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Personalized Baby Gifts unique gift for a newborn baby no one else will be


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Personalized Baby Gifts - unique gift for a newborn baby: no one else will be

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Resist the temptation to give a lame or boring baby gift. You can do better! The baby deserves it! The
ultimate cool baby gift is just a few clicks away.

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When it comes to picking up personalized baby gifts, parents and friends of parents tend to go overboard one
way or the other. Some people choose personalized baby gifts based on the baby's sex or perceived athletic
proclivities. Others buy up initialized hoodies, knitted blankets, customizable teddy bears, and the like.
Still others go for the "outrageous" but useless by buying stars, planets, or even a piece of land on the
moontheir lucky little ones.

If you want to stray from the beaten path of personalized baby gifts, consider ordering a personalized
magazine cover. If you've got a photo of the young whippersnapper, you can easily digitally upload it and
create a hilarious and/or moving tribute. Customize your headlines, add thoughtful notes, poetry, song lyrics,
bits of advice, or silly goo-goo talk in the headline areas. You can craft the image so that the baby strikes
a regal pose or just mess around with the layout and background to get the tone you think would mesh best with
your intentions for the keepsake.

You need not have any experience as a graphic designer or editor to give these personalized baby gifts. Simply
plop yourself at a computer, toy with the free templates, and let your imagination take you where it will.
Unlike other personalized baby gifts - such as toys, clothes, or baby books - your magazine cover will offer
distinct snapshot of the child's earliest weeks on the planet. And, no doubt, when the child grows up, he
or will look back at the gift with intensely curious eyes.

Welcome your baby with brilliance - visit the moment you can to design an imagination filled,
sentimental, memorable and warm magazine cover that will last forever. Make it a gift for his or her birthday
every year thereafter.

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