Carmageddon II by hollon


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There's nothing like running over fat dogs and crushing mental patients
against the wall with
their own beds. Keith Pullin does all that and more, as he too, goes
quickly round the bend
PCZ #69, 95%

Most of Carmageddon II is fairly straightforward really; learn the tracks
and kill inordinate
amounts of innocent civilians. However, it's not all foot to the floor
and blood streaks on the
door. The missions can cause problems, and it's those stages we're
concentrating on mainly
here. So, belt up, and get a grip.

Group 1

The first three races before the mission act as a warm-up. The other cars
are lightweight, and
pedestrians and animals are abundant. Explore, get used to the car and
remember: the more
peds dead, the more time you get. Try and visit the bank; crashing into
the vault rewards you
with some top quality gear. If you fancy practising some high-speed
manoeuvres, slip onto
Beaver City's ample orbital.
Rocky Too is a sprawling level with masses of tricks to try. Extra Power
allows you to push
massive rocks onto other cars, and the Wall Climber makes your tyres
stick to any surface -
ceilings and all.
It won't take long to reach the Boulder Dash mission, and when you do -
just take it easy.
Tumbling over edges doesn't help time-wise, so just get round those
bends. Try and aim for
under a minute per lap. Oh, and you get no extra time for killing on
missions. So don't bother
- it's cruel and pointless.

Group 2

At first it seems that the antennae are impossible to reach. That's utter
rubbish, of course.
Pick the Eagle Mk III (that's if you've accumulated enough credits to
actually have a choice)
and just follow the ramps - generally speaking they point in the right
direction. Most jumps
require a take-off speed of around 80mph. Hit the right rhythm, and
bounce from one rooftop
to the next like a rubber ball.
This mission teaches you a very important skill, and that's the ability
to control your jumping
so you can land in very enclosed areas. As the game progresses, you will
find, of all the
skills, this is by far the most important.

Group 3

The 'Home Sweet Groan' race takes place in Max's junk yard. In the middle
of the stage is
his home, and it's around here that you'll find plenty of contraptions to
deliver swift death to
your adversaries. Have fun, see who can be lured into Max's lair, and
then nail 'em!
The race in the quarry can be precarious as it's sometimes hard to find
peds, and the other
contestants bash you around quite badly. Try and make the most of the
ample time bonuses,
and power-ups lurking behind or on crates and boxes. Usually they're not
too far from the
actual circuit, so a small diversion is often worth your while.
On the mission stage, loonies from a local mental home are on the loose.
There are 22
patients in all, and you have to squish all of them. It's probably best
to go for the larger
groups first, and then pick up the stragglers later. We've marked their
exact locations on the
map, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. As for those irritating
mentalists on the roof,
just bounce up to them with Kangaroo power-ups, or something similar.

Group 4

There are quite a few handy power-ups near the start to help you on this
mission, but by far
the best antidote to this little predicament is the Solid Granite Car. It
should be lurking just
outside the glass-fronted building near the start point.
When you've got it, head straight for the truck which should by now be
charging at high speed
directly for you. Go for the head-on collision, and you should seriously
hurt him. He'll probably
head off into the junk yard after that, so follow him, grab as many
useful power-ups as you
can, and keep twatting the life out of him.
It's advisable to go for a vehicle other than the Eagle Mk III for all of
this. The heavier the car,
the more damage you inflict on your opponent. As long as you keep up a
fairly relentless
assault, the time limit shouldn't be a problem.
Group 5

The 'In Cold Blood' mission is a toughie. The snow makes you slide all
over the place, the
track is hard to see, and most of the race takes place on the side of a
mountain, meaning that
most of the race is spent on a 90-degree angle. Well, you're halfway
through the game now,
so what do you expect? The best advice, as for most of the missions, is
to just take it easy.
Keep your speed at around a hundred miles an hour - any faster and you're
a dead man.
Always keep a beady eye on your mini map, making sure you never stray too
far from the
circuit, and avoid getting any big air. When it comes to the ski jump,
try and hit the ramp at
about 50mph: the car should stay level thus averting any nasty Eddie the
landings. Stay out of the way of the many quarter pipes too, as they can
really slow you
The real trick to this stage is finding the shortcuts. The many hairpin
turns give you ample
opportunity, and if you look carefully you can see narrow passageways and
crevices that your
car can easily slip into. In terms of vehicles to use, go for something
small and
manoeuvrable, or maybe one of the large-wheeled machines on offer - at
least then you can
obtain some grip on the slippery surface.

