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									                    To purchase ProtectAssist: Determine
   STEP #1         the individual trip cost for each person
    you want to insure, and calculate the total premium
    using the rates on pages 5-6.

   STEP #2           To purchase Additional Coverages
                    desired: Select the level of Flight Guard®
    coverage you wish to purchase on the enrollment form,
    and multiply the corresponding cost by the number of
    persons you wish to insure under the policy. Calculate
    the total premium. Select Umbrella Package and
    determine the appropriate premium on the enrollment
    form based on the age of each Insured. Calculate the
    total premium. Select the number of days of Renter’s
    Collision Insurance. Calculate the premium.
                     Add together all the premium boxes
   STEP #3           for your total travel insurance package.
                     Fill out attached Enrollment
   STEP #4           Form on the next page.
                     Fill out the Payment Information
   STEP #5           section of the enrollment form and
                     return the enrollment form to your
                     travel agent.

                                If you have questions or
                           would like to order by phone, call:

                           You can also purchase this valuable
                              coverage on our web site at:

                                                                 1145 Clark Street; Stevens Point, WI 54481
page 13
                                                                                                              106700DM 12/05
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            106700-DM       12/05
STEP #1                 ProtectAssist®                                               STEP #4                 ENROLLMENT FORM (Please print carefully)
  INSURED #1            INSURED #2            INSURED #3          INSURED #4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   q Male
     Trip Cost           Trip Cost             Trip Cost           Trip Cost        *Insured #1         q Dr.      q Mr.       Last                                                                                                                q Female

                                                                                             First                                                                                                               Middle Initial
     Premium             Premium               Premium             Premium
                                                                                    *Date of Birth                                                                        E-mail Address
                  +                  +                       +                      *Address

Total of all premiums                                                 TOTAL         *City                                                                                 *State                                 *Zip
                              +      $
                                  Service Fee
                                                   =                                *Telephone (                           )                                              Beneficiary

                                                                                    *Airline                                                                              *Charter
         Optional Umbrella Package:
         (Cannot be purchased without ProtectAssist.)
                                                                                    *Tour Operator                                                                        *Cruise Line
    Age          0-34   35-59     60-69       70-74 75-79         80-84       85+
Premium          $12     $17       $22         $30   $39           $50        $60   *Date of Initial Trip Payment                       /         /                       *Departure Date            /       /               *Return Date      /        /
  INSURED #1            INSURED #2            INSURED #3          INSURED #4
                                                                                    AGENCY ARC#                                                                           Agent ID#
     Premium             Premium               Premium             Premium
                                                                                    For trips over 30 days, please call Travel Guard for a premium quote.
                  +                   +                     +                       Additional Insureds
                                                                                    Insured #2                                                                            *Date of Birth
Total of all premiums                                                 TOTAL         Relationship to Insured #1:
                              +      $
                                  Service Fee
                                                   =                                Insured #3                                                                            *Date of Birth
                                                                                    Relationship to Insured #1:
                                                                                    Insured #4                                                                            *Date of Birth
0        Flight Guard                                                               Relationship to Insured #1:                                                                                                                      * =Required Information
 Benefit $100,000             $200,000       $300,000      $400,000     $500,000
                                                                                    Any person who knowingly and with intent defrauds any insurance company is subject to
Premium     $9                  $18            $27           $36          $45
                                                                                    criminal and civil penalties. I represent that the above information is true and the dates         STEP #5           PAYMENT INFORMATION
                                                                                    reflect my intent to start and end my trip. The coverage goes into effect after the premium is
Premium      # of persons                                             TOTAL                                                                                                                Check or Money Order Payable to Travel Guard

           x                    +        3 =
                                     Service Fee
                                                                                    paid, at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the postmark, telephone purchase, fax transmission date, or
                                                                                    online purchase confirmation date. The Insurer reserves the right to reject any Enrollment
                                                                                    Form. I understand there is no coverage for loss due to pre-existing medical conditions,
                                                                                                                                                                                           American Express®                MasterCard®
                                                                                    unless this insurance is purchased within the required time frame to waive this exclusion.             VISA  ®
                                                                                    I understand that if payment is returned unpayable for any reason, the coverage becomes

