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									Seven Tips For Healthy, Vibrant Skin
Your skin is the largest organ you have, covering the entire body. It is also the most visible organ, and
most people want great looking skin. Unfortunately, having great looking skin is not easy for many
people. There are many factors which affect your skin's health, from sun damage to digestion issues.
It is important to realize caring for your skin is a lifelong commitment. The following tips should help
you develop your own lifestyle changes to achieve healthy, great looking skin for life.

The environment has serious effects on your skin. If you are outside in a location full of sunshine,
make sure you wear plenty of sun protection. Exposure to the sun damages your skin cells and too
much exposure can lead to skin cancer. Cold weather dries your skin, so use moisturizing products
for this environment.

Physical factors which affect skin health are sleep deficiency, hormones, genetics and proper
digestion. Most people know chronic sleep deprivation will make your skin look older. Likewise, a
hormone imbalance will affect your skin. We all realize our own genetics will control the aging of our
skin. The surprising factor for many people is stomach health can affect it as well.

Many experts recommend cleaning your skin only once a day. The reason is you do not want to
constantly rob your skin of it's own natural moisturizer. The exception might be if you are a teenager
or have very oily skin. It is important to clean your skin, since you will be removing the accumulated
dirt and dead skin cells. Just remember not to overdo it.

Since your skin is constantly renewing itself and creating layers of dead skin cells, a scrub product is
a must for your home skin care products. Also, since so many internal and external factors dry skin,
moisturizing cream and lotions are products you should always have.

Diet plays a big role in having healthy skin. Doctors know many patients with unbalanced intestinal
flora have skin outbreaks. In fact, one of the causes of the facial skin condition Rosacea is having
digestion problems. For many, going on a chocolate and sweets binge will result in bad skin the
following day.
Since dryness will accelerate the aging of your skin, it is important to prevent dry skin. Dermatologists
recommend using gentle cleaners with moisturizers instead of soap. Pure soap is very harsh on your
skin and will cause it to become dry. Keep your showers short and use warm water, not hot. Drink
plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Many skin issues can be taken care of at home, but some need medical attention. If you suddenly
suffer from an unexpected rash, call your doctor. This could be due to a sudden allergic reaction,
which could be fatal in some instances. Also, blisters on your skin could be caused by a number of
serious illnesses and should be looked at by a medical professional. If you find a new mole on your
skin or notice a previous mole has changed color, a visit to the doctor is called for.

With the proper care, your skin should look healthy and radiant for many years. If you follow these
tips and make a lifestyle change, taking care of your skin will always be second nature to you.

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