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                                                                        January, February and March
                                                                           at the Cooking School

                                                                                        kids’ kitchen

           Message from the Manager                                   page 3         Calling all kids to the Cooking School! The
                                                                                      winter winds are blowing, but it’s warm inside the
                                                                                     Cooking School! We’ve got some great classes
                             Hello again! I hope the holidays                        for you – Pear Bear is back complete with special
                                                                                     book reading, as well as our “Dinner & a Movie”
                             were good to you. As we welcome                         for the Jr. Chefs. Our newest classes include day
                             in 2011, how many of you made                           classes for the home schooled. Sign up for our
                                                                                     February camps during the school breaks and
                              New Year’s Resolutions to change
                                                                                     have fun creating your own lunches!
                              your lifestyle by eating healthy,
                              exercising more AND having fun
     doing it? We can help you with some of that!

     Our classes this quarter are packed with healthy, nutritious                       adult classes
     meals that you can prepare yourselves in no time at all.
     Also included are some basic cooking classes to get you          page 5         The holiday season is over – you’ve eaten your
                                                                                     fill and you wonder what can I do to get back on
     off to a good start. Our “Your Health” section has dieticians                   track? Come join us at the Cooking School! We
                                                                                     have some new and exciting Chefs and Instructors
     offering Diabetic, Healthy Heart, Eat Well Stay Fit and Family                  that are offering classes with an ethnic twist,
     Cooks classes. We offer wine pairings and beer tastings in                      classes that will fit your budget, hands-on classes
     selected adult classes. The fun is in attending the classes,                    that include cupcake decorating, along with wine
                                                                                     and beer tasting classes!
     learning new techniques, meeting people, and tasting these
     fine creations made right before your eyes.

     Whether you are a novice cook or a seasoned pro, the
     Cooking School can offer you new ideas for great taste
                                                                                         your health
     creations, Come on in, bring a friend, join the party and
     have some fun at The Cooking School, where “a good cook
                                                                      page 8         Eat well and stay fit this winter season. We
                                                                                     offer an array of health-related classes for
                                                                                     both adults and families. These classes
     is born each day!”
                                                                                     are taught by Registered Dieticians; they
                                                                                     have a wealth of information to give you,
     Grace Hanusin,                                                                  and the classes are covered in part by most
                                                                                     local health insurances. Our “Family Cooks
     Regional Cooking School Manager                                                 Together” series includes the whole family!
                                                                                     Whether it is Diabetes, Healthy Heart, learning
                                                                                     to eat well, or getting the families to cook
                                                                                     together at meal time, we have the classes
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The Cooking School

 2                                                                         Amherst        Cooking School             716.515.2000
                                                           kids’ kitchen
  These classes will be held in both schools on the dates listed. Parents are required to inform us of any food allergies at
   the time of registration. We will try our best to accommodate food allergies with substitutions. Children with long hair,
        please tie it back before class. If wearing boots, please have child bring closed-toe shoes for safety reasons.

   little chefs ages 3-6 with parent                                                                        junior chefs ages 7-10 (continued)
                                                               little chefs mini camp
Each child in this age group must be accompa-                                                             “Big Game” Party
nied by a parent or guardian to assist the child.      Creative Cuisine Mini Camp                         Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst
There is no additional charge, unless stated (as       Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                      Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca
in our teas and brunch classes).                       Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca              Friday, January 28, 6-8 pm
                                                       Monday, February 21, 10am-12pm                     $15
Cooking with the Alphabet – Q, R, S & T                $15                                                 Let’s have an indoor tailgating party! Wear
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                          The goal of this 2 hour class is to teach little   something from your favorite team! (Please
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                  chefs that food can be nourishing but fun          no face makeup) From the end zone we have
Saturday, January 15, 10-11:30 am                      to work with. Let’s have fun making these          Nachos Magnifico, Goal Line Sandwiches, Gold
$13                                                    recipes, then eating our own creations!            Post Apple Treats, and Football Brownies
Let’s learn our letters Q through T as we cook         Saucepan Spaghetti and Mozzarella Faces,
our way through the alphabet: Easy “Q”uiche,           Flop-Eared Dog Face Salad, Crackerpillars,         Happy Heart Day
“R”ainbow Punch, Sassy “S”weet Potatoes,               Frosty Choco-Banana Snacks                         Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst
Fruity “T”arts                                                                                            Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca
                                                                                                          Friday, February 11, 6-8 pm
“Pear Bear” Cooks & Book Reading                     Let’s Have a Spring Picnic                           $15
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                        Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                        Cupid is on his way to strike you with his arrow.
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                Is there someone you are sweet on? Could it be
Saturday, January 29, 10-11:30 am                    Saturday, March 18, 10-11:30 am                      Justin Beiber? Or maybe Jordin Sparks? These
$13                                                  $13                                                  recipes are made from the heart! Love Bites,
“Pear Bear” is back, and oh, how he loves pears!     There won’t be any ants crawling on your             Conversation Heart Rolls, Lasagna Roll-Ups,
Not only are pears healthy and naturally sweet,      blanket today as you prepare and snack on            Strawberry Smooches
pears are a lot of fun to cook with. Pear Bear       these mouthwatering picnic delights! Crunchy
offers some easy kid friendly recipes, along with    Chicken Tenders, Ants on a Log, Quick Cheese         Pancake Day
a bookmarker and your own book to take home!         Biscuits, Honey Lime Fruit Toss                      Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst
Pears and Apples with Homemade Dip, Peanut                                                                Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca
Butter Bear Face Sandwich, Easy Pear Crisp, Citrus                                                        Sunday, March 6, 2-4 pm
Pear Slushy                                                                                               $15
                                                                                                          Sometimes this day is also called “Shrove
St. Valentine’s Day                                                                                       Tuesday,” “Fat Tuesday,” or other titles. This
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                                  junior chefs ages 7-10                     is a day many people celebrate with good food
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                                                                     before the Lenten season. We will be making
Saturday, February 12, 10-11:30 am                   Children of this age are encouraged to attend        a variety of pancakes. Fluffy Pancakes with
$13                                                  classes without a parent or guardian. Please leave   Chocolate Chips, Ricotta Cheese Pancakes
Join us today for a Valentine party. We will be      a phone number where you can be reached in           with Blueberries, Potato Pancakes, and Apple
making special treats that will warm your Heart.     case of an emergency. Please pick up your child      Cinnamon Pancakes. Sausage and Juice will
Be sure to wear red! Valentine Tomato Pasta          promptly after the class time as indicated.          also be served.
Soup with Homemade Croutons, Heart Filled
Ham and Cheese Bites, Chocolate Bark and             Chinese New Year Celebration
Sweetheart Mix (take home treat)                     Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst
                                                     Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca
Reading Across America Day & Book Reading            Monday, January 17, 10 am-1pm
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                        $25
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                Let’s celebrate the year of the Rabbit which
Saturday, March 5, 10-11:30 am                       starts on February 3rd. It is a year of peace and
$13                                                  luck. We’ll have a fabulous time celebrating,
It’s a cooking class and book reading! Today we      making lanterns and Chinese food our way.
are celebrating a special day with a very special    Baked Egg Rolls, Steamed Veggie “Fried” Rice,
menu. Lettuce Wrap Ups, Torn Tortilla Casserole,     Sweet and Sour Chicken, Egg Drop Soup, and
Banana Crisp, Rocky Road Munch                       Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Pre-registration for all classes is recommended at least 5 days in advance,
as the class may be full or cancelled for low attendance after that time.

