, .gov e.t.c . the few best places you can register domains

for people are www.namecheap.com, www.007names.com, www.syskay.com,

www.godaddy.com e.t.c for sites just go to google.com and search for “register

domain” or “buy domain” you can find a company that you can buy domain from

as low as $6.

To start this business, you will need to set up a website as a reseller or even

without a website. Advertise to people to buy a domain name from you or to help

them register a domain. A friend of mine, registered up to 10 domains in two days

in which the clients paid N2000, he then went on purchese and registerd the

domain for them with just $6.99. Do you see how he smartly earned himself

money by just staying in front of his laptop for just 2 hour a day. The secret of this

business is more market (more promotion), then comes more cash.

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INTERNET BUZ 8: Resell Rights Business

        To put it simple, resale right business is awesome and hot. They are one of

the best thing that can ever happens to internet beginner and thousands of people

have make fortune or at least a good living from resell rights. This is how many

top internet marketers started. This business needs no stress; all that is required is

to resell the ebooks, articles you bought.

The internet is exploding and will continue doing so. Only when people stop

searching for information online will this business stop working. (Which is never).

The biggest obstacle for me was to believe that people are actually willing to pay

for information, I was pleasantly surprised and so will you, if you haven‟t made a

dime yet, and you are still a non-believer.

Resell right is simply obtaining rights to other people‟s products and sell for 100%

profit as if you created them. the possibilities in this business are really limitless

because the number of problems you can dig up from several field of number of

human endeavors rights here in Nigeria determines more money you make. It must

however be noted that whatever products you are going to obtain rights to must

solve a problem for a lot of people because this is one of the easiest way to get

millions of people to open their wallet to buy your product.

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
There are two basic ways to make money with resell rights, you can either buy

resell rights to someone else product which gives you the right to sell it and keep

100% of the profit or you can sell rights to people who wants to have rights to sell

product and keep 100% of the profits.

You might be wondering, “ why would someone give you rights to his/her product,

for others to resell”. The answer is simple in every eBook there are links. These

links give exposure to the author of the e-book. So it‟s a win win situation, the

author gets exposure to his links and reseller gets to make money from a ready

made product. Some of the website where you can get good less but quality resell

rights products are: www.masterresalerights.com, www.master-resale-rights.com,

www.resale-rights.com, www.resellgoodies.com,

www.masterresellrightsclub.com, e.t.c.

INTERNET BUZ 9: Online Payment/Transaction Business

      One of the major problems of Nigerians as at today is online payment. Have

you ever spotted a product online and you desperately wanted to buy it but

couldn‟t because you lacked a credit card? Iof you have that problem, thousands, if

not millions of Nigeria internet users users have it and if you can find a cost

effective way of solving this problem, you may well be on your way to make a

fortune online.

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
      Example of what online payment/transaction business look like is

www.fastecash.com, www.epaymonster.com, the best way to get going in this

business is to hep people make payments, it is very easy to start. You will be using

only one card. That is easy manageable for you. There are many solutions online

that helps you get visa cards you can use to make payments onlin. Some of them

are reloadable and some are not.

      The strings attached to getting the reloadable card is tighter than a non

readable card. So I will advice to get a non reloadable to begin with.

  You can also get reloadable cards from the following merchants

www.cardex.com, chequepointcard.com, www.apassporte.com. When you start

your business and you begin to gain a lot of confidence, you can expand into

obtaining cards for others. Just set up the website for the business or you integrate

it with already existing websites of yours with other services. This is one business

that will need you to build customer loyalty first and then you wil see your

unlimited and endless stream of income.

INTERNET BUZ 10:Start A Membership Site Business

        This is guaranteed money earner. If done well, it can generate massive

money for you. What is required in this business to be successful is your time and


Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
This business subscription based membership sites are quickly becoming the

easiest way for people to make a solid income online. Why? Because instead of

just selling a N3000 eBook for one time sale, you can continually build up a

N2000 - N4000 per month membership based website that earns you a grater

income 24 hours a day. Running one of these sites is probably the easiest thing you

could ever do because your taking something that you truly enjoy. Best of all, there

is plenty of income to be raned by providing those online with content.

