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Planning a baby shower - Why Perfect Is Not Always Best

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Why Perfect Planning is Not Always The Best Way

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Why not get excited when we hear the good news where congratulations are in order for the future baby? News of
a pregnancy means the holding of a baby shower party which answers our question to why all the excitement.
⸐⸐Planning baby showers can be fun and fulfilling for all who participate in organising the event.
celebrations can have a touch of elegance or humour. The choice is yours. Go wild with your imagination when
planning your baby shower, in other words be creative and by doing this you either cut costs or incur them.
The important factor is to make this an occasion not to be forgotten.     Top on the list of priorities
is tothis day stay in every ones thoughts for a long to come and you can do this by planning ahead. If
unhurried less mishaps..Baby Showers are held as early as into the seventh month of the pregnancy. Choosing
the perfect location where you are to celebrate this joyous event will be easy as long as it is all done
advance. This will ensure no disappointment with securing dates for the venue/hall you had in mind...Remember
timing is important, people with invites may have other commitments like work or babies of there own that need
tending too. So set the time/date of the baby shower to coincide with other folks schedules if possible..Guest
invitations need to be sent at least three weeks prior to the event. Compliment the invites with the theme
of baby shower party. Double check that all the necessary information is printed onto the cards e.g. date
time where and when as this is very important and can be quite easily overlooked with all the excitement. Be
creative with your invitations because if they are a mess they wont impress Liven up the party with games
that everyone can take part in, do a little research into what games you feel will go down well with
guests...The incredible edibles are a hit when planning your baby shower party. Consider making a pot of
broth. Another easy option and cost effective one is a running buffet a delight to the eye as well
appetizing. Tasty goodies like sandwiches, sausage rolls, muffins, chicken drumsticks, cheese cubes will
assure guest satisfaction. Dont forget to place a baby shower centrepiece on the table...Remember when
planning a perfect baby shower is that perfect is not always the best way. Reasons why, if your choice of
invitations were word perfect and all the decorations were eye catching along with the perfect choice of food
that filled the bellies of all. Then prepare your self for the worst where perfection gave reason
to the who attended to forget why they were invited in the first place.

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