716.517.3006               Cooking School            West Seneca
                                        kids’ kitchen/day camps

                                                                                    aspiring chefs ages 11 and up
     jr. chef winter break camp
                                                     Children of this age are ready to learn just about any type of cooking! We will use different kitchen
    Join us for 2 days of cooking fun!               appliances and learn different cooking and baking techniques. Recipes will be given so each aspiring
                                                     chef will have the chance to make these recipes at home for the family! Please wear closed-toe
                                                     shoes for safety reasons, and have long hair pulled back. Aprons will be provided.

                                                     “Big Game” Extravaganza                             St. Valentine’s Day Dinner
                                                     Instructor Judy Handzlik, Amherst                   Instructor Judy Handzlik, Amherst
                                                     Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca                Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca
                                                     Thursday, January 20, 6-8 pm                        Wednesday, February 9, 6-8 pm
                                                     $18                                                 $18
                                                     Are you ready for some football! Make some          It’s that romantic time of year. Impress your
                                                     awesome snacks that will be as much fun as          loved ones with this elegant meal made by you,
                                                     watching the game. It’s PARTY TIME!! Chicken        with love! Tasty Onion Chicken, Heart Shaped
Cupcake Decorating 2                                 Chili Nachos, Garlic Onion Cheese Spread,           Sour Cream Pan Biscuits, Cupid’s Garlic Green
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst                        Barbequed Peanuts, Crispy Dessert Footballs         Beans, Love Filled Brownies
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca
Tuesday, February 22, 10 am-1 pm                                                                         Soup, Salad and Sandwiches
$25                                                                                                      Instructor Judy Handzlik, Amherst
If you enjoyed our summer camp cupcake                                                                   Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca
decorating, you will think this class is                                                                 Tuesday, March 15, 6-8 pm
a cupcake celebration! We bake the                                                                       $18
cupcakes, and decorating is your game.                                                                   Discover a new twist on the trusty stand-bys.
Homemade Tomato Soup with Grilled                                                                        They’ve never been better! Awesome Antipasto,
Cheese Croutons, Fruit, 6 cupcakes of your                                                               Beefed Up Tomato Pasta Soup, Hot Turkey &
choice to decorate and take home                                                                         Cheese Wrap, St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Semi-Homemade Cooking                                         aspiring chefs winter break camp
Instructor Deb Witul, Amherst
Instructor Judy Handzlik, West Seneca                 Sodalicious: Cooking with Pop
Wednesday, February 23, 10 am-1 pm                    Instructor Judy Handzlik, Amherst
$25                                                   Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca
We don’t always have time to make                     Friday, February 25, 10am - 1pm
homemade meals. These recipes are kid                 $25
friendly, start from boxed and canned foods,          We all know pop is not healthy to drink on a regular basis,
and then we add our own special touch!                but cooking with “soda pop” gives these recipes the
Beef Taco Bake, Creamy Cornbread, Salad               perfect touch! Sour Cream and 7up Biscuits, Cola Baked
                                                      Beans, Cocoa Cola Chicken, 7up Bundt Cake, 7up Punch
Chinois, Cookie Banana Bites, Cin-A-Buns.

 NEW!                        cooking classes for home-schooled children
                             Let us help with Home Economics Class! Your students will have fun learning cooking skills that will be helpful today
                             and in the future. Let the mess be in our kitchen and not in yours! Open to students between the ages of 7 and 16.