Group 6

The 'Runway Runaway' race can be full of surprises, especially if you
head into the airport
terminal. If you drive up the stairs there are some duty free shops, and
on the roofs of those
there are some power and armour bonuses. This group of races concludes
with an excellent
mission - it's pretty easy too.
First of all, select a fast, agile car (something like the Eagle
perhaps?) and simply belt around
the fairground at top speed killing everything in sight. A lot of the
clowns can only be reached
through well-timed jumps: for example, the two on top of the tower in the
middle of the
fairground can actually be decapitated if you hit the take-off ramp at
the right speed (around
Watch out though, some of the clowns don't die at the first attempt. They
may be fat, but
they're often quite nimble and sometimes glance off a bumper attempting
to escape. Make
sure you go back and finish them off, and only leave the scene of an
'accident' when
dismemberment takes place.

Group 7

There are only four air traffic controllers to kill on the 'Control
Freak' mission, but look where
they are - right at the top of the tower. It takes some practice, but it
seems the only real way
to reach these well-guarded enemies is to use the airport 'props' as
ramps to jump up to the
tower. If you're very lucky you can smash straight through the glass.
However, another method is to find a Slaughter Mortar and fire into the
control tower to kill
them. Alternatively, grab one of those tail things and see if you can
smash the windows with
that. Of all the levels this one seems to be down to luck rather than
judgement but, as
always, if you improvise, you can't really fail. The time limit is the
real enemy here, so don't
hang about when you first start.

Group 8

Solid Granite Car power-ups are strewn all over the USS Lewinsky. Use
these to make short
work of the gun turrets; any that are left over can be demolished by
picking up the mutant tail
thingy near the start. When the turrets on the top deck have been
destroyed, head below
deck as quickly as possible. There are more turrets here - wipe these out
using the same
technique. And surprise, surprise - the core of the ship can be
despatched in the same way.
When you've done all that head up to the top deck and kill the admiral.
A medium-sized, tough car is needed for this stage because you're often
caught up in
explosions; anything small and defenceless will be annihilated in these
situations, so make
the right choice.

Group 9

This is the first time you face opponents on a mission stage and they
don't mess about. Their
vehicles are massive and they know how to use them. Being rammed into one
of the many
cliff faces is a common occurrence here; so make sure you keep moving
constantly. You can
combat their tactics by selecting a fairly large car yourself; the only
trouble is you have to
decide how much speed you're willing to sacrifice, as the time limit is
again tight.
To destroy the oil wells, slowly drive into the nearby black boxes. The
wells can be levelled in
any order, but it's probably best to go for the ones in wide open areas
first - wait until the field
has thinned out a bit before heading off into the frantic zones.

Group 10

The second race is superb. In true Blues Brothers spirit choose a fast
car and set about
confusing those feds. Try and get two or three to chase you around, pick
up a Kangaroo
power-up (or something of the that ilk) and then go flat out towards a
brick wall and jump at
the last moment. Any police chasing you crash into the wall and die. This
hectic city stage is
bursting with similar cunning tricks so don't be afraid to take let your
despicable mind run riot.
After the fun comes the horror - the final stage. This is probably the
only really linear level in
the entire game - and to be frank, it's a bit of a shock to find. Prepare
for this stage by
picking the fastest car available; after that the key to this stage is
opening the blast doors.
Basically, any canisters you see knocking around must be destroyed;
blowing them up opens
various blast doors around the silo. The first few are obvious; they
encircle some kind of
dome. But after that, they're not so easy to find, especially with the
cruel time limit imposed.
But follow the route, destroy everything you see and it all becomes
apparent. All you need is
speed and a good memory; master that combination and you complete the
game. Well done.
All you have to do now is wait for Carmageddon III.

