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									Create Google AdSense Account with Youtube Video Channel
YouTube is te most popular video sharing site on which users can share, upload, download
and view videos of different users. You can easily create your Google AdSense Account with youtube
by video sharing. See, the method of about posting videos to youtube channel and getting approved in

You can Also Make Google AdSense Account With Docstoc and With Weebly for your Google adsense

To do this follow the following instructions.
1. Go and create a Youtube account.

2. Post few videos in any topics. You can use videos converter for cutting different parts
of a movie or use movie maker for create some basic videos.

3. Increase your videos and channel views. You can use youtube automators for this.

4. Now, apply to Google Adsense from your Youtube video channel.

5. Get your Adsense account in few days!
I hope you will like this. Tell us, if you are successful in this process

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