        Here is example of a membership site dotcomclass.com owned by Patrick

Ogidi. Membership sites are growing daily online and if you ve been on the

internet very long (or even a short while), you„ve certainly comes across a paid

memebership site, since they are growing exponentially and for a good reason

increasing numbers of business online have realized that people are willing and

easier to pay for easy access to information that will help them.

    To start up, buy up as many ebooks as possible and stock your website well,

include the ebooks of some top marketers even without them giving you their

rights. But make sure you give a strict warning to your members that they cannot

give it out in any form, its just for then to read. Make sure you promote your

memebership website very well. You can set up the website inform of a forum,

like nairaland and restrict memebership, while you will only be the person to

approved and sign up members.

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Internet buz 11 : Forex Trading

        This is said to be a money spinning internet business which some Nigerians

are cashing a lot of money doing it.

The truth about forex is that the start-up requirement is quite on high side , but the

returns are said to be amazing.

What is forex trading: it is simply trading the major currencies of the world at the

foreign exchange market which is open 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Forex is a high risk, high gain business you can lose a lot of money fast if you

don‟t get it right from the outst. So its not something that you toy around with. If

you want to go into forex trading, then you must be ready to give it what it takes.

And what it takes is that you must be well trained by somebody who knows what

he is doing.

  Thou there are many scams sites online forming to be trading forex, my advice is

that before you work with any company, Google about them, read very information

about them. You can check out this posts below to know the valuable and

convenient site to work with, learn there platform and earn your cash.Read this

Post    You can even sign up with websites like betonmarket, start with their demo

account, master their system very well before you can upgrade to premium

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
member. Also download this eBook to help in the fundamentals of forex Click




       This section of this ebook will cover the interview from the Nigerian top

internet marketer, each on his own area of specializations be it blogging, affiliate

marketing, service marketing, information marketing e.t.c here they will disclose

the secret to success in their business, how they start and how you can start and

join them to reap the internet cash. They will also list their services which they

offer, incase you will need any help or enquires on how you can start.

Interview With Efe Imiren(information marketing)

Efe Imiren is an Information Marketing & Consulting Business Coach, a leading
Travel & Study Abroad Consultant, Rechargeable Technology Enthusiast, Speaker
and Author.Having discovered what works and what doesn.t work over the years in
offline and internet-based businesses, she has made it a personal mission to help
You to fire your boss at an early age & quit the rat race to run your own successful
business either offline or on the internet (internet-based). Efe accomplishes this
mission through ServiceForts Business Academy. The first and only business
training program in Nigeria where you learn how to become a street-smart
Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
entrepreneur and have Personalized One-On-One Coaching Sessions in offline
& internet based Business Courses including; Information Marketing, Internet
Marketing Business &
Information Consulting Business. She is referred to as The Information Marketing
Queen. As at the time of this publication, she is a professional member of
Information Marketing Association, USA and the Secretary General of Association
of Information Marketers of Nigeria (AIMN).
The interview will focus on information marketing = Click here to see the

Interview with Patrick Ogidi(service marketing)

Patrick Ogidi is internetpreneur and coach who has invented many tools in the

internet marketing of Nigeria. He is the brain behind the internet business class

www.dotcomclass.com where he reveals the secret of how you can make endless

stream of income on facebook. He is one of the most respected internet marketers

in Nigeria due to his contribution, I also brand him paypal doctor due his skillfull

and a way of treating and handling paypal payments for individual and

organization. He is the ceo of wealthlifters concept, just head over to google and

type in this name, you will get to know the kind of man am talking about: this

interview is focused on service marketing = Click here to see the interview

Interview with Adesoji Adegbulu

Adesoji adegbulu is a problogger . who has deveted his time in teaching Nigerians

a way to success both online and offline via www.makemoneyonlineng.com. He is

also a social entrepreneur, consultant and network marketer. In simple terms, as a

Copyright © 2011 Alrights Reserved | Nnadi Donatus www.enairablog.com
social entrepreneur, he does his best to solve social problems related with money.

As a consultant, he train people on how to build online businesses. As a network

marketer, he help people become financially free.

