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									                               Department of Veterans Affairs
                              SES Management Transformation

                          People-centric, Results-driven, and Forward-looking

              Brief to
Mr. Martin Herbert, Democratic Staff
  Mr. Arthur Wu, Republican Staff
 Subcommittee on Oversight and
   Investigations, Committee on
          Veterans’ Affairs
  U.S. House of Representatives

            May 5, 2010
     Secretary’s Transformation

                Secretary’s Vision :
  Transform VA into an agile, adaptive organization
            capable of leading change,
          not waiting to be dragged into it.

     This requires a 21st Century Leadership Team.
All VA SES Members MUST BE a vital part of this team

          Multi-skilled, adaptable, flexible leaders
                Enterprise, corporate thinkers
         Strategic vision, strategic thinking ability
               Global and cultural astuteness
                      Business Acumen
                        Results driven
               Capability to build partnerships
     Able to leverage technology across the enterprise
                           Answer to the Challenge

A Centralized (corporate) approach to SES Management -
•   Drives a Culture to reinforces that SES members:
     –   Are a vital part of the leadership team
     – View their responsibilities in the context of the enterprise and public policy
     – Work effectively across organizational boundaries and functional areas

•   Helps to ensure:
     – Emphasis on the importance of the leadership team
     – Recruitment and selection of diverse talent
     – Deliberate development through structured series of well-planned developmental and
       educational experiences
     – Performance management culture that focuses on the Secretary’s priorities and
       encourages and rewards creativity, innovation, intelligent risk-taking, critical thinking
     – Strong focus on Senior Executives across the Agency

Fall 2009: Secretary Shinseki stood up the
Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO) to
Manage his SES Resources

       CSEMO Responsibilities

       • Utilization of allocations (establish/abolish positions)
       • Utilization of executives
             – Assignments, developmental opportunities
       • Staffing and Recruitment
             – Executive Resources Board that leverages best practices
       • Training and Development
             – VA Learning University focused on 21st Century Leader Development
             – Executive Coaching
       • Succession Management and Workforce Planning
             – Building the Bench, Identifying gaps
             – Leverage SES Candidate Development Program
       •   Establishment, implementation, oversight of policy and processes
       •   Delivery of a fair, transparent, credible performance management system
       •   Increased Diversity in SES
       •   Executive Recertification
       •   Employee Relations Program focused on Executives
             – Strong, ethical, honest leadership
       • State of the Art Automation
             – Dashboard to Track Metrics
             – Website
             – Talent Management

Goals: Promote continual learning; broader perspectives supporting a results-oriented, sustainable,
high-performance culture; increase collaboration across VA and across Government; maximize            4
leadership expertise
                      Executive Life Cycle Management
                                                               Organization Structure
                                                               Identification of Requirements

                                                               Placement in Hierarchy (Role/Responsibility)

     Preparatory Counseling                                                             Virtual War Room
     Recognition & Ceremony                   Structure
     Retirement Processing

                                                                             Accessions/Sourcing
                                    Separate                 Acquire         In Processing
                                                                             Branding and Outreach
 Formal Education
 Joint Assignments                                                             Executive Staffing Suite
 Broadening

        Development                            Executive
          System            Develop                                 Orient
                                               Life Cycle
                                                                                    How VA Runs
 Performance Management                                                            Leader Imperatives
                                                                                    Operational Exigencies
 Compensation
 Benefits
                                    Sustain                 Distribute                 Development System
    Performance Management
               Talent Management                                       Allocations vs. Requirements
               Assessment                                              Initial Executive Assignment

               Assignment                                              Succession Plan

                  Talent Management System                             Executive Management System
                             VA Performance Management
Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould: “President Obama and Secretary Shinseki
have committed resources and capital to invest in delivering high quality services
and benefits to our Veterans. Transforming requires investing in people and
new business processes to improve outcomes for Veterans.”

•     Continuous, multi-faceted process to hold executives accountable for organizational
       – Monthly Organizational Performance Reviews
       – SecVA Mid-Year and End-of-Year Budget Reviews
       – Quarterly Major Initiative Assessments
•     Senior Officials directly responsible for success or failure of their systems and programs
•     Performance Plans focus at least 60% on achieving organizational results
•     Performance Review Board (PRB) process enhanced
       –   Corporate Board (with outside member)
       –   Strong focus on individual and organizational performance and results achieved
•     Partnered with consultant to deliver training, review plans, coach executives
•     Benchmarking to adopt best practices and automate program
•     Baseline survey to monitor fairness, transparency, equity, customer satisfaction

             VA committed to continuously improving executive management
    and further strengthening linkage between executive performance and VA strategic
                                  goals and operating plans

SES Performance Management System

◦ Secretary personally reviewed each rating in 2009
◦ Ratings adjusted based on individual and organizational performance
          - Every executive provided feedback
◦ VA has implemented an aggressive training and review effort to ensure that plans and
metrics are adequate
◦ Focus on ensuring that there are meaningful distinctions in performance
          - Recognize the truly outstanding performers

                        Performance Results (2007-2009)

           180   59%            56%
           140                                                             Outstanding

                                  32%                                      Excellent
            80                                                             Fully
            60                                                             Successful
                       13%            11%               12%
            40                                                             Minimally
            20                                              1%
                         1%             1%
                 2007 (Final)   2008 (Final)     2009 (Final)
                                Fiscal Year
                          Focus Areas
• Diversity
• Developmental Assignments, details, sabbaticals
• Executive Mix
   – Non-government executives, SES transfers to VA, GS-
     15 promotions
• Use of SES allocations
• Increased training opportunities
   – Establish Mandatory Training and Individual Development Plans
• Credible, transparent performance management
   – Baseline survey
• Satisfaction among SES members
   – Baseline survey
• Executive On-Boarding
                                      Corporate Senior Executive Management Office

                                                                       Deputy Assistant Secretary
                                                                          Christine L. Kluh

                                                                            Loreen Orage
                                                                        Program Assistant GS-9

                     Georgia Koliopoulos                                Policy and Strategic        Program Management Director 15
                    Operations Director GS-15                          Planning Supervisor 15               Wendy Hepker

                                                                               Analyst 13/14                   Dadrian Brown
   Team A                                            Team B                                                   HR Specialist 14
Shannon Carroll          Judy Bee Welch         Sue Ellen Scannell
                         HR Specialist 14                                                                    (Perf Management)
HR Specialist 14                                HR Specialist GS-14
                                                                               HR Specialist
                                                                             Strategic Planning               HR Specialist 13
                                                                                 Reports 14                  (Perf Management)
Joycelyn Jones           HR Specialist 14        Jeannette Jones
HR Specialist 14            Missouri            HR Specialist GS-14
                                                                                                             Deborah Rodriguez
                                                                              HR Specialist 13                HR Specialist 14
 Joyce Mitchell                                   Laterica Curtis                 (Policy)                  (Employee Relations)
HR Specialist 14           Nikole Ellis          HR Specialist GS-13
                         HR Specialist 11
                                                                                                              HR Specialist 14
                                                                                                            (Exec Dev & Training)
HR Specialist 14                                Class Specialist GS-
   Robinson              Denise DeShields               14
                          Program Support             Vacant
                            Assistant 7                                                                      HR Specialist 13/14
                                                                                                            (Exec Dev & Training)
                                                Class Specialist GS-
   Holly Imler                                          14
 HR Specialist 13                                     Vacant
                                                                                                               Isaac Alston
                                                                                                            Program Assistant 7
                                                Angela Robinson
Brandon Boston                                  HR Assistant GS-8
 HR Assistant 7

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