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                                   Minutes of the


                                  meeting held on

                TUESDAY 11 December 2007 at 4.00pm

                                 in Meeting Room 1

Mrs V Davis* (Chair)                                 Mr R Goy* (Principal)
Mrs J Baker*                                         Prof N Bellamy*
Mr J Brown*                                          Ms M Crompton*
Mr A Walmsley*                                       Mrs E Spraggett*
Mr D Greenwood                                       Ms A Knight*
Mr C Hinde*                                          Dr G Daly
Mr P Matthews*                                       Mr N Thakrar*
Mrs F Sexton*                                        Mr C Stock*
Mr G Hillyer                                         Mr M Myrie

In Attendance
Mr Richard Bateman* (Vice Principal)                 Mrs C Brewerton* (Clerk)

The Chair congratulated Andy Walmsley on his new position as Head of Strategy at Coventry
City Council.

Mrs Anthea Smith, Mr Peter Hammond, Mr Bill Mizen, Mrs Debbie Wright and Mr Scott
Finley attended for specific agenda items.

Training Item – Health and Safety

Mr Peter Hammond attended the meeting to update governors on the College’s Health and
Safety statistics for 2006-2007.

Reported accidents over the year totalled 40 (17 staff, 23 students). One of the staff accidents
had resulted in the member of staff involved being absent for more than 3 days. This had
been reported to the Health and Safety Executive.

The College had received a health and safety assurance visit from the Learning and Skills
Council (LSC). The College was pleased with the outcome, the only matter of non-
compliance that had been highlighted was in relation to the use of the LSC Health and Safety
Procurement Standards (HASPS) form which needed to be used for students undertaking
work placements.

A Health and Safety audit of the College was currently being undertaken. A preliminary
report would be available in January.

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                              1
Peter Matthews arrived at 4.08pm

New legislation regarding Corporate Manslaughter would come into effect in April 2008.
Training, for governors, in relation to this new legislation would be held at the training day in
May 2008.

Governors thanked Peter for his update on health and safety and agreed that the health
and safety record of the College was excellent

Peter Hammond left the meeting at 4.10pm

Section 1 – Standing Items

1/5/07 Apologies

         Apologies were received from David Greenwood (mayoral duty), Gary Hillyer
         and Marcus Myrie (family commitments) and Sally Archer (ill). Guy Daly did
         not arrive

2/5/07 Declaration of Interests

         The following declarations of interest were made:

                  Maria Crompton                       Student Union Accounts 2006/2007
                  Ray Goy, Richard Bateman
                   and Cynthia Brewerton                Remuneration Committee

Jill Baker left the meeting prior to the next agenda item

6/5/07 Search Committee (DOCUMENT 2)

         The Chair highlighted the recommendations of the Search Committee meeting held on
         28 November 2007:

                  Clive Stock to join the Audit Committee to strengthen the membership
                  Appointment of Jill Baker as a ‘co-opted’ governor, term of office 4 years. Jill
                   would join the Employment Policy Committee in the position vacated by
                   Clive Stock
                  The Estates Committee to be subsumed into the Finance and Policy
                   Committee when the Capital Project Steering Group for the new build
                   commenced their meetings. The terms of reference of the two committees
                   would be combined.

         Governors discussed the above and agreed the recommendations

Nitin Thakrar joined the meeting at 4.15pm

Jill Baker returned to the meeting and was welcomed as a new member

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                2
         The Search Committee also discussed the attendance figures (circulated to governors)
         and the contribution made by the members. Poor individual attendance had impacted
         on the achievement of the performance indicators.

         The Chair reminded governors that she would be retiring as from July 2008.
         Nominations for a Chair designate would be sought prior to the March Corporation
         meeting when a decision on a new Chair would need to be made. Nomination forms
         would be circulated in February by the Clerk.

3/5/07 Minutes

         The minutes of the meeting held on 16 October 2007 had been circulated, were
         accepted as an accurate record and signed by the Chair

4/5/07 Matters Arising

         17/4/07 14-19 Federations
         The College had been approached by Lyng Hall Specialist Sports College and
         Community School asking if the College would sign a Memorandum of
         Understanding in support of the school seeking to establish a charitable foundation or
         “Trust”. This was a similar request to that received from Whitley Abbey Business
         and Enterprise College. Governors agreed that it was important to have formal links
         with schools.