This interview is focus on blogging : Click here to see the interview

                                     PART TWO

                                OFFLINE BUSINESS

Before I proceed with any detailed explanation, I want to state clearly that there are

untapped business opportunities in every industry both in Nigeria and all over the

world; you just need to dig deeper to find such niches. While there are untapped

business opportunities in every industry, this book will be pointing out the fastest

growing business opportunities in Nigeria. If you are non-Nigerian or you're a

Nigerian in Diaspora wishing to start a business in Nigeria; then you will find this

list of fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria very useful. A lot of things

have been said about my country Nigeria and her harsh business terrain. If you are

a non-Nigerian entrepreneur or a Nigerian in Diaspora; then this is my take about

starting or doing business in Nigeria. If you are an experienced serial entrepreneur

or an entrepreneur with guts; then you should know that one of the best places to

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invest your money and build a business is in a developing terrain. Nigeria is a

developing country and one of the best places to invest or build a business is in a

developing environment. Though the risk is high, so also is the reward. Like I said;

if you are an entrepreneur with guts to take on business challenges ; then this

ebook is for you. If you are hungry for entrepreneurial ideas and information; then

sit back, grab a cup of coffee and read on as I present with you a detailed list of

fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria. This business opportunities will

be divided into sectors, to enable you choose the sector you will be going into,

study and not their law, so that you will not be a victim of illegality. They are:


    Catfish and Poultry Farming

The first of the fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria is catfish farming.

The primary reason I listed catfish farming as one of the fastest business

opportunities in Nigeria is because it‟s an emerging industry that hasn‟t reached its

peak or full potential. The major players in this business are usually regional

players. What this means in essence is that each major player in the catfish farming

industry is focused only on a particular business terrain within the geographical

location of the farm. So all you need to do is look for a region with a growing

demand that haven‟t been covered by a major player and situate your business

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there. As for poultry farming, the ban imposed by the federal government of

Nigeria with respect to the importation of live or frozen poultry birds has only

helped explode the demand. When accessing any of these business opportunities

listed above, you must note three important facts. One, food is one of the basic

necessities of man, thus making catfish and poultry farming a huge potential. Two

is that the population in Nigeria is estimated to be over 150 million and growing so

that entails a growing demand for food. Three is that even if the local market with

150 million Nigerians gets saturated (which I strongly doubt as this niche is still in

its adolescent phase), there‟s still a growing demand for catfish all over the world.

So do your own in-depth analysis and put your money to work for you


    Importation Of Wears

Importation of clothes (designer wears) into Nigeria is another fast growing

business opportunity you can tap into but I must warn you; you will be breaking

the law if you engage in this business because there‟s a ban by the federal

government on the importation of wears. I listed this business opportunity for those

who have the entrepreneurial guts to take calculated risk. Another reason I listed

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the importation of wears as one of the fastest growing business opportunities in

Nigeria is because the ban cut short its supply thereby leaving a gap of demand that

can only be filled by brave entrepreneurs. Please don‟t assume I am trying to hype

you or something; I know of some player in this line majoring mainly in men‟s

designer wears which is imported from China and India. they source corporate

wears from Hong Kong because of the quality of their finished product. Enough


    Sewing Of Specialized Uniforms

If you don‟t have the entrepreneurial guts to go into the importation of wears; then

you can set up a small scale textile firm that will specialize in sewing uniforms.

The demand for uniforms is on the increase in Nigeria; from the crèche to the labor

market, uniforms are highly in demand but it‟s advisable you do your own detailed

research before venturing into the business. You can write a proposal to banks,

school, organizations marketing your services to them. you know what it means

when you grab the contract………..lol……steady stream of income

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    Inland Water Way Transport

Inland water way transport is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in

Nigeria. In fact, I believe the niche is still untapped because I am yet to see a

modern commercial boat or ferry service system in Nigeria. Though there are a

few operators in this industry; I am yet to see the modern facilities being used by

the developed countries. Another reason inland water way transport business

proves viable is because population in states such as Lagos, Ogun state and Rivers

is rapidly on the rise thereby resulting in the congestion of roads. Since the roads

are becoming heavily congested; the next means of transportation the inhabitants

of these heavily populated states will resort to is water transport. With proper

planning, a good management team and adequate funding, you can break into this

untapped industry and carve a niche for your business.

    Outsourced Bus Service

This is similar to haulage and logistics but the cargo in this case is humans. I am

not talking about the regular road transport bus service; in fact, I don‟t think I have

seen the idea for this business been utilized by anyone.