    That’s Italian!                                  Happy Valentine’s Day                              Spring is in the Air
    Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca             Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca               Instructor Linda Duncan, West Seneca
    Friday, January 7, 11am-1pm, Amherst             Friday, February 4, 11am-1pm, Amherst              Friday, March 25, 11am-1pm, Amherst
    Friday, January 14, 11am-1pm, West Seneca        Friday, February 11, 11am-1pm, West Seneca         Friday, March 11, 11am-1pm, West Seneca
    $15/$40 for all 3 classes                        $15/$40 for all 3 classes                          $15/$40 for all 3 classes
    Help Mom out by learning to prepare this         Your heart will beat fast for these delicious      Come out from hibernation and stretch
    tasty Italian meal that your whole family will   Valentine’s Day treats. You’ll LOVE it!            your culinary muscles. Celebrate spring
    love! Ottimo Sausage Ravioli, Insalata Verde     Be My Valentine Pizzas, Fun Confetti Salad,        with these spunky recipes! Tuna Noodle
    (Salad Greens) with Homemade Buttermilk          Sweetheart Orange Shakes, Brownie Hearts           Cups, Sunshine Salad, Flowerpot Cupcakes,
    Dressing, Mama Mia Cheese Bread,                                                                    Banana Split Smoothies
    Croccante (crunchy) Banana Splits

4                                                                                           Amherst            Cooking School             716.515.2000
                                            hands-on adult classes
If you would like to try your hand at helping with the cooking, these classes are for you! Aprons will be
provided to wear. Please come with hair tied back, if long, and wear closed-toe shoes for your safety.

Chinese New Year                                                                                              Vegetarian Delight
Instructor Rose Ann Ross                                                                                      Chef Amy Weisenburger
Wednesday, January 19, 6-8:30 pm Amherst                                                                      Monday, February 7, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
Tuesday, January 25, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca                                                                    Thursday, February 17, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca
$25                                                                                                           $25
This year starts the year of the rabbit. Let’s                                                                Vegetarian diets are the healthier alternative to
celebrate by making our own delightful Chinese                                                                eating. Try these recipes and you’ll forget there’s
meal! Homemade Wonton Soup, Fresh Shrimp                                                                      no meat in them! Garlic & Sundried Tomato
Spring Rolls, Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry,                                                                   Hummus, Pasta Primavera, Southwestern Falafel
Fortune Cookies, Oolong Tea                                                                                   Burgers, Chocolate Cinnamon Zucchini Bread

Romantic Homemade Treats                                                                                      Best of Spring Produce
Instructor Diane Wagner                                                                                       Chef Amy Weisenburger
Thursday, February 10, 6-8 pm Amherst                                                                         Thursday, March 10, 6-8 pm Amherst
Friday, February 4, 6-8 pm West Seneca                                                                        Monday, March 28, 6-8 pm West Seneca
$25, 2/$40                                                                                                    $25, 2/$40
The saying goes, “a way to a man’s heart is                                                                   Spring is finally here and so is the start of
through his stomach.” What could be more                                                                      the produce season! Join Chef Amy as you
romantic than to show that very special someone                                                               prepare the Spring’s finest! Loaded Spinach
how much you love them with the new talent           Girls Night Out                                          Salad, Parmesan Roasted Potatoes, Salmon
you learn from this very special “Valentines Day”    Instructor Rose Ann Ross                                 Burgers with Green Goddess Sauce, Strawberry
class! One of the best Valentine statements ever     Thursday, February 17, 6-8 pm Amherst                    Shortcake
quoted is: “Love is the greatest refreshment in      Wednesday, February 2, 6-8 pm West Seneca
life.” ~Pablo Picasso. This exquisite class will     $25, 2/$40
leave your cupid thirsty for more!                   Bring a friend or just join us for a girl’s night out!
Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Pops, Balloon         Relax and enjoy a Cosmopolitan while helping to
Dipped Bowls in Chocolate with Strawberry            prepare easy appetizers!
Filling, 3 Tiered Double Chocolate Almond Coffee     Spinach Phyllo Roll Ups, Black Olive and
Balls & Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, Crepes        Sundried Tomato Tapenade with Toasted Crostini,
Filled with Strawberry Ice Cream with Homemade       Baked Crab Rangoon, Mini Cannoli
Fudge Sauce, Cashew Clusters
                                                     Fancy Cupcakes
                                                     Chef Amanda Usen
                                                     Wednesday, February 2, 6:30-8:30 pm Amherst
                                                     Wednesday, February 16, 6:30- 8:30 pm West Seneca
                                                     There’s just something so satisfying about
                                                     having your very own
                                                     cupcake - and eating it,
                                                     too! Learn how to make
                                                     fancy, filled cupcakes
                                                     with Chef Amanda,
                                                     and you’ll have a new
                                                     reason to throw a party!
                                                     Please bring a container
                                                     to take your creations
                                                     home in! Vanilla Fairy
                                                     Cakes, Double Devils,
                                                     Boston Cream

                Register early!               Some classes fill quickly and others may not be held due to low registration.

716.517.3006            Cooking School              West Seneca
                                demonstration adult classes