         Governors agreed to the College signing a Memorandum of Understanding for
         Lyng Hall Specialist Sports College and Community School

5/5/07 Chair’s Action

         Governors received a nil report on Chair’s action since the previous meeting

7/5/07 Student Governor Report

         Scott Finley, a member of the Student Executive, presented the report on student

         Scott highlighted:

                  Discussions at the Student Council meeting which included the ‘no hat’ rule
                   within the College and a request by local police to be able to enter the College
                   with dogs trained to search for drugs
                  John White, Manager, Catering Academy attended the meeting and discussed
                   the Refectory offer. The students felt that improvements had been made
                  The Student Common Room was being used as a Community Centre on a
                   Wednesday evening between 6.30-8.30pm by the users of Henley Green
                   Community Centre as the centre was currently closed
                  Fund raising events e.g. Children in Need
                  Young Parents’ Group meetings held on Wednesdays
                  Planned residential at Kingswood Education Activity Centre
                  Activities and events focussing on Every Child Matters themes
i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                 3
                  Numerous other activities organised for the students by Joanne Gaffney and
                   Karl Boyce (youth workers). Activities for the summer of 2008 had been
                   discussed but the youth workers’ contracts ended in March, the renewal of the
                   contracts would be dependent on securing additional funding.

         The Principal said whilst he sympathised with the students and the issue of wearing
         hats within the College this had been impacting on the security of the College
         premises. The issue of police dogs coming into the College would need to be
         discussed further.

Debbie Wright and Bill Mizen joined the meeting at 4.30pm

12/5/07 Overseas Report 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 (DOCUMENT 5)

         Bill Mizen presented a report on overseas activities during 2006/2007.

         Recruitment of overseas students was primarily onto two dedicated courses, the
         International Access Programme (IAP) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL).
         2006/2007 saw an increase in recruitment of overseas students with income totalling
         £431,000 against a total expenditure for overseas travel of £17,228.

         Enrolments to the IAP had shown an improvement on 2005/2006. Further growth
         was anticipated in January following agreement with Coventry University to refer
         applicants who had deferred entry to their university foundation courses.

         The United Arab Emirates Technical Training Project had not recruited for September
         2007. It was not clear whether there would be any recruitment to this programme
         during the year.

         The area had received an overall programme area grade of 2 in the self assessment
         report for 2006/2007 with two areas gaining a grade 1 – Meet Needs and Interests of
         Learners and Guidance and Support.

         Visits planned for 2007/2008 included Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand,
         Gulf States, Jordon, Nigeria and Ghana. The College kept a keen eye on new areas
         for development as well as continuing to recruit from those areas that had been
         traditionally successful.

         New improved marketing material had been compiled in conjunction with the
         College’s Marketing Department.

         The Chair asked about work placement demand. Bill agreed that there was still a
         demand but this was increasingly difficult to arrange.

         Governors thanked Bill Mizen for his report

Bill Mizen left the meeting at 4.45pm

13/5/07 Newly Qualified Teachers/Skills Pledge/Continuing Professional Development
       (DOCUMENT 6)

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                              4
         Debbie Wright presented a report on the impact of the new teaching qualifications
         framework and the requirement of a minimum number of hours of continuing
         professional development (CPD).

         The first stage of the new qualifications was the achievement of the Preparing to
         Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector award (PTLLS), to be achieved within one year
         of commencing employment. Staff would then be required to complete the Diploma
         in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLSS) within 5 years, in order to
         achieve teacher status within the FE sector.

         It was agreed that lecturers who taught as a second career in vocational areas may find
         the new qualifications very onerous. This may impact on the College recruitment.

         All full-time lecturing staff would be required to complete a minimum of 30 hours
         continuing professional development (CPD) per annum with sessional lecturers
         completing the pro-rata equivalent (minimum of 6 hours). It was not anticipated that
         this would be a problem for College staff.