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Now in this case, you are providing transportation services to firms and corporate

entities. Some corporate organizations can‟t afford an in-house transport system for

its executives and staff, so this is where you come in. You provide the cars or

buses, provide the drivers and you are paid on a monthly bases or contract bases

for the use of your transport services. Another area of target is schools. Most

schools would like to provide transport facilities for their students but they can‟t

afford it and this is where you come in. You provide a bus service system and send

out a proposal to schools to use your bus services. Just imagine 20 or more young

schools jointly using your student bus service system. All you have to do is

effectively prepare your proposal and how the work will be done. I know to some

young entrepreneur, the question will be how can I get a bus. I will simply advice

you hire (hire purchase) two or more which in the process you will be given a

discount, employ others( drivers) to assist you…. I tell you in three months you

will never be the same.


Thou ,When it comes to ICT, I will say Nigeria is lagging behind when compared

to the western world. It may sound like bad news to you but to entrepreneurs and

investors, it is good news. ICT is still an emerging trend that hasn‟t reached its

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peak so a lot of opportunities exist for both local and foreign investors. The

opportunity here are yet to be tapped.

    Cyber Café

The demand to stay connected to the rest of the world is rapidly on the increase

and the cost of internet connection is still on the high side when compared to what

is obtainable in the western world, thereby making cyber café an alternative for

internet users; and an investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. This business can

be started either on a small, medium or large scale but I will prefer a large scale

because size can be a competitive edge for you in this business as customers won‟t

like to be kept waiting. Customers of this industry want speed and efficient service

and most importantly; they want to be sure to find a vacant computer system

anytime they want to surf the web without having to wait in line. If you can get a

good location; provide speedy internet access and provide complementary services;

you are in for a breakthrough. This market continue to rising, I know you will ask

yourself, where can I get money to buy computers? This should not bother you

again because you can find places in ikeja, Onitsha (dealers) where you can buy

computers as low as N8000 to N10000, all that is require of you is to connect it to

the internet, business don start be that. Also you shoud buy equipments like

printers, photocopy machines, and also offer services like typing, designing and

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computer traning. Just effectively and efficiently apply all this then you are good to

skyrocket to the sky and above…

    Recharge Card Printing Business

Recharge card is one gsm product that every gsm user has not been able to live

without. Recent research shows that recharge card business is one of the fastest

selling products in the country, counting over 8 million patronages per day. This

market is still growing and will grow to become part of the existence. The reason is

because this has come to stay with the capacity to generate in millions of naira

from Nigerians who can not do without the use of recharge card to connect with

different people for different purpose. In this report I wil guide you on how to tap

into this money making venture. One good thing about this business is that it is not

affected by th economic meltdown, the sales is always their. And there is no

competition what you need is effectively apply your marketing strategies.

To get started with this business, there are different form of investment

opportunities, it depends on the one you want to venture into. In this business you

can become a dealer, a sub dealer and a small scale investor, all this depends on

your capital. For you to become a major dealer you must have enough money to

get the gsm operators to listen to you, together with other requirements, which vary

differently from gsm operators, as a dealer your business will be more successful

and you will also be entitled to incentives like car allowances, housing allowances

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e.t.c. if you don‟t have what it takes to be a dealer your next option is to become a

sub-dealer. A sub dealer, your account will be attached to a dealer but the supply

and provision of the recharge pin will come directy fro gsm operators(

MTN,GLO,ETISALAT e.t.c), as a sub dealer the incentives granted to a dealer will

not be given to you. Not having a huge capital to invest in, does not mean that you

are counted out of business. You can also become a small scale investor. As a

small scale investor you can start printing recharge vouchers with as little as a

N10,000 by dealing with a licensed sub dealer, whom the gsm operator has given

the sole license to distribute their pin.

As a small scale investor, you will be able to negotiate with the dealer or the sub

dealer on how much they will be selling th pins to you. One thing about this

business is that it will not make you rich overhnight but will make you survive the

economic hardship and again note that little profit re-invested into the business will

surely get you to the top.

In this business what material do you need to get started? to get started with

this business you will

    A Computer, A Printer, Software, A Bulk Pin

    A machine that prints recharge cards without computer and a printer.

