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Is your shaman a shambles? Is your mana meagre? If so, Keith Pullin has
the remedy

Populous: The Beginning is a complex affair with multiple solutions and
strategies - but don't fret. This two-part guide begins by providing a
comprehensive walkthrough of the first 12 worlds, and expert advice on
making the most of your spells and followers. The road to immortality
starts here.

1 The journey begins
You start with eight followers. Send three into each hut to start
breeding and build another hut with the remaining two. Worship the stone
head. Use the land bridge spell to reach the centre island. Worship the
Vault of Knowledge to learn about warrior training and then the other
stone head to get lightning. Now build a warrior training hut; train
about ten warriors. Use the land bridge again and storm the Dakini
island. Send your warriors straight towards their shaman while blasting
their huts with lightning bolts.
//level1-attack.jpg    That's it, in you go - dead easy, this level.

2 Night falls
Extract your shaman to the totem pole and begin worshipping. Use your
followers to build two extra huts and a warrior training hut. Move a
follower to the stone head to worship with your shaman once she's
finished at the totem pole. Create approximately ten warriors and march
past the guard tower into Matak territory. While the shaman heads for the
Vault of Knowledge your warriors should make a start on the nearby hut.
Cast tornadoes at the Matak huts and send in the warriors to clean up.
Use the swarm spell to keep your foes from grouping together.

3 Crisis of faith
Get your followers to start building two huts. Send Shammy off to the
totem pole. When she's finished there, move her over to the Vault of
Knowledge to learn about temples. Now build a temple. Train ten preachers
and send them into Matak territory. Spread out and watch the poor
impressionable fools sway to your plight.

4 Combined forces
Take the shaman over to the Vault of Knowledge followed by the stone
head. Set breeders going in three huts and build a warrior hut with the
remaining few. Use the shaman to convert about 15 wild men, and then
train up 20 warriors in total - they can be the shaman's bodyguards. Move
towards the next Vault of Knowledge and use blast to remove any Matak
preachers. Worship at the vault, keeping your warriors close by. Wait
until you have amassed at least three lightning bolts. Attack the right
flank of the village and use blast again to remove any lurking preachers.
Use lightning primarily on the Matak temple and warrior hut and throw the
remaining bolts at anything that deserves it.

5 Death from above
Worship the stone head near the start to gain the convert spell, then
head back right to the stretch of coast near the guard tower. Use the
convert spell to reach across to the savages on the island. Use these new
followers to worship the totem pole. A boat appears; use it to take your
shaman and four warriors further right to the land mass where the Angel
of Death statue lies. Divert the waiting warriors with a lightning spell,
get your braves to guard our mighty shaman and try to squeeze her through
to worship the Angel. Use the blast spell for protection.

6 Building bridges
Okay, things start getting tricky now. Your shaman should worship the
Vault of Knowledge, then start converting wild men pronto. Build up a
strong base near the large pool above the reincarnation point and start
producing preachers sharpish. Also build guard towers on the hills
surrounding your base, and man them with fire warriors and preachers.
Worship the stone head in the stone circle.
The enemy soon attacks. Soak up these onslaughts and eventually a bridge
appears to the stone head across the channel. Worship here. Now you can
hypnotise the Chumara warrior by the totem pole on the island. Get those
holy knees bending and another bridge forms further up the channel.
The Matak and Chumara tribe can now throw bees at each other in a bizarre
ritual apparently known as battle. Meanwhile, sneak about ten preachers
into each camp and watch them fall like flies. Bring in a dozen or so
warriors accompanied by lightning spells. If you're ultra cunning, you'll
worship the stone head above the Matak base for the firestorm spell.

7 Unseen enemy
The enemy tribe barely appears if you get through this level fast enough
- which is in less than 20 minutes, ideally. Begin by converting about 20
savages. Merge them with the rest of your followers and build a temple on
the coast opposite the island. Next, build a warrior hut and three normal
huts. Create about ten preachers. Cast a land bridge spell to the island
and lead five preachers to worship. Watch out for the enemy shaman's
lightning spell - she tends to come along while you pray.
Once you have the erode spell, cast another land bridge spell to the
Chumara side. Infiltrate all your preachers into the right side of their
camp and cast offensive spells. Concentrate mainly on destroying the
Chumara preachers, temple and the guard tower in the middle. The battle
should slowly swing in your favour. Add a few warriors to mix it up a

8 Continental divide
Your base should consist of five huts and a temple. Guide your shaman
across the world converting simpletons as you go. Guide her towards the
Vault of Knowledge, and if she's well protected you'll obtain the fire
warrior knowledge. Now head over to a stone head on a ridge by a pool to
get a shield spell. Back home create an army of ten fire warriors and ten
preachers. With the shaman, march your army north into the Chumara camp
covered by shield and invisibility spells. As before, destroy the tower
in the middle and the fire warrior hut next to it. Have your shaman lend
a hand with lightning.

9 Fire in the mist
Usual tactics: convert wild men and raise a base consisting of four huts,
a temple and a fire warrior training hut. Send the shaman walkabout to
find two stone heads: one containing an earthquake spell, and the other a
tornado one. Keep some followers and continue up the island. Before you
reach the Chumara base cast invisibility on the braves and send them
scurrying along the left coast until they find some boats; steal one and
flee. Point your shaman towards the Vault of Knowledge at the end of the
peninsula; cause havoc with spells as you try to reach it. Ultimately,
worship here to learn about boat building.
Send the shaman over to the island teeming with natives and convert a few
to worship the head containing the volcano spell. Keep the Chumara shaman
well away from your base until the volcano spell has been learnt. Sail
the shaman and some protection over to Chumara territory and whop down a
volcano. Let fly with lightning too. Don't despair if your shaman is
killed - sail back over there with two boats packing invisible fire
warriors and preachers. Start the finale with earthquake and tornado
spells, then let the infantry clean up.