          demonstration classes                     Sausage – Three Ways
                                                    Beer pairing with
Light & Healthy Recipes                             Flying Bison Brewing Co.
Wine pairing with                                   Instructor Barry Conway
Niagara Landing Wine Cellars                        Wednesday, January 26, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
Chef Amy Weisenburger                               Thursday, January 27, 6-8:30 pm
Monday, January 10, 6-8:30 pm Amherst                 West Seneca
Thursday, January 13, 6-8:30 pm                     $25                                             Welcome to Spain
  West Seneca                                       There is an abundance of different types of     Chef Scott Donhauser
$25                                                 sausage, and infinite ways to serve it. Join    Monday, February, 28, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
Indulged yourself during the holidays and need      Chef Barry as he prepares his favorites for     Monday, February 7, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca
some ideas on healthier cooking? Chef Amy           you! Mixed Green Salad with Blue Cheese,        $25
will prepare light and healthy recipes that         Pecans, Dried Cranberries with Red Wine         Spanish cooking has popular roots. It is the
will make you think it’s holiday time again!        Vinaigrette, Quick Gumbo with Shrimp and        people’s cuisine. Most of it is down-to-earth,
Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Roasted Asparagus          Andouille, Kielbasa in Polish Sauce, Italian    uncomplicated food, based on the ingredients
with Balsamic Browned Butter, Herb &                Sausage and Chicken with Roasted Red            available locally or the crops grown regionally.
Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast, Vanilla Bean           Peppers in a Cajun Cream Sauce                  Many dishes are prepared today using the
Shortbread                                                                                          same cooking methods and ingredients as
                                                    Soups: The Best Comfort Food                    they were two or three hundred years ago.
                                                    Chef Amy Weisenburger                           One thing is for sure, food in Spain is fresh,
                                                    Thursday, January 27, 6-8 pm Amherst            abundant and full of taste and the Spanish
                                                    Monday, January 31, 6-8 pm West Seneca          love their food dearly. We hope you will as
                                                    $25, 2/$40                                      well! Tapas of Roasted Almonds, Marinated
                                                    Soup warms the soul and the heart. Chef Amy     Olives and Cheese, Homemade Sangria,
                                                    has just the menu to melt the ice surrounding   Roast Pork Loin with Romesco Sauce, Stewed
                                                    you when you come in from the cold!             Vegetables and Salted Potatoes, Churros with
                                                    Potato Leek Soup with Cheddar & Bacon,          Dolce De Leche
                                                    Chunky Minestrone Soup, Thai Shrimp Soup
                                                    with Jasmine Rice, Berry Dessert Soup

Ladies Evening with Chef Scott
Monday, January 31, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
Monday, January 10, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca
Chef Scott Donhauser
Sit back and relax in this girl’s night out class
while Chef Scott wines and dines you with
his fabulous menu! Cosmo Shrimp Shooters,
Cucumber Tied Greens with Blue Cheese,
Candied Walnuts, Orange Segments and
Strawberry-Ginger Vinaigrette, Chicken Satays
Marinated in Soy, Sapporo Beer and Chilies
with Asian Mustard Glaze, Grilled Vegetables
with Pico De Gallo, Chocolate Dipped

Ground Turkey...It’s What’s for Dinner
Chef Scottie Williams
Monday, January 24, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca
Some people are hesitant to switch their
favorite beef recipes to the healthier turkey
counterpart. Try these recipes that Scottie will
prepare and you’ll never go back to ground
beef! Turkey Chili, Stuffed Turkey Zucchini,
Turkey Bolognese, Key Lime Shakes

6                                                                                       Amherst          Cooking School            716.515.2000
                                     demonstration adult classes
Mexican Fiesta                                                                                       Untraditional St. Patrick’s Day
Beer pairing with                                                                                    Chef Scottie Williams
Flying Bison Brewing Co.                                                                             Monday, March 14, 6-8 pm West Seneca
Chef Amy Weisenburger                                                                                $25
Thursday, February 24, 6-8:30 pm Amherst                                                             For those of us that would rather forgo the
Monday, February 21, 6-8:30 pm                                                                       corned beef this time of year, Chef Scottie has
  West Seneca                                                                                        a great menu planned for you this evening!
$25                                                                                                  French Onion Soup, Easy Pork Tenderloin,
Mexican gastronomical delights have titillated                                                       Super Smashed Potatoes, Peanut Butter
the taste buds of food-lovers all over the                                                           Cheesecake
world. However, the Mexican cuisine is much        It’s Maple Syrup Time!
more than the popular spicy salsa and the          Chef Amy Weisenburger
refreshing guacamole. Join Chef Amy while          Monday, March 14, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
she embraces the various culinary influences       Thursday, March 24, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca
that have led to the emergence of a rich and       $25
colorful cuisine! Homemade Guacamole &             Early spring is Maple Syrup time! Amy will
Salsa, Spanish Rice, Chile Colorado, Classic       prepare these great maple recipes. I can
Mexican Flan                                       taste the sweetness already! Maple-Cashew-
                                                   Apple-Salad, Bacon & Maple Sweet Sea
                                                   Scallops, Maple Glazed Yams with Orange &
                                                   Cranberries, Maple Pecan Cookies

                                                   A Simple Special Irish Dinner
                                                   Beer pairing with
                                                   Flying Bison Brewing Co.
                                                   Chef Barry Conway
                                                   Monday, March 7, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
                                                   Tuesday, March 8, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca           St. Joseph’s Day Feast
                                                   $25                                               Wine pairing with
                                                   Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be associated     Arrowhead Spring Vineyards
                                                   with everything Irish. To those who celebrate     Instructor Diane Noto
Pasta: Not Just with Red Sauce                     its intended meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is        Friday, March 18, 6-8:30 pm Amherst
Wine pairing with                                  a traditional day for spiritual renewal and       Wednesday, March 16, 6-8:30 pm
Ten Thousand Vines                                 offering prayers for missionaries worldwide.        West Seneca
Winery                                             Most Irish citizens attend mass followed by       $25
Chef Scottie Williams                              an evening of traditional Irish food and drink.   St. Joseph’s Day, also known as The Feast
Monday, February 28, 6-8:30 pm                     Please join us as we celebrate St. Pat’s day!     Of St. Joseph or La Festa di San Giuseppe, is
  West Seneca                                      Brown Soda Bread, Colcannon, Guinness Beef        being celebrated March 19. Traditionally held
$25                                                Stew, Irish Potato Candy                          two days after St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s
When preparing pasta, don’t always think “red”                                                       Day has the strongest roots and traditions
sauce. Chef Scottie has some great dishes          Restaurant-Quality Chicken –Three Ways            in Italy and it commemorates the feast day
with a rainbow of colors! Pasta Fagioli, Chicken   Wine pairing with                                 of St. Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary.
Angelique, Orzo with Veggies, Fried Ravioli        Niagara Landing Wine Cellars                      Joseph was credited with preventing a famine
                                                   Instructor Rose Ann Ross                          in Sicily and as a result, the day is commonly
Almost Spring!                                     Friday, March 11, 6-8:30 pm Amherst               commemorated with a festival and special
Chef Scott Donhauser                               Monday, March 21, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca           feast. Please join us as we celebrate this
Monday, March 21, 6-8:30 pm Amherst                $25                                               special day! Lentil Soup, Pasta with Marinara
Monday, March 7, 6-8:30 pm West Seneca             Rose Ann has another take on serving good         Sauce & Mollica, Cardoons & Artichokes,
$25                                                quality chicken 3 different ways.                 Sfinge and Strufoli
Let’s think spring! With a menu this grand, we     Let’s learn how to make her chicken dishes
should be feeling all that spring has to offer!    that will leave your guests or family wondering
Fresh Tomato Gazpacho with Tortilla Strips,        how you did it! Chicken Alsace, Chicken
Grilled Salmon with Walnut Crust, Strawberry       Florentine, Chicken Marsala, Italian Pasta
Glaze over Wild Rice with Grilled Vegetables,
Chocolate Polenta with Vanilla Ice Cream