        Renter’s Collision Insurance: Coverage is $9 per car, per day.
                                                                                    null and void. I also understand that any changes to this Enrollment Form do not change
                                                                                    the coverage of the policy. I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions
                                                                                                                                                                                       x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
3       (Not available to Oregon or Texas residents.)                               of the Insurance as detailed in the Description of Coverage.                                       x
Premium           # of days                                           TOTAL                                                                                                            Expires           /

  9 x                           +        $
                                     Service Fee
                                                   =                                Signature                                                              Date

                                                                                                            To purchase, contact your travel agent. Order online or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
STEP #3                 TOTAL PREMIUM                         $                                                                                                1.800.549.9037
of ProtectAssist® and Additional Coverages
“911” Emergency Travel Assistance                          Comprehensive Travel Insurance

                      The Plan can arrange for an
                     emergency cash advance and                                                        The Plan will reimburse
                    help you obtain a new passport                                                  your nonrefundable deposits
                       when your important travel                                                    or pre-payments when your
                        documents are stolen.*                                                       sister becomes ill and you
                                                                                                      have to cancel your trip.*

                                                              The Plan will cover your lost expenses when you’re
                                                             forced to cancel your trip because a terrorist incident
                                                             just occurred in the city to which you’re scheduled to
          The Plan will replace                                  travel within 30 days of your planned arrival.*
        the medication that was
         in your lost luggage.*

                                                      The Plan will help locate your
                                                      lost or delayed luggage; plus,
                   The Plan will get your family        we’ll reimburse you for the
                     home when you arrive at         necessities you have to purchase
                  the airport at 10 p.m. only to       until your baggage arrives.*
                  find your flight is cancelled.*

                                                                                                   The Plan will reimburse
        The Plan will coordinate an                                                              your nonrefundable deposits
       emergency medical evacuation                                                                and get you home if your
         and find adequate medical                                                                cruise line, airline, or tour
        care when you are involved                                                                  operator cannot due to
              in an accident or                                                                     Financial Insolvency.*
           become suddenly ill.*
                                                      *Subject to terms and conditions of the policy.
                                                                                                                        page 2
 24-Hour Emergency Travel                                              Insurance Coverages
 & Medical Services*                                                  All coverages are per person.
                                                        TRAVEL        COVERAGE                                SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS
  • LiveTravel – 24-hour travel agent for             GUARD             Trip Cancellation                              Trip Cost*
    emergency or last-minute travel changes,
    such as rebooking flights, hotel
                                                    Exclusive           Trip Interruption                              Trip Cost*
    reservations or ground transportation,                              Trip Interruption –                            $1,000**
    tracking lost luggage, and more!
  • Pre-trip travel advice – access to passport, visa, and vaccine
                                                                        Return Air Only
    requirements, travel safety and health advisories, embassy          Travel Delay                                   $1,500
    contacts, weather, and currency information.                        (Maximum of $150 per day)
  • Emergency medical assistance – locating English-speaking            Missed Connection                              $250
    medical specialists or facilities and assistance with medical
    evacuations anywhere in the world.                                  Baggage & Personal                             $750
  • E-mail or phone message relay – to family, friends, and             Effects Loss
    business associates.                                                (Includes lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Cash advance – for general travel and medical emergencies.          luggage or travel documents)
  • Replacing lost travel documents – such as tickets, passport,        Baggage Delay                                  $250
    or visa.
  • Telephone interpretation – for medical or legal emergencies.        Medical Expense                                $25,000
  • Bag Trak® – luggage-tracing service.                                Emergency Medical                              $500,000
                                                                      *Coverage only included if the required premium has been paid.
 Concierge Services*                                                  **Coverage valid for $0 Trip Cost option only.