It is not necessary or compulsory that the computer be connected to the internet is

only when you want to copy the pin you will be receiving for the dealer or sub

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dealer via email address. Hence you can use cyber café if you don‟t have personal

internet access, here also a plain paper will be needed for the printed. The dealer

you patronize will give you the give you the software for free, thou some will

charge you for the software and installment.

If you have capital like N10,000 or even N20000, it wil make sense if you

patronize a dealer that will give you the software for free. Some of the software is

with login feature which the dealer will give you the username and password. Just

find the a major and reputable dealer to deal with, some have website while some

don‟t have.

Just contact the dealer and collect the bank details pay into their account, then you

can snd them text like send me 100 PINS (MTN 100), I have paid to your account,

donpaul4real@yahoo.com, also you have to send your teller number and other

details that will be necessary for confirmation, you will get the information of what

is required and how fro the dealer or sub-dealer you are partnering with.

In this business another question is who are your customer, here every body using

gsm is your customer and everybody selling your recharge card is your customer,

just know and devise a strategy to market this pin by first creating awareness,

checking what other are selling and you may cut off a little to attract them and

make them your customer , on the long run you can increase the price, for more

details on how to go on an successfully market your recharge cards contact

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donpaul4awooko@gmail.com and to get the list of dealers in Nigeria you also

contact me for more details. Success as you rip into this business.

    Photography And Graphics

If you come to Enugu there is a studio called 042, the service of this guy is N250,

N300 just for one shot but you will see people rushing. Here what am trying to say

is not just buying camera and snaping, NO the main thing in this business is

packaging, the way you packet your services will attract more customers who will

also call their friends and family while coming. You will be able to design

photographs that will look, smart, simple and colorful to the test of the client. Just

ask him or her how the pics will be. In this you will be patient coz you will not

expect to big rich overnight is your hard work that matters.

    E-Services

Just as the world is going e-crazy; so also is Nigeria catching up with the trend. E-

services provision is still a virgin business opportunity that hasn‟t fully been

tapped. Under the umbrella of providing e-services; you can find the following fast

growing business opportunities: E-payment, bulk Sms services, web design and

hosting, database management services, e-portal management, etc.

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The need for education is on the increase and the burden to provide quality

education is getting heavier for the government to bear thereby, leaving room for

private and institutional investors. The following are ways you can tap into the

potential opportunity.

    Schools

A lot of institutional and private investors have gone into building quality schools

and providing quality education but the potential has not been reached. With a

population of over 150 million Nigerians, where 65% are below 40; there‟s still

untapped potential in this niche. You can access this business opportunity from

different entry levels. You can tap into this niche by providing either crèche,

primary, secondary or tertiary education but all entry levels holds strong potential.

Please carry out your own analysis before investing in any level of this business


    Seminars

Not everyone loves being educated within four walls of school. Some prefer street

smart education or high speed learning and that‟s where you come in. You can set
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up a seminar company that organizes coaching services according to the current

needs and trends of the society like our own internet marketing queen efe imiren

    Training Centers

Specialized training or educational centers is another fast growing yet untapped

business opportunity in Nigeria. Examples of specialized learning centers are

Leadership training schools, entrepreneurial centers, training centre for the gifted

and physically challenged, training centre for hobbies and crafts, etc.

    Tutorial Centers

With the proliferation of academic and professional exams, tutorial centers have

joined the list of fastest growing business opportunities in Nigeria. You can access

this business opportunity by choosing or specializing on a training need. You can

focus your proposed tutorial centre on any of the following: ICAN, GMAT,

WAEC, JAMB, GSCE, CIS, job interview training, etc.

    Customized Exercise book production

This is a good opportunity for you to become mega rich because this business is

the one that the market is their and will continue to grow so far there is education,

keep of records, writing e.t.c. and I thought if it will ever stop growing. You must

have seen many exercise book with pictures of revered celebrities, politicians,

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exotic places, soccer, club jerseys, football coaches e.t.c as your cover design. All

you need to do is to follow the following steps:

     Think about the kind of design you want the cover. The character you want

       to feature on your cover that will boost your marketing efforts and give a

       smooth penetration into the market.

     Think of the quantity you want to start with. This will determine the quality

       of paper needed and hence the capital you are to look for.

     Take it to someone that has a ruling machine to do the ruling for you

     The next stage is what is called stitching.