Still can't do it? Luckily we have here a complete list of every single
wacky cheat the game
has to offer. If you can't cut it with these activated, you really
haven't got a hope
LAPMYLOVEPUMP     Cheats enabled
SMARTBASTARD      Complete the race
WETWET      Bonus
GLUGGLUG    Mega bonus
STICKITS    Peds glued to the ground
MEGABUM     Giant peds
TWATOFF     Explosive peds
FASTBAST    Turbo peds
SUPACOCKS Invulnerability
TINGTING    Free repairs
MINGMING    Instant repairs
STOPSNATCH Timer frozen/time thaw
WATERSPORT 1 underwater ability
CLANGCLANG Bodywork trashed
BLUEBALLZ Frozen opponents
BLUEPIGS    Frozen cops
SWIFTYSHIFTY      Turbo opponents
PIGSMIGHTFLY      Turbo cops
MOONINGMINNIE     Lunar gravity
TILTY Pinball mode
STICKYTYRES Wall climber
JIGAJIG     Bouncy mode
MRWOBBLEY Jelly mode
DOTACTION View peds on map
FRYINGTONIGHT     Ped electro ray
WOTATWATAMI Greased tyres
STUFFITUP Damage magnifier
EYEPOPPER Instant handbrake
ANGELMOLESTERS    Immortal peds
SUPAWHIZZ Mega-turbo
LEMMINGIZE Stupid peds
TAKEMETAKEME      Suicidal peds
PILLPOP     5 recovery vouchers
BIGTWAT     Solid granite car
DUFFRIDE    Rock springs
RUBBERUP    Gripomatic tyres
GOODHEAD    Peds with stupid heads
STIFFSPASMS Mutant corpses
LEDSLEDS    Gravity from Jupiter
EASYPEASY Slow-motion peds
TINYTOSS    Mini peds
FURKINELL Turbo bastard nutter nitros
HOTASS      Afterburner
DIDEDODI    Mine shitting ability
LIQUIDLUNGE Oil slick from your arse
SKIPPYPOOS Kangaroo on command
ZAZAZ Ped annihilator
POWPOW      Opponent repulsificator
OOHMESSYMESS      Dismemberfest
XRAYSPECS Ethereal peds
GETDOWN     Groovin' peds
MRMAINWARING      Ped panic attack
FARTSUITS Helium peds
LARGEONE    Pissed peds
HIPPOTART Fat bastard peds
BLOODYARTISTS     Stick insects
COWCOW      Ped repulsificator
OSOSTRONG Extra armour
OSOFAST     Extra power
OSONASTY    Extra offensive
OSOVERSATILE      Extra everything
OSOSTRONGSOSTRONG Double extra armour
OSOFASTSOFAST     Double extra power
OSONASTYSONASTY Double extra offensive
OSOVERSATILESOVERSATILE       Double extra everything
FISTNESSES Max offensive
SKEGNESSES Max everything
THATSALOTOFOFFAL Extra offensive slot
THATSALOTOFSLOTS Extra slots all round
STRONGBONES Bonus armour slots
FASTBONES Bonus power slots
NASTYBONES Bonus offensive slots
LOADSABONES Bonus slots all round
EVENINGOCCIFER    Drink driving
FRYFRY      Ped flame thrower
OYPOWERUPNO Power-up cancel
BIGDANGLE Mutant tail thing
BONBON      Slaughter mortar
GOTOINFRARED      Cloaking device

Most of the time they seem to just leap into your path, but at other
times you can't kill
pedestrians for toffee. Here's how to make the most of your weapons

Pedestrian repulsificator
A giant spring that fires out of the car, launching any unsuspecting
pedestrians into the air
and far, far away.

Opponent repulsificator
Same as the pedestrian repulsificator, but it affects cars too. Can be a
real lifesaver on the
last few races (and on network games).
Pedestrian flamethrower
A ball of fire bellows out from your car and torches any surrounding
pedestrians. Great for
killing mental patients and clowns.

Spiked ball and chain
Take out a dozen pedestrians at any one time with this huge 'ball and
chain'. It's also very
effective on other vehicles.

Pedestrian electro-bastard ray
If you find a suicidal pedestrian power-up and one of these, you're in
for one hell of a time.

Pedestrian annihilator
Similar to the pedestrian electro-bastard ray but available through the
power-up inventory. Fry
until you can fry no more.

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