                                                                       Extra Coverage
 • Restaurant referrals/reservations – Worldwide dining referrals
                                                                      When you purchase ProtectAssist travel insurance within 15
   and reservations made on your behalf; based on availability.
                                                                      days* of making your initial trip deposit, you also receive:
 • Ground transportation – Coordinating car or limo arrangements
   throughout your trip, including transportation to and from         • Coverage in the event of cruise line, airline, and tour
   airport, hotel, meetings, and more.                                  operator financial default. (Financial default is not
 • Event ticketing – Assistance with obtaining tickets to sporting,     covered for all suppliers.)
   theater, concert, and other events; based on availability.         • Waiver of Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion.
 • Tee time reservations – Assistance with scheduling tee times       • Missed Connection Benefit increases to $500.
   and making course recommendations; based on availability.          • $50,000 Flight Guard (This coverage is in addition to any
 • Floral services – Coordination of flower delivery for birthdays,     Additional Flight Guard that is purchased.)
   anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions while         *Day one is the date the trip deposit is received.
                                                                        Additional Coverages
*These are not insured benefits. Rather, they are services
provided by Travel Guard and its member companies.                              OPTIONAL UMBRELLA PACKAGE
                                                                                Valuable additions available for an affordable fee.
                                                                                Medical Expense and Emergency Medical
                     SATISFACTION GUARANTEE                            Transportation benefits are double those listed on the
 Travel Guard is committed to providing products and services          Schedule of Benefits and Medical coverage is upgraded to
 that will exceed expectations. If You are not completely              primary coverage. (Cannot be purchased without ProtectAssist.)
 satisfied, You can receive a refund of the premium, minus the
 service fee(s). Requests must be submitted to Travel Guard in        Flight Guard® – Accident coverage up to $500,000 –
 writing within 15 days of the effective date of coverage,            for you and your family, if insured, while flying.
 provided it is not past the original departure date.                 Renter’s Collision Insurance – $35,000 in primary
                                                                      coverage. Covers collision damage to a rental car for which
                                                                      the car rental contract holds you responsible.
page 3                                                                                                                     page 4