This business is lucrative, for more detail contact me


With a global increase in the awareness of environmental degradation and its

hazard, the world has resorted to finding an alternative “green energy.” Nigeria is

not left out in this global awareness that has created massive opportunities for

smart entrepreneurs and investors. If you feel green is the next business trend on

board, then below are the fastest growing business opportunities in the green

energy and technology sector of Nigeria.

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    Waste Management

With an increased awareness in the need for environmental conservation;

opportunity has popped up in Nigeria in the area of waste management. When

analyzing the waste management business opportunity, I observed that two factors

are responsible for the potential in the business and you must make sure these two

factors are in place before deciding on an area of service.

One is a bursting population and the second is a strong environmental policy and

its enforcement. So far, two states in Nigeria that has taken the lead with respect to

these two factors and these states are Lagos and Imo state. But I believe great

potential still lie in other states of Nigeria. Do your own personal research before

venturing into this industry. You may end up being the manager waste and

environment of one location

    Waste Recycling

The next fastest growing business, yet untapped business opportunity in Nigeria is

waste recycling. I don‟t need to expatiate on this as the details are clear. You can

venture into either bottle and can recycling or nylon recycling. You can even

embark on a waste to green (manure) project as Nigeria has a huge demand for

organic and inorganic fertilizer.

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As a final note, I want you to know that of there are numerous business

opportunities and potentials available in Nigeria, I believe the ones listed above are

potential money makers but I emphasize you do your own feasibility study. Here

are also list of other business opportunity, find one and flow with it:

1.        Start a carpet cleaning business

2.        Start a gift basket business

3.        Start a home health care business

4.        Start a lawn care business

5.        Start a catering business

6.        Start your own bookkeeping services business

7.        Start a signage business

8.        Start a small export business

9.        Start a business cleaning out foreclosure properties

10.       Start a car insurance business

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11.       Start a mail order business

12.       Start a mini day care centre

13.       Start an Energy Conservation Consultancy business

14.       Start a pest control business

15.       Start a raw food restaurant

16.       Start a business selling used books

17.       Start a mini fitness training centre

18.       Start a tutorial centre on anything e.g. web design, crafts, hair dressing,


19.       Start a baby sitting service business

20.       Start a hair braiding business

21.       Start a barbing salon in your neighborhood

22.       Start a private process server business

23.       Start a website building business

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24.       Start a mobile detailing business

25.       Start a mobile phone repair centre

27.       Start a mobile bookshop business

28.       Start a mobile library

29.       Start a poultry business

30.       Start a janitorial business

31.       Start an elderly home care business

32.       Start a beauty care salon business

33.       Start an auto detailing business

34.       Start a photography business

35.       Start a computer repair centre

36.       Start an electronics repair shop

37.       Start a cattle rearing business

38.       Start a crafts exportation business on Etsy

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39.       Start a catfish rearing business

40.       Start a mobile car wash business

41.       Start a pet sitting day care business

42.       Start a dog grooming service business

43.       Start a freelance writing business

44.       Start an event planning business

45.       Start a printing business

46.       Start a network marketing business

47.       Start a junk hauling business

48.       Start an oil recycling business

49.       Start a green business


I hope by now you must have chosen a business to venture into, if not kindly head

back to part 1 and 2 and read it effectively. If you are through…..

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Then lets flow…………

The term business empire is the combination of the words “business” and

“empire” each of this word connotes different meaning.

Let‟s look at the meanings, Business is simply an occupation or trade or is a line of

work while empire is an extensive range of enterprises or activities under the

authority of one person or a central organization. For more meaning/definition of

business and empire use dictionary or Wikipedia.

Now using the above definition business empire is a line work with an extensive

range of enterprise or activities under the authority of one person.

To build a business empire, Here is a step by step guide to building a busines

empire. Whether it be it online or offline….

1- Mission: You have to figure out your why. Why do you want to be successful.

Most people say I want more money. You have to be more specific than that for

you to realize your dreams.

2- Industry: Must choose the business or industry that you want to be in and stick

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to it. Focus is key in achieving any goals. Okay in online business you chose

information marketing because the payouts are high, which brings you to the next


3- Profit Potential: How well will the business pay be and is it worth your time to

pursue this business. Make sure that your getting paid residual, passive income.

Income that keeps coming long after you've done the initial work.