10 From the depths
Don't worry about the frightening start - escape in the boat with your
shaman and four preachers. Cruise to the small island with the totem
pole; mumble at that for a while and 'Atlantis' rises out of the depths.
Convert the wild men and repair the slightly wet base. Sneak some
invisible preachers over to pray at the enemy totem pole and half the
island sinks. Ha! Revenge... That'll teach them. Finish off their
miserable hides with fire warriors.

11 Treacherous souls
The main thing here is to keep expanding your base. Once you've disposed
of the Matak tribe, a big army's required to stop the Chumara scum. Send
your shaman with a boatload of invisible fire warriors around the back of
the Chumara base and attack from there. Cause as much mayhem as possible
before you're hopelessly slaughtered. Send another two boats in, while
simultaneously attacking with a bigger invisible invasion force from the
other side. Back this horde up with your shaman and head straight for the
temple and fire warrior huts. Lightning these and head for the Vault of
Knowledge during the ensuing chaos. Keep adding preachers and fire
warriors as back-up.

12 An easy target
This is the first world where you are pitched against three enemy tribes.
Luckily, you begin on a separate island while the other conquistadors
fight each other on a bigger continent. You don't get much land to build
on here so use land bridge to landfill the ocean. Also cast land bridge
across the corner hills to wall yourself in and guard against any
waterborne attacks.
Each tribe guards a Vault of Knowledge; the Chumara - spy training hut;
the Matak - erode spell; and the red tribe, the tornado spell. The red
and green tribes will try to cripple the yellow tribe, leaving you to
finish them off. Keep a look-out for any spies who might try to sabotage
your settlement.

Establish a strong settlement using the following guidelines:
1. Disable all spells apart from convert. Send your shaman into the
wilderness and convert as many wild men as you can; you can often found
them near water (either small lakes or the ocean).
2. While the shaman is busy recruiting, begin building. Find a flat,
spacious area of land near plenty of trees. If this land is away from the
reincarnation site, build a guard tower first.
3. Build four or five huts at a time, keeping key huts like temples and
fire warrior training huts away from the main settlement - invading
forces always hone in on them first.
4. Try to build huts in rows; you can fit more huts into less space that
way. To achieve a large population, construct 30 or more huts, but always
keep a careful eye on wood supplies.
5. If you are running low on wood, try sending some invisible braves into
the enemy settlement to steal some more. Destroying the enemy trees with
spells or spies can actually be quite a useful tactic.

They follow you about like lovesick puppy dogs, but they do other stuff

She is the only member of the tribe who can fire spells. Seeing as how
spells are the only way you're going to get through the game, your shaman
must be well protected at all times.

Braves are the foundation of your tribe. They generate four times more
mana than any other follower, but only when building or resting in huts.
Keep huts populated to keep the mana flowing, man.

Warriors are the toughest of your followers, but lack special abilities.
Keep them away from preachers, and use them to back up your attacks.
Warriors should be the last line of defence.

Preachers, though weak, are surprisingly powerful if used in groups. A
good thing to do is smuggle invisible, shielded preachers into a camp.
The effect can be devastating. Unfortunately, the same works in reverse,
so watch out!

Fire Warriors
These guys have quite a long range, so keep them at a distance from the
enemy, preferably on higher ground. Once again, this type of follower is
highly effective when invisible and shielded. And in a balloon, well...
frightening. They can also be used in boats to strafe enemy coastlines.

Spies sneak into enemy bases and set fire to huts. They are best used
during the early stages of a match when each player is still setting up
their settlements. Spies delay the enemy's progress and lower his mana
rate. Groups of invisible, shielded spies are fairly formidable foes.

//Whoever lays this out might want to crop these screenshots - some of
them have a lot of open space that's not needed. It's only the actual
spell effects that are important here//

These are the first eight spells - we'll give you more next month when
you can handle them.

This is your simplest spell, as well as one of the most powerful in your
arsenal. Although it has a short range, the blast spell is more useful
for defending the shaman against ambush. Tactically it's brilliant near
waterL if any enemy followers are running along the coast, cast the spell
to the other side of them so they are blown into the drink.

This is only really useful at the start of the level when you have plenty
of wild men to convert.

Swarm is only a temporary solution. Often it will just scatter the enemy
and, ultimately, cause more problems - although is a good way of stopping
your followers from being converted by preachers. It's also worth casting
on boats and balloons just to watch the occupants throw themselves over
the side in terror.

Invisibility doesn't last long, so only cast it on your target followers
at the very last moment. Preachers become visible again when they start
preaching and fire warriors reappear when attacked or ordered to attack.
Invisibility and shield make an excellent combination.
Land bridge
Not only is this good for joining two areas of land separated by water,
but it can also level hills and valleys for building on. By placing the
shaman on one side of a hill and casting the spell on the other side, you
will level the land. You can also cast it next to the coast to give
yourself more room.

Swamp can be very useful when placed in the enemy's path, especially in
front of your defences. There is little you can do against an enemy swamp
except sacrifice ten of your followers to fill it or erode the land
underneath so it falls into the water. Remember: your followers are
vulnerable to your own swamps.

Lightning is a more powerful version of the blast spell and kills anyone
it is directly cast upon. It will also severely damage buildings.

When you first attack a settlement, use the hypnotism spell to
temporarily convert enemy followers so they begin attacking their own
kind. Keep them away from your own followers so they don't start
attacking them when the spell wears off. Enemy followers converted by
hypnotised preachers will be permanent members of your tribe.

Well, that's the end of part one. Hopefully you now have a better idea of
what's going on. Join us next month for the final 12 levels, multiplayer
deathmatch strategies, and more.

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