                                                                      Insurance Protection Rates
         Trip Cost Per Person                  AGE                               AGE
              (up to 30 days) 0-34             0-34         35-59     60-69     70-74      75-79      80-84        85+
                         $     0*              $    16      $    24   $ 29     $ 35        $ 53       $ 65         $ 79
         $     1-        $ 500                 $    24      $    36   $ 40     $ 51        $ 60       $ 91         $ 102
         $ 501 -         $ 1,000               $    41      $    52   $ 65     $ 89        $ 108      $ 139        $ 172
         $ 1,001 -       $ 1,500               $    53      $    71   $ 89     $ 117       $ 154      $ 183        $ 242
         $ 1,501 -       $ 2,000               $    72      $    94   $ 123    $ 166       $ 201      $ 238        $ 311
         $ 2,001 -       $ 2,500               $    92      $   118   $ 152    $ 205       $ 248      $ 294        $ 381
         $ 2,501 -       $ 3,000               $   111      $   139   $ 181    $ 245       $ 295      $ 347        $ 453
         $ 3,001 -       $ 3,500               $   130      $   148   $ 211    $ 284       $ 340      $ 402        $ 522
         $ 3,501 -       $ 4,000               $   148      $   162   $ 240    $ 323       $ 388      $ 467        $ 592
         $ 4,001 -       $ 4,500               $   165      $   185   $ 303    $ 362       $ 434      $ 528        $ 662
         $ 4,501 -       $ 5,000               $   184      $   206   $ 340    $ 401       $ 481      $ 590        $ 731
         $ 5,001 -       $ 5,500               $   211      $   244   $ 374    $ 472       $ 528      $ 662        $ 802
         $ 5,501 -       $ 6,000               $   237      $   281   $ 407    $ 516       $ 575      $ 733        $ 873
         $ 6,001 -       $ 6,500               $   258      $   307   $ 444    $ 561       $ 621      $ 801        $ 943
         $ 6,501 -       $ 7,000               $   279      $   333   $ 481    $ 605       $ 667      $ 869        $1,012
         $ 7,001 -       $ 8,000               $   307      $   362   $ 540    $ 684       $ 762      $ 977        $1,155
         $ 8,001 -       $ 9,000               $   345      $   392   $ 598    $ 764       $ 856      $1,084       $1,295
         $ 9,001 -       $10,000               $   382      $   422   $ 659    $ 842       $ 953      $1,192       $1,439
         $10,001 -       $11,000               $   438      $   491   $ 752    $ 958       $1,118     $1,391       $1,680
         $11,001 -       $12,000               $   495      $   556   $ 827    $1,068      $1,261     $1,569       $1,893
         $12,001 -       $13,000               $   552      $   623   $ 896    $1,175      $1,408     $1,752       $2,081
         $13,001 -       $14,000               $   611      $   691   $ 977    $1,281      $1,558     $1,940       $2,269
         $14,001 -       $15,000               $   672      $   761   $1,058   $1,387      $1,713     $2,132       $2,457
          OPTIONAL UMBRELLA                     $12          $17       $22       $30        $39        $50         $60
    *Includes $1,000 Trip Interruption – Return Air Only.
    **If appropriate additional premium has been paid.
                                                                         Please choose your premium from the above
    Above rates do not include a $6 service fee.                            pricing chart based on your age at the
    A $3 service fee applies to any additional coverage purchased.                time of insurance purchase.
                                                                          For trips over $15,000, or trips exceeding
                                                                                 30 days, call 1.800.549.9037.
                                                                             Coverage must be purchased at least
                                                                                  24 hours prior to departure.
                                           1145 Clark Street
                                        Stevens Point, WI 54481
                                                 YOU MUST INSURE THE PRE-PAID
                                                                          NON-REFUNDABLE PORTIONS OF YOUR TRIP.