                 Register early!               Some classes fill quickly and others may not be held due to low registration.

716.517.3006             Cooking School            West Seneca
                                                                                  your health
your health nutrition experts
We have a staff of registered dietitians and nutrition experts who teach all of the
Your Health classes at the Cooking Schools. These classes are covered in part
under most local health insurance. Class instructors include:
Pamela Beamer, RD, CDE, (Certified Diabetic Educator), who teaches the
Diabetic program
Julia Assad, RD, who teaches Healthy Heart and Family Cooks Together programs
Wendy Scime, RD, who teaches the Eat Well Stay Fit program.
These great health classes — taught by registered dietitians—are covered in part by local Health Insurance Companies (please call the Cooking
School for details). Come join us to learn how to eat healthy and make good dietary choices. Each class will provide an informational handout on the
class topic, along with a generous sampling of each recipe.

                                          diabetes cooking

What’s New with Diabetes              Meal Planning for Diabetes            Diabetes Complications—
Instructor Pamela Beamer,             Instructor Pamela Beamer,             Don’t Press Your Luck                    World Kidney Month
  RD, CDE                               RD, CDE                             Instructor Pamela Beamer,                Instructors Pamela Beamer, RD, CDE
Tuesday, January 11, 6-8 pm           Wednesday, February 16, 6-8 pm          RD, CDE                                  (Amherst) and Julia Assad, RD
  Amherst                               Amherst                             Wednesday, March 9, 6-8 pm                 (West Seneca)
Tuesday, January 18, 6-8 pm           Tuesday, February 1, 6-8 pm             Amherst                                Renal Dieticians will be present to
  West Seneca                           West Seneca                         Tuesday, March 22, 6-8 pm                answer any questions
$20                                   $20                                     West Seneca                            Wednesday, March 23, 6-8 pm
Pam will inform you of new            Pam will give out meal plans          $20                                      $20
products available for people         and menu guidelines for people        In March, we celebrate the               Over 170,000 Western New Yorkers
with diabetes. She will also get      with diabetes. She will also          “Luck of the Irish”, but avoiding        have chronic kidney disease. Over
you up to date on the current         discuss the proper amounts            complications of diabetes is not         1,600 are on dialysis, and more than
research regarding products,          of carbohydrates and sugars           a matter of luck. Pam will inform        500 are awaiting a lifesaving kidney
medications, and work towards         to promote healthy diabetes           you of how to prevent, manage,           transplant. If you have diabetes, high
a cure for diabetes. Barley           management.                           and/or treat diabetes related            blood pressure, a family history of
Minestrone Soup, Mediterranean        Tuscan Tomato & Bread Soup*,          complications.                           these conditions or a family history
Beef Salad with Lemon                 Grilled Mushroom Turkey Burgers,      Wild Rice Chicken Soup, Roasted          of kidney disease, you are at risk for
Vinaigrette, Spinach Panini*,         Crumb Topped Cauliflower*,            Salmon and Tomatoes, Spaghetti           kidney disease. This class will help
Sonoma Baked Apples*                  Cherry-Blackberry Crumble*            with Roasted Tomatoes and                you learn to cook kidney-friendly!
                                                                            Pine Nuts*, Ricotta Mousse with          Shrimp Spread with Crackers,
                                                                            Berries*                                 Chicken Pasta with Brussel Sprouts,
*Vegetarian recipe                                                                                                   Carrot Casserole, Very Berry Galatte

