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									              Gresham Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association
                         General Meeting Minutes
                             October 18, 2007

I.     Call to Order

       This meeting was held in the library of Butler Creek Elementary
       School and was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by President Stan Bohnstedt.

II.    In Attendance

       In attendance were residents of P.V. Phase I: See sign in sheet.

       Alice Rouyer, City of Gresham Office of Governance and
       Lauren McGuire, City of Gresham Senior Planner;
       Ken Koblitz, City of Gresham Private Infrastructure Supervisor;
       Mike Bennett, Gresham City Council; and
       Henry Gerhard, Land Development Manager for Pacific Lifestyle

III.   Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting

      Vice-President John Riddell made a motion to approve the minutes from
the September meeting as posted on the GPVNA web-site.             Linda
Jeddeloh seconded the motion and approval of the September minutes as posted
was unanimous.

IV.    Association Business

       A. Update from Pacific Lifestyles

       The floor was turned over to Henry Gerhard of Pacific Lifestyles. He gave
       the Neighborhood Association an update on their progress in the Pleasant
       Valley area. Henry stated that the preliminary plat has been turned in to the
       City of Gresham. The parks plan, traffic plan and ESRA measurements
       have all been submitted. The engineering plan has not been started, but
       they hope to start it by this coming April. With engineering on hold,
       appraisals on easements are to be done during the winter. With the
       downturn in the housing market, Pleasant Valley development has been put
       on hold. They are aiming for infrastructure work to begin in 2009, and
       actual home building targeted for 2010 - with 2014 being a worst-case
       scenario. All of this is dependent on the market. Henry stated that they are
       hopeful that the market will turn around by that time. Henry also
       mentioned that he had met with Dave Rouse and Alice Rouyer from the
       City of Gresham approximately 2 weeks ago. The City of Gresham had
       asked for a commitment from them for a given period of time.

       B. Questions From Pleasant Valley Residents

      The floor was opened for questions and the following are a sampling of the
questions that were asked. (The questions and answers are      paraphrased. They
are not verbatim.)

       Q: Are the banks tightening up on loans?
       A: (Henry Gerhard) Yes. Interest on loans is usually borrowed. Loans
       run on a 4-5 year contract. The value of the property is subject to re-
       evaluation by the lender and they can ask for additional money. Loan
       regulations are also tighter.

       Q: Are there any advantages (reduction in cost) to doing the sewer        line
       A: (Henry Gerhard) The savings in construction costs are not worth the
wait (for revenue to come in). On a $13 million loan, if it takes 2- 5 years to
sell houses, the interest on sewer costs are enormous.

       Q: Can the City front bonds?
       A: (Alice Rouyer) I don’t know. The City of Gresham is not very
       willing to take on debt that the citizens of Gresham will have to pay. The
traditional line of thought has been that development pays its own       way.

       Q: Do the developers and the City of Gresham have to start over on an
       A: (Alice Rouyer) The Agreement is good until 2013 with the developers
fronting costs and carrying interest and the City of Gresham paying them back
through SDCs.
       Q: What if costs double by 2013? Could the Agreement become            void?
       A: (Henry Gerhard) If building could start next summer, yes, it        would
cost less. People are looking for work. However, the saving from building now
is not worth the increased interest costs for carrying the loan. As property supply
dwindles, development will       become viable again.

      Q: What happens to the Agreement if some of the developers walk?
      A: (Henry Gerhard) Someone will take his place if the time is right.

       Q: Will the City of Gresham walk from the Agreement?
       A: (Alice Rouyer) The City can withdraw if milestones are not met, but
the City of Gresham is looking for the market to improve and for    the
Agreement to proceed accordingly.

      Q: What if one person walks? What will the City do? Will the
      Agreement become null and void if one drops?
      A: (Henry) Not if someone else steps in. Pacific Lifestyles still   wants
to develop (Agreement or no), but not ‘til 2009. Engineering will restart
probably next summer, to be ready for ’09, depending on the market.

      Q: Approvals are good for how long?
      A: (Laura McGuire) Approvals are good for 5 years from approval of
      the preliminary plat.

      Q: What if the City can speed the process?
      A: (Henry Gerhard) Approval will probably be the end of the year. To
get engineering   submitted, it takes at least 2 months to 4 months to review. To
be ready for March, it would be necessary to proceed with       engineering on an
approved plan.

      Q: What is the City doing o help developers?
      A: (Alice Rouyer) In regard to taking out a loan for the Jenne Rd.
      project, the City needs to be sure they can pay back the loan. The
      market is being watched right now.

      Q: Can we de-annex until conditions change, if services aren’t going to be
provided - maybe for more than 5 years?
      A: (Alice Rouyer) If you de-annex, you lose development potential.
      Pleasant Valley will be in a good position when the market recovers.
      Q: Do you have to start over on a loan if this takes too long?
      A: (Alice Rouyer) Preliminary approval on a State revolving low-
      interest loan is good for two years.

      Q: Wouldn’t it cost less to build the Jenne Rd. project now?
      A: (Alice Rouyer) In these economic conditions, good bids might       come
      in, but the problem is that there is no revenue to pay back the loan.
      Payments would be due before development. If the right funding can be
obtained, the trunk line is still in the works.

       Q: How would the City pay?
       A: (Mike Bennett) The City is committed to Pleasant Valley. Timing is
the problem. We haven’t yet discussed whether to do the      trunk line without
the developers. Budget discussions for next year are coming up. There will be
CIP discussions regarding money for the PV trunk line. We don’t want to ask
citizens to float bonds.

      Q: What about infrastructure for Persimmon?
      A: (Lauren McGuire) It will come from existing development.

      Q: Why isn’t there a City fund to save for infrastructure costs?
      A: (Mike Bennett) Current Council is trying to wrestle with the
      money they have.

      C. Amended Meeting Schedule

       It was proposed by President Stan Bohnstedt that, given the
       postponement of development for Pleasant Valley Phase I, we not     meet
again for a general meeting until January of 2008. It was unanimously agreed by
those in attendance that the November and December meetings would be

V.    Next Meeting

      Our next meeting will be the third Thursday of January, 2008,
      (1/17/08), at Butler Creek Elementary School at 6:30 p.m.

VI.   Website
      The Gresham Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association website can be
accessed at

VII. Motion to Adjourn

      The October General Meeting of the GPVNA was formally adjourned at
7:55 p.m.

     Submitted by Karen Bohnstedt

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