page 5                                                                                                                 page 6
This is a brief description of insurance coverages. The policy contains       “Immediate Family Member” means the Insured’s or Traveling
reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. A            Companion’s spouse, Domestic Partner, child, spouse’s child,
Description of Coverage detailing all coverages will be issued to you         daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, mother, father,
upon receipt of Enrollment Form and payment.                                  grandparents, grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, step-parents,
                                                                              parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece,
               DESCRIPTIONS OF COVERAGE                                       nephew, legal guardian, or legal ward.
                                                                              “Sickness” means an illness or disease which requires treatment by
Travel Insurance Protection                                                   a Physician.
Trip Cancellation & Interruption: We will pay this benefit up to the          “Terrorist Incident” means an act of violence, other than civil
Maximum Benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits if a trip is                disorder or riot (that is not an act of war, declared or undeclared)
canceled, or interrupted due to any of the following unforeseen               that results in loss of life or major damage to property, by any
circumstances:                                                                person acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization
• Sickness, injury, or death of an Insured, Traveling Companion, or           which is generally recognized as having the intent to overthrow or
   Immediate Family Member. Cancellation due to an injury or                  influence the control of any government.
   Sickness of an Immediate Family Member must be because the                 “Traveling Companion” means a person or persons with whom you
   condition is life-threatening, or because the Immediate Family             have coordinated Travel Arrangements and intend to travel with
   Member requires the Insured’s care;                                        during the Trip. A group or tour leader is not considered a Traveling
• Financial Default of airline, cruise line, or tour operator resulting       Companion, unless you are sharing room accommodations with the
   in the complete cessation of services. Excluded is the organization        group or tour leader.
   from which you purchased your trip or this coverage. This coverage         Travel Delay: We will reimburse up to $150 a day to the Maximum
   applies only if: (1) you purchased this policy within 15 days of initial   shown on the Schedule of Benefits for Reasonable, Additional
   trip payment, and (2) the financial default occurs more than 14 days       Expenses if the Insured’s trip is delayed for more than 12 hours.
   after your coverage effective date;                                        Missed Connection: We will reimburse this benefit up to the Maximum
• Inclement Weather causing cancellation or interruption of travel;           shown on the Schedule of Benefits if Inclement Weather or Common
• Strike resulting in the complete cessation of travel services;              Carrier causes cancellation or a delay of all regularly scheduled
• Your principal residence or destination being made uninhabitable            airline flights for three to less than twelve hours to your point of
   by fire, flood, vandalism, burglary, or natural disaster;                  departure. You can collect up to $250 for additional transportation
• You or a Traveling Companion being subpoenaed, required to                  costs to join the Trip (must be same class of original tickets
   serve on a jury, hijacked, or quarantined;                                 purchased). Reasonable accommodations and meals (up to $100
• A Terrorist Incident in a City listed on your itinerary within 30 days      per day) as long as the expense is supported by a proof of purchase
   of the Insured’s scheduled arrival. “City” means an incorporated           and is not reimbursable by another source, and/or the non-
   municipality having defined borders and does not include the high          refundable, unused portion of the prepaid expenses. Common Carrier
   seas, uninhabited areas, or airspace;                                      must certify the delay of the regularly scheduled airline flight.
• Your being called into active military service or having leave
   revoked or being reassigned.                                               Baggage Insurance Protection
Trip Interruption – Return Air Only: We will reimburse the additional         Baggage & Personal Effects Loss: Reimburses you for lost, stolen, or
transportation expenses incurred by the Insured to the Return                 damaged baggage while on your trip. This coverage is in excess of
Destination. However, the benefit payable above will not exceed               any other coverage or indemnity, subject to the Maximum shown in
the cost of economy airfare (or first class if the Insured’s original         the Schedule. Maximum of $4,000 per traveling group.
tickets were first class) by the most direct route, less any refunds          Baggage Delay: Reimburses you for the purchase of covered essential
paid or payable.                                                              items when your luggage is delayed more than 24 hours, subject to
“Domestic Partner” means an opposite or a same-sex partner who is             the Maximum shown in the Schedule.
at least 18 years of age and has met all of the following requirements
for at least 6 months: (1) resides with the Insured; (2) shares               Emergency Medical
financial assets and obligations with the Insured; the Insurer may
                                                                              Medical Expense: Pays covered Reasonable and Customary medical
require proof of the Domestic Partner relationship in the form of a
                                                                              expenses incurred due to Sickness or Injuries that occur while
signed and completed Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
                                                                              traveling, subject to the Maximum shown in the Schedule.
“Financial Default” means either (i) the complete suspension of
                                                                              Emergency Medical Transportation: Pays for transportation to the