         The appraisal process and associated documentation would be reviewed to enable
         staff to log their CPD and plan objectives for the coming year.

         All teaching staff in employment before 1 September 2007 had been contacted to
         ensure they were aware of their own individual position.

         The College had also signed up to the Government’s Skills Pledge which had been
         published following Lord Leitch’s independent review of skills.

         The Skills Pledge is a commitment by a company or organisation to support its
         employees to develop their basic skills in order to ensure that all staff are skilled,
         competent and able to make a full contribution to the success of the
         company/organisation. For those employees who do not have a Level 2 qualification
         (equivalent to 5 good GCSEs) the government will provide funding to achieve this
         through Train to Gain.

         The College’s Strategic Plan for 2007-2010 already contained the expectation that all
         teaching staff would gain a minimum level 2 in literacy and numeracy with all staff
         meeting minimum standards of ILT competence.

         Governors noted:

                  the impact of the new teaching qualifications framework and the action
                   the College has taken in order to ensure compliance
                  the signing of the Skills Pledge

Debbie Wright left the meeting at 5.00pm

11/5/07 Enrolments

         Anthea Smith, Assistant Principal Curriculum Planning, presented enrolments as at 11
         December 2007.

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                               5
                                 Allocation     Total
         16-18                   £5,912,735     £5,577,431     94%    (98%)
         19+                     3,778,363      £3,178,701     84%    (69%)

         Total                   £10,397,174    £9,462,208*    91%    (87%)

         *         includes £706,076 additional learning support

         16-18                   Actual         Target
         Full time               1128           1200           94%    (93%)
         Part time                176            350           50%    (75%)
         Part time FTE             69            120           58%    (121%)

         Total FTE               1197           1320           91%    (95%)

         Full time                332            440           75%    (77%)
         Part time               2401           3208           75%    (51%)
         Part time FTE            566            700           81%    (69%)

         Total FTE                898           1140           79%    (72%)

         Percentages shown in brackets relate to the position at December 2006.

         16-18 part time enrolments continue to be challenging. Staff are aware of the need to
         provide up to date withdrawal information to enable the College to accurately monitor
         learner numbers.

         Governors received and noted the report on learner enrolments

17/5/07 Student Destinations (DOCUMENT 9)

         Anthea Smith presented information on full time student destinations (2006/2007):

                  422 (58%) continued in further education (enrolled onto other College
                  91 (13%) entered higher education
                  104 (15%) went into full time employment
                  18 (3%) full-time education or training (e.g. Apprenticeships)
                  41 (6%) other
                  34 (5%) part time employment.

         The above information were intended destinations rather than actual.

         Governors received and noted student destinations (2006/2007)

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                             6
19/5/07 Student Success Rates 2006/2007 (DOCUMENT 11)

         Anthea Smith presented student success rates for 2006/2007. The four year trend by
         level and age suggested that success rates were falling from 77% in 2005/2006 to 68%
         in 2006/2007. However two factors needed to be taken into account:

                  Figures for 2006/2007 were preliminary (202 outstanding results)
                  In 2005-2006 all students taking part in the 6 hour taster courses achieved.
                   However, in 2006-2007 6 hour taster courses were not eligible for funding and
                   therefore were largely discontinued.

         It was likely that the national benchmarks (2005/2006) would reduce in line with the
         changes in funding for the 6 hour taster courses.

         It was anticipated that the College’s likely case scenario would be:

                  Under 19 learners would have improved in long courses at levels 2 and 3
                  19+ success will have improved at level 1
                  Key skills successes would still be low overall, but were improving.

         The Principal said underperformance needed to be addressed as it was likely that the
         LSC would revise its minimum performance level from 50% to 55%.

         Members received and noted the report on preliminary student success rates for

8/5/07 Audit Committee’s Annual Report to the Corporation (DOCUMENT 3)

         Andy Walmsley, Chair of the Audit Committee, presented the Committee’s Annual
         Report to the Corporation. The presentation of this report was a requirement of the
         LSC’s Audit Code of Practice. The Corporation should receive and consider any
         issues highlighted before approving the College’