4- Products: Make sure what your selling is what people want and is a very

marketable product. If what you are marketing is not a stand alone product you will

have a hard time selling it. Besides that you want to be proud of what you are

selling, find products that feel right to you.

5- Mentor: Find a mentor. Someone you can trust. Someone who has done what

you are trying to do and has the results to prove it. This has to be someone who is

willing to listen to your needs and actually cares about your success. He/she must

also have a financial interest in your success. Make sure he gets paid every time

you do. That's why the network marketing and direct sales is a good industry to get

started in.

6- Marketing: Build a attraction marketing system that does 90 percent of the

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work for you. Everything from sorting, selling, training, etc, etc. This system must

not only attract (right keywords, ads, etc) the right type of person (entrepreneur vs.

get rich quick loser) but be able to present the information in such a way that is

clear, concise, to the point and not full of hype fluff or crazy promises.

Then figure out how to get 100-200 quality targeted prospects into your marketing

pipeline each week.

7- Training: One on one and group training should be designed to build credibility

and to successfully market your product, it wil also go a long way to building

goodwill for you and your business..

8- Duplication: this. If you get everything above correct, you should have a nicely

tuned marketing system. As long as you make your mission to help others, you will

have no shortage of people joining your team. Remember there are millions of

people looking for someone to trust. Be sure to take this responsibility seriously

and make sure your team is duplicating.

Here is an example of how you can build a business

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This business empire am about to build will be online business which will revolve

around blogging vs adsense, information marketing and affiliate marketing.

Did you see my selections,?……..all I want from you is to read this between lines

so that you wont miss any single word of this technique and another thing is that

you can also follow this step and start up an effective business empire for yourself.

Lets dig it…….

To build this business empire my main ingredient now is a website, this is the a

starting point for anybody wanting to build an empire like the one am about to do


to get a website is easy just go to namecheap, syskay.com e.t.c buy a domain name

for your website. Domain name should be something like www.enairablog.com ,

www.cnn.com, if your name is Donatus you can go for www.donatus.com

www.donablog.com, www.donatusworld.com hope you got the picture of what am

trying to show you. after that the next thing is to host the website so that people

can see it, read and be aware of your business, it will cost you some few

dollars….if you think you don‟t have money to host it with you can go for the free

ones like blogger.com, wordpress.com and host it the same place.

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If you want us to help you, design your website for you……
Email us @ donpaul4awooko@gmail.com or better still text us via 07031059979
for more details

After setting up the website, the next thing is build of your own business empire

around it…….. remember I said I will be building business empire around

blogging, information marketing and affillaite markting.

Okay…now let me start with blogging….

Note before now your blog must have been ready for use, now all you have to do is

to chose a niche or that which you have passion for….blog about it, always go in

search of latest information on that your select niche that will make your readers

keep coming back…..blog continuously, because if your blog is not update

regularly, nobody will be visiting it. Because people are ready and hungry for

information…..i was reading one analysis saying that every minute, there are

millions of people in Google searching for information, this is just Google check

out how many with other search engine then you will understand the volume of

what am telling you.

Now.. your blog is now updated, your presence is now noticed, people are

beginning to read your writings……the next thing is to monetize it so that the

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visitors to your website or blog will make money for you….this is where adsense,

affiliate marketing and information marketing will come in….

But for the sake of clarity I will explain it one after the other on how you can do it


By now you must have understand what adsense is all about, if not go back to part

one and read it effectively… and also read that ebook attached their titled HOW

TO BUILD ADSENSE EMPIRE . this section I will not go into details on how

to open adsense or what it is because every thing you need to know about adsense,

starting from opening adsense account to building adsense empire is their.

To monetize your website with adsense, open your adsense account generate ad

code the go back to your website and paste the code strategically where it can be

seen, so that any of your readers can click on it.. you can put up to three ad code

which will be showing in different place in your website. ….now your website is

monetize with adsense the next is

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Affiliate marketing……

I have explained all you need to know about affiliate marketing in the online buz

section, so go back their and read it effectively if you have not,

To monetize your site, I prefer using CPA offers which is simple cos I will get

paid for someone taking a simple action like just submitting the email. Now to

monetize it look for any CPA network that accepts Nigerians, there are many of

them out their. Apply as a publisher, when your application is approved, enter your

dashboard, choose any offer that is related to your niche, or the one you think that

will attract people attention, just choose it copy down the code and head over to

your site and paste it…..and start promoting it right away……remember to input it

where it can be seen very well……..you can also go for product from clickbank or


Now do you see, we have two source of income running on my website?