operations due to financial circumstances, whether or not a
                                                                              nearest adequate medical facility and includes airfare for your return
bankruptcy petition is filed; or (ii) a partial suspension of the
                                                                              trip home due to a covered Injury or Sickness occurring during the
operations following a filing of a bankruptcy petition.
                                                                              trip, subject to the Maximum shown in the Schedule.
page 7                                                                                                                                     page 8
Additional Coverages                                                       traveling expressly for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment;
                                                                           (n) elective or non-emergency treatment or surgery, except for any
Flight Guard®: Coverage for accidents that occur when traveling on a             necessary treatment or surgery due to covered injury;
regularly scheduled flight or charter, subject to the Maximum              (o) Experimental or Investigative treatment or procedures; or
shown in the Schedule.                                                     (p) an injury or Sickness which occurs at a time when this
Renter’s Collision Coverage: Primary coverage, subject to a $250                 coverage is not in effect.
deductible. Covers collision damage to a rental car for which the car                           ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS FOR
rental contract holds the Insured responsible.                                              TRIP CANCELLATION & INTERRUPTION:
Umbrella Package: Valuable additions to increase your coverage.
Your medical and emergency evacuation benefits will double. Your           In addition to the General Exclusions, the Insurer will not pay for
medical benefit will be upgraded to primary coverage. For                  losses due to:
Emergency Evacuation, we will coordinate the appropriate medical           (1) carrier-caused delays, including an announced, organized,
transportation to bring you home, or if medically necessary, to the             sanctioned labor union strike that affects public transportation,
nearest adequate medical facility. Available globally, anytime you              unless the Insured’s coverage effective date is prior to when the
are more than 100 miles from home. You will also receive detailed               strike is foreseeable. A strike is foreseeable on the date labor
pre-trip travel advice. (This is not an insured benefit. Rather, it is a        union members vote to approve a strike;
service provided by Travel Guard and its member companies.)                (2) travel arrangements canceled or changed by an airline, cruise
                                                                                line, or tour operator, unless the cancellation is the result of
                                                                                inclement weather or Financial Default as defined;
                  GENERAL EXCLUSIONS                                       (3) changes in plans by the Insured, an Immediate Family Member,
These exclusions apply to all benefits. In addition to any                      or Traveling Companion for any reason;
exclusions which apply to a particular benefit, the policy does not        (4) financial circumstances of the Insured, an Immediate Family
cover loss caused by:                                                           Member, or a Traveling Companion;
(a) intentionally self-inflicted injury or any attempt at an               (5) any business or contractual obligations of the Insured, an
     intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide, or attempted                 Immediate Family Member, or a Traveling Companion;
     suicide by the Insured, Immediate Family Member, Traveling            (6) Default by the person, agency, or tour operator from whom the
     Companion or Business Partner (while sane, in Colorado and                 Insured bought his/her coverage and purchased his/her travel
     Missouri);                                                                 arrangements, unless due to Financial Default as listed under
(b) pregnancy or childbirth, or elective abortion, other than the               the Covered Reasons;
     Complications of Pregnancy;                                           (7) any government regulation or prohibition;
(c) participation in professional athletic events, motor sport, or         (8) an event or circumstance which occurs prior to the Insured’s
     motor racing, including training or practice for the same;                 effective date of coverage;
(d) mountain climbing;                                                     (9) failure of any tour operator, Common Carrier, person, or agency
(e) war or act of war, whether declared or not, civil disturbance,              to provide the bargained-for travel arrangements.
     riot, or insurrection;
(f) operating or learning to operate any aircraft, as student, pilot,                          ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS FOR
     or crew;                                                                                 BAGGAGE & PERSONAL EFFECTS:
(g) air travel on any air-supported device, other than a regularly         Property Not Covered: In addition to the General Exclusions, the
     scheduled airline or air charter company;                             Insurer will not pay for damage to or loss of:
(h) loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation, or                   (a) Animals;
     destruction by customs;                                               (b) Bicycles (except when checked with a Common Carrier);
(i) any unlawful acts, committed by the Insured, Immediate                 (c) Motor vehicles and other conveyances;
     Family Member, or a Traveling Companion, whether insured              (d) Artificial limbs; false teeth; any type of eyeglasses,
     or not;                                                                    sunglasses, or contact lenses; hearing aids;
(j) mental, psychological, or nervous disorders, including, but            (e) Tickets, keys, money, notes, securities, accounts, bills,
     not limited to, anxiety, depression, neurosis, or psychosis;               currency, deeds, food stamps or other evidences of debt,
(k) if the Insured’s tickets do not contain specific travel dates               credit cards, and other travel documents (except passports
     (open tickets);                                                            and visas);