                                                                eat well, stay fit
Good Nutrition; Building Blocks For Your            Allergies or Intolerance?                          National Nutrition Month
Bodies Defense                                      Instructor, Wendy Scime, RD                        Instructor, Wendy Scime, RD
Instructor, Wendy Scime, RD                         Tuesday, February 1, 6-8 pm Amherst                Wednesday, March 2, 6-8 pm Amherst
Thursday, January 13, 6-8 pm Amherst                Tuesday, February 15, 6-8 pm West Seneca           Wednesday, March 9, 6-8 pm West Seneca
Wednesday, January 26, 6-8 pm West Seneca           $20                                                $20
$20                                                 Are you suffering from a food allergy, or is it    March is National Nutrition Month. This year
Eating nutrient dense food is essential to help     intolerance? What is the difference? Wendy         the theme is “Eat Right with Color”. Eating a
build your body’s defenses year round! Trying       will discuss the difference between an allergy     variety of naturally color rich foods is a great
one or two nutrient dense items at each meal        and intolerance, while preparing some recipes      way to get the nutrients you need. Let’s not
is a great way to get you on a lifetime habit of    avoiding the most common food triggers-            wait for lunch, try these colorful breakfast
eating well. Try these recipes at one of your       peanuts/tree nuts, fish/shellfish, and lactose.    recipes to get you off to a nutritious start.
next meal: Quinoa Wilted Spinach Salad*,            Balsamic Green Bean Salad*, Lactose Free           Blueberry Orange Blast*, Colorful Cheese
Lightened Up Pasta Fagioli Soup, Fruited Bran       Veggie Stuffed Shells* Rosemary Garlic             Omelet*, Spinach Swiss Quiche, Bananas
Muffins*, Poached Pears with Orange Cream*          Focaccia Bread*, Lactose Free Chocolate Chip       Foster Bread*

                                                                                                                                      *Vegetarian recipe

8                                                                                          Amherst              Cooking School            716.515.2000
                                           your health
                                        family cooks together - hands on
                                        These classes will be geared to all family members, starting at age 7.
                                        In years past, family time was always spent around the dinner table, where conversations were personal and families
                                        could feel close to each other. Family life today is all too busy, with less time eating meals together and more time going
                                        to the nearest fast food place. If each family member had a role in getting a healthy meal on the dinner table, there
                                        would be more time available to stay home and enjoy the meal together. Let us help you start getting back to family
                                        basics, while enjoying the healthy meals that you helped to prepare!
                                        These classes are covered under the Your Health classes. All insurance information will be needed for all attending, and
                                        will be taken when you reserve the class, along with your credit card information.

 Healthy Eating in the New Year                      Chinese New Year                                         Let’s Celebrate St. Patty’s Day!
 Instructor Julia Assad, RD                          Instructor Julia Assad, RD                               Instructor Julia Assad, RD
 Friday, January 21, 6-8 pm Amherst                  Tuesday, February 15, 6-8 pm Amherst                     Tuesday, March 1, 6-8 pm Amherst
 Tuesday, January 11, 6-8 pm West Seneca             Thursday, February 24, 6-8 pm West Seneca                Thursday, March 3, 6-8 pm West Seneca
 $20 per adult, $12 per child ages 10 & under        $20 per adult, $12 per child ages 10 & under             $20 per adult, $12 per child ages 10 & under
 (cost without insurance)                            (cost without insurance)                                 (cost without insurance)
 Sometimes it’s hard to get our families to          Help your kids learn about other cultures                Everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s day. Learn
 eat everything they should. Julia will discuss      through cooking! Celebrate the Chinese New               about Irish foods and celebrate the luck of the
 tips on how to get kids in the kitchen, how to      Year with these festive fun dishes that your             Irish with these fun dishes that your kids will
 increase fruits and vegetable consumption and       kids can help you make. Egg Drop Soup, Quick             surely enjoy. Shamrock Toasties*, St. Patty
 how to end meal time battles. Round up the          Chinese Chicken, Sesame-Soy Noodles*, Sweet              Melt, Green and Gold Zucchini Coins*, Irish
 kids and make these recipes together as it is       Rice Crispy Sushi*                                       Soda Bread*
 important to eat a balanced diet, especially
 during cold and flu season. Alphabet Chicken
 Soup, Grilled Cheese Croutons*, Snowman on a
 Stick*, Frozen Yogurt Pops*
                                                                                                                                              *Vegetarian recipe

                                                          eat to your heart’s content
 Healthy Hearty “Big Game” Party                                                  Go Red for Women’s Health
 Instructor Julia Assad, RD                                                       Go Red for Women’s Health
 Tuesday, January 25, 6-8 pm Amherst                                              Instructor Julia Assad, RD
 Wednesday, January 19, 6-8 pm West Seneca                                        Tuesday, March 22, 6-8 pm Amherst
 $20                                                                              Thursday, March 10, 6-8 pm West Seneca
 Let’s celebrate through these heart healthy dishes. These classic                $20
 dishes have all the flavor, without all the calories and fat. Julia              Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in women today.
 will discuss how to celebrate and enjoy your favorite foods without              Unfortunately often times the signs and symptoms of a heart attack
 spoiling your diet. Now you can cheer for your team whole heartedly!             or stroke can go unnoticed. Learn the warning signs of a heart attack
 Guacamole with Homemade Baked Chips*, Spicy Black Bean Chicken                   and stroke and ways you can reduce your risk of heart disease through
 Chili, Jalapeño Cheddar Corn Bread*, Team Spirit Cup Cakes*                      simple lifestyle changes. Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Cumin
                                                                                  Dressing and Yogurt Sauce*, Spaghetti Frittata with Quick Homemade
 I “Heart” You                                                                    Marinara*, Oven Baked Zucchini Fries*, Mixed Berry Cobbler*
 Instructor Julia Assad, RD
 Thursday, February 3, 6-8 pm Amherst
 Thursday, February 10, 6-8 pm West Seneca
 Valentine’s Day is a great time to think about one’s heart and make a
 conscious decision to make it healthy. Learn how you can take steps
 to a healthier heart starting with this Valentine’s Day dinner. After all
 what better way to say I love you than serving up a heart healthy meal?
 Roasted Tomatoes with Gorgonzola and Herbs*, Garlic Basil Shrimp,
 Brown Rice with Hazelnuts*, Chocolate Soufflé*