Information marketing

If you have not read what I said about information marketing, go back to the online

business section and read it very well….ok let me run through it…information

marketing is simply selling of information, this information may be inform of

report/ebook (pdf) or video, audio e..t.c just search and create that which you think

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people need and package it for a price, then you ar good to go. Here your website

will be an avenue to selling this product.

Check out this technique and about to show you…..

After you create your product and is ready for delivery now is time to promote it

but this time I will like to keep the readers, the customer for future uses, you see

like the normal offline line business……which you have your own customer that

will always patronize you and you struggling hard to keep them even fighting to

win your competitor and collect their customer and convert them to your own

forever. That is what am about to do now……

After my product is ready I will now go for an autoresponder which is like a

phone/contact book which you will b keeping your subscribers and also will be

using this autoresponder to be sending and contacting my subscribers anytime I

want…….there are many of them out e.g www.getrespond.com, www.aweber.com

this ones are paid but for a start you can use free ones ike www.listwires.com

register with them and then set up you autoresponder which on the process you

will generate “form” this is where your subscribers or anybody will put their

details.(email, phone number,name e.t.c) after which you copy down the form code

go to your websit and paste it…..but before you do that prepare a short report that

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which will be a free gift for your subscribers, this will also push them to subscribe

and join your list……simply you exchange information for subscription.

Now how do you do it to make them subscribe and enter your list…..

Design the ecover of the book very well to look attractive with a killing and a

teaser title them put it above the form…..and put something like this….

“Download how to make millions per day”

Under it you write instructions like this “enter your details below to get instant


You see the reader will be force to enter his details to get access to the material.

How to make millions per day.

Now I have start building my list which will continue to grow as far as I blog and

people come to my website to read.

Remember for your information product you have to create a sales page that will

explain what the product is all about…..here is example of a sales page .

wealthcreation pack

This an example of an empire that will continue raking you money when it stand

very well, and don‟t expect to make thousands of naira immediately after set up,

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allow it to mature and don‟t give up on it and surely you must rip the fruit of your


I just built a business empire so what is require from me is just to apply different

seo tips to promote and gain more traffic. To help you with traffic, I will be giving

you materials to guide you to achieving huge amount of traffic…

You too can follow this step or any step that you prefer, is not a most that you must

use the above business, you can choose another one from the list of them

mentioned above

It‟s this complicated? If yes lets help you build your own business empire and
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I have come to the end of this ebook now but it does not end here……because in

the above listed business the offline and the online business the only thing that will

get you going is traffic, this simply means the number of people that are aware of

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your services or business, because traffic is money, the more traffic you get, the

more cash you rake in.

So therefore I will take this opportunity to list the various ways to get traffic to

your business, this I will do by giving ebooks/reports from different experts to

guide you in your quest to the top of traffic…. They are:

10 traffic tips for your website

101 Ways To Improve Your Web Presence

101 Backlinks tips

50 website promotion tips

Effective service marketing

psychological secret report

30 minute website traffic

Blog and ping

Cpa marketing made easy

Facebook formula

Traffic Anarchy software

Traffic masterminder

SEOmoz-The Beginners Guide

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I think the following materials listed above will help and guide you to your quest to


The online secret to making money is Think out of the box, Get out of
                                      the crowd,

              Be the different and let the world know about you!

                               TAKE ACTION!

                               TAKE ACTION!

           BONUS!! BONUS!! BONUS!! BONUS!!
  As I promised this is the bonus packages, is now left for you to download it and

                      take action, don‟t just read, read and read.

                          Below are the links to the bonuses

63 killer marketing strategy

99 great sites you should know

A--Z of email marketing

Advertising Surgeon (part 1)

Advertising Surgeon (part 2)

Advertising Surgeon (part 3)

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Facebook Marketing Secrets

Facebook Corporate Formula

Facebook Ad With $5

Wealth Formula

SocialMedia Blueprint

Traffic Anarchy

Traffic Anarchy Setup

To your success………..

Nnadi Donatus

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