(l) alcohol or substance abuse or treatment for same;                      (f) Money, stamps, stocks and bonds, postal or money orders;
(m) medical treatment during or arising from a Trip undertaken             (g) Property shipped as freight, or shipped prior to the Trip
     for the purpose or intent of securing medical treatment or                 departure date; or
                                                                           (h) Contraband.
page 9                                                                                                                           page 10
Special Limitation: The Insurer will not pay more than $500 for the         through the taking of prescription drugs or medication and remains
first item and thereafter, no more than $250 for each additional item.      controlled throughout the 180-day period. A Sickness has manifested
The Insurer will not pay more than $500 aggregate on all losses for         itself when medical care, treatment, or diagnosis has been given.
jewelry, watches, furs, cameras and camera equipment, camcorders,           The Insurer will waive this exclusion if you meet the following
sporting equipment, computers, and other electronic devices.                conditions:
Items over $150 should be accompanied by original receipts. If              1. You purchase the plan within 15 days of making your initial trip
receipts are not provided, benefits may be reduced.                         payment;
Additional Exclusions:                                                      2. The amount of Trip Cancellation coverage purchased at that time
In addition to the General Exclusions, the Insurer will not pay this        equals the full cost of all non-refundable trip arrangements; and
benefit for loss due to:                                                    3. You must be medically able to travel when you pay your
(a) Defective materials or craftsmanship;                                   premium.
(b) Normal wear and tear;                                                   “Initial Trip Payment” means the date the first deposit is made to
(c) Deterioration; or                                                       your travel agent toward the cost of your trip.
(d) Rodents, animals, or insects.
                                                                            California Residents: This plan contains disability insurance
                  ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS FOR                                 benefits or health insurance benefits, or both, that only apply
              EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION:                             during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources
In addition to the General Exclusions, the Insurer may not pay for          that already provides you with these benefits. You should review
all services arranged without its prior consent or approval. Timely         your existing policies. If you have any questions about your current
notification by the Insured to the Insurer’s designated provider is         coverage, call your insurer or health plan.
required. The Company reserves the right to determine the                   Florida Residents: The benefits of the Policy providing your coverage
benefits payable including any reductions, if it is reasonably              are governed primarily by the law of a state other than Florida.
possible to contact the Insurer’s designated provider in advance.
                                                                            North Carolina Residents: In North Carolina, insurance is
                      ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIONS FOR
                                                                            underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of
                                                                            Pittsburgh, PA.
In addition to the General Exclusions, coverage is not provided for
loss due to: (a) any loss which occurs if the Insured or his/her            Texas Residents: This policy may provide a duplication of coverage
Traveling Companion is in violation of the rental agreement; (b)            already provided by your personal auto insurance, homeowner’s,
rentals of trucks, campers, trailers, off-road vehicles, motor bikes,       personal liability policy, or other sources of coverage.
motorcycles, recreational vehicles, or exotic vehicles; (c) any
obligation the Insured or his or her Traveling Companion assumes            Underwritten by the American Home Assurance Company, a
under any agreement except insurance collision deductible; (d)              member of the AIG CompaniesSM, with its principal place of
failure to report the loss to the proper local authorities and the rental   business at 70 Pine Street, New York, New York 10270. It is
car company; (e) damage to any other vehicle, structure, or person as       currently authorized to transact business in all states and the
a result of a covered loss; (f) driving under the influence of alcohol;     District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19380.
(g) being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless
prescribed by a physician; (h) Injury sustained while committing or         This is only a brief description of the insurance coverage(s) available
attempting to commit a crime.                                               under policy series T30253AHAC. The Policy contains reductions,
           PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS EXCLUSION:                       limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. Full details of
                                                                            the coverage are contained in the Policy. If there are any conflicts
This exclusion applies to ALL Coverages. It applies to you and all
                                                                            between this document and the Policy, the Policy shall govern.
Immediate Family Members and Traveling Companions, whether or
                                                                            Coverage may not be available in all states.
not they are traveling with you. Please read it carefully.
The Insurer will not pay for loss or expense incurred as the result of
injury or Sickness of an Insured or Immediate Family Member which
manifested itself, worsened, became acute, or had symptoms, which
would prompt a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care, or
treatment, or request treatment by a physician or treatment had been
recommended during the 180 days immediately preceding the
Insured’s coverage effective date, unless the condition is controlled
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