 *Vegetarian recipe

716.517.3006            Cooking School               West Seneca
                                meet our chefs and instructors
 Regional Cooking School Manager Grace                  Instructor Nichole Allen           Instructor Diane Notto-               Chef Amy Weisenburger
 Hanusin                                                Nichole Allen is an instructor     Hamric                                Chef Amy is a personal chef,
 Grace is our Regional Cooking School Manager           at the West Seneca Cooking         Diane, author of It’s a Wing          cooking gourmet dinners and
 for Amherst, West Seneca and Rochester. She is         School for our special-needs       Thing (cookbooks 1 & 2), is           providing busy professionals
 based at the Tops Cooking School in Amherst. Her       groups. She previously served      back again offering some great        and special-diet clients with
 culinary background includes working as a line         as the banquet manager at          appetizer recipe classes. She’s       delicious home-cooked meals
 cook and sous-chef in many area restaurants. In        Shanghai Red’s Restaurant and      been cooking and creating             in Buffalo and the surrounding
 1995, she placed second in the New York Division       Banquet Facility, and brings       in the kitchen along with her         areas. She is a graduate of the
 of The National Beef Cook-off Contest with her         with her many talents for our      mother and grandmothers for           United States Personal Chef
 Beef and Barley Mulligan recipe. Her Onion Soup        classes.                           as long as she can remember,          Association Certificate pro-
 recipe was featured in the Buffalo News by food                                           with cake decorating, catering        gram. Chef Amy’s clients have
 critic, Janice Okun. She currently is a key panelist   Instructor Barry Conway            and publishing cookbooks              included Martha Stewart Liv-
 on the website Grace has             Barry “Bear-Man” Conway is         are a few of her accomplish-          ing, ECMC, Planet Reels Films,
 appeared on local TV shows and events, and does        on his way to entrepreneur-        ments. Diane and her husband          Socket Films, The Diocese of
 live cooking demos, while promoting the Cooking        ship with his Bear-Man line        have now opened their own             Buffalo, Independent Health
 School. She coordinates and writes the calendar        of sauces and rubs. Join him       restaurant, called Hotroxs, in        and many happy individuals!
 each quarter, schedules the classes, teaches the       in the Cooking School as he        the Southtowns. We welcome
 special needs population and supervises day-to-        serves us his favorite menus!      her to the Cooking School.            Chef Scottie Williams
 day operations of the Cooking Schools in Amherst                                                                                Scottie comes to us as the
 and West Seneca as well.                               Executive Chef Scott               Instructor Rose Ann Ross              Head Chef at Riley Street Sta-
                                                        Donhauser                          Rose Ann is one of our newest         tion in East Aurora. He studied
 Coordinator Noreen Mallia                              It is always a treat when Chef     Instructors, but she is not new       Fine Arts at Buffalo State Col-
 Noreen is our Cooking School Coordinator for           Scott comes to the Cooking         to the world of culinary arts.        lege, but found his true love by
 the West Seneca Cooking School. She comes              School. Scott has shown his        She was the owner of her own          working with many fine chefs
 to us with 29 years of experience in restaurant        many talents in local restau-      restaurant, Rigatoni’s, located       in Western New York during
 operation. Noreen, and her husband, Sal, owned         rants such as Daffodil, Verbena,   on Delaware Ave. in Kenmore           his first two years at school. It
 Sal Franco’s Restaurant in Orchard Park, where         and Frog Hair Grill. Chef Scott    from 1986-1996. Her quick,            has been more than 25 years,
 Noreen worked in various positions. Noreen             has just taken over the            uncomplicated recipes will            and he still loves what he
 schedules the classes and manages day-to-day           management of a beautiful          enhance your own cooking              does. His specialties include
 operations of the Cooking School in West Seneca.       restaurant in the Westwood         abilities, as well as her flair for   Polish, Greek and Northern
                                                        Country Club, “Windows on the      table decorating.                     Italian cooking. Working with
                                                        Green,” which is open to the                                             breads, meats and seafood as
                                                        public. This dynamic chef has      Chef Amanda Usen                      his palette — what more could
   Chef Amy                                             his hand in many local happen-     Amanda is a graduate of the           someone ask for?
                                                        ings that add to his two-hour      Culinary Institute of America in
                                                        program. The menus he has          Hyde Park, NY. Before settling        Instructor Deborah Witul
                                                        chosen will bring cooking, pre-    in Buffalo with her chef hus-         “Miss Deb” has been a long
                                                        sentation and interesting flavor   band, she cooked across the           time familiar face of the cook-
                                                        combinations to new heights!       country in cities like Nashville,     ing school as she teaches the
                                                                                           New Orleans, and Monterey,            children’s classes in Amherst
                                                        Instructor Linda Duncan            California. Amanda has enjoyed        that spark creativity and inspire
                                                        Linda Duncan just celebrated       working locally at Oliver’s           young chefs. Deb also hosts
                                                        her first anniversary with Tops    Restaurant, Lord Chumley’s            birthday parties for ages 5 and
                                                        Cooking School as a Cooking        Restaurant, the Buffalo Club          up. The scouting program is
                  Chef Scott                            Assistant. Being a mother of       and the Dessert Deli Gourmet          another area that she teaches,
                                                        five with many years of home-      Bakery.                               facilitating the badge require-
                                                        schooling experience, Linda                                              ments for both Boy Scouts and
                                                        adds this knowledge to teach-      Instructor Diane Wagner               Girl Scouts.
                                                        ing the Aspiring Chef classes in   Diane is no stranger to teach-
                                                        West Seneca.                       ing / demonstrating cooking
                                                                                           classes and adult education
                                                        Instructor Judy Handzlik           classes. She also volunteers her
                                                        Judy is our instructor for the     time and talent at the Response
Julia Assad, RD
                                                        children’s classes in our West     to Love Center Soup Kitchen.
                                                        Seneca Cooking School, and         Diane’s specialty is appetizers,
                                                        the Aspiring Chefs classes in      where she can create master-
                                                        Amherst. Judy has worked as        pieces from ordinary fruit.
                                                        a preschool teacher, as well
                                                        as a day camp instructor for
                                                        25 years. Judy brings with
                                                        her many new and refreshing
                                                        ideas for the classes, as well
                                                        as a love and understanding
                                                        of working with these age
              “Miss Deb”                                groups. Judy teaches the scout
                                                        program and hosts birthday
                                                        parties, as well.

10                                                                                             Amherst               Cooking School              716.515.2000
         Class registration
     is easy and convenient.

We are able to take payment over the phone using your credit card. To register                             Cancellation Policy
for a cooking class at either our Amherst TOPS or West Seneca TOPS, please                                 • If you cannot attend a class, you may send a substitute in your place, except
note the following:                                                                                          for Your Health classes. The substitute must have health insurance coverage
                                                                                                             or they will be charged for the class.
To register by phone:                                                                                      • TOPS reserves the right to change any menu or instructor, or to cancel any
• Call the TOPS Cooking School in Amherst at 716.515.2000 or the TOPS                                        class at their discretion. The Cooking School will attempt to notify students
  Cooking School in West Seneca at 716.517.3006.                                                             of cancellations.
• You must provide a credit card number and expiration date to register by                                 • In order to better prepare for our classes and to better
  phone using your credit card. Please have your credit card ready.                                          serve our customers, we now require 3-business days advance notice if
• The best way to register for classes is to call the                                                        you cannot attend a class or your credit card
  Cooking School.                                                                                            will be charged. No refunds will be made after that time. Just call the
                                                                                                             Cooking School and leave your name and the date of the class you are
Registration is easy. Just call the Cooking School that you want to register for                             cancelling. We will call to confirm. We regret any inconvenience this may
classes in, or stop by during the day when shopping, and we will be glad to                                  cause.
register you.
                                                                                                           Both schools are handicapped accessible.
We discourage paying for classes ahead of time, in the event the class is not
                                                                                                           Grace Hanusin                             Noreen Mallia
held. Your credit card will not be charged until the day of the class. If you wish
to pay by cash the day of the class, you may do so by stopping in the school                               Regional Cooking School Manager           Cooking School Coordinator
before the class to obtain your registration form. Just go to the service desk,                            3980 Maple Road                           355 Orchard Park Road
pay for the class and return a receipt and the form back to the class.                                     Amherst, NY 14226                         West Seneca, NY 14224
                                                                                                           716-515-2000                              716-517-3006
Pre-registration for all classes is recommended at
least 5 days in advance, as the class may be full or                                                       Register early!          Some classes fill quickly and others may
cancelled for low attendance after that time.                                                              not be held due to low registration.

   wine and beer tastings are now offered in some
   of our classes at the Cooking School!                                                                      general
   Please check inside for dates and times of those classes.
   Register early, because these classes fill up quickly!

                                                                                                                In hands-on participation classes, students should
                                                                                                                wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes. You may not wear
                                                                                                                open toed shoes or sandals. This is for your protection and
                                                                                                                safety. We provide full-length bib aprons for use during class.
                                                                                                                Please silence all cell phones and pagers when classes are in
                                                                                                                session. Please keep talking to a minimum so that others may
                                                                                                                hear the instructors during class. Small children are not allowed
                                                                                                                in adult classes. If you need to use your cell phone, please exit
  Alcoholic beverages may be made available for consumption in some classes.                                    the Cooking School while talking.
  Class participants will be asked to present identification to prove that they are of
  legal New York State drinking age and will be held responsible for limiting their
  consumption of alcohol to safe amounts. Pregnant women and people on certain
  medications should not consume alcohol. Everyone should bring proper ID to the
  class. TOPS policy is to proof everyone; failure to bring proper ID will result in being
  excluded from the tastings, but not the class.

716.517.3006                               Cooking School                                    West Seneca
                                FEATURED EVENTS

                                 Birthdaying sCties
                                          par l
                                 at the Co
                                          are f un !

    Trying to plan your child’s birthday party?
            Let us do the work for you!
          Call today to book your party.

                                                       d&                                                       6-9 pm

 alling all ops!
                                                       a MoVie                                                  ages 7-12

C                                                      night
scout stffeod at the
        o re
                                                   let’s celebrate Disney!
                                                      Amherst & West Seneca Cooking Schools
 Scout classe ool.                                  Come join us for a special dinner and a movie right here in the

 Cooking Sch
                                                     cooking schools. Each month we will have a special dinner
                                                    theme that you will help prepare. After eating and helping clean
       Brownies, earnit” badge!
                                                     up, we will have a movie for you to watch, along with popcorn!
                                                                    Bring a friend and add to the fun!
         “make it eat                               $20 for one child, $35 for two children; $50 for three children
                                                    (please register all children in your group at the same time to get the discount)
                             YOUR LOCAL
                 PLEASE CALL                        Space Buddies • Saturday, January 22, 6-9 pm
                              G SCHOOL
                 TOPS COOKIN                        Individual Chicken and Biscuit Dinners, Fresh Fruit Cobbler
                 FOR MORE IN                        Toy Story 3 • Saturday, February 19, 6-9 pm
                                                    Sloppy Joes in a Cup, Salad Wrap
                                                    Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie • Saturday, March 19, 6-9 pm
                                                    Corn Dogs, Homemade Microwave Macaroni & Cheese

                                                  Cook up some great gifts!
                                                   Looking for a gift for a person who has everything?
                                                   Purchase a gift certificate for the TOPS Cooking School,
                                                   where you choose the price, they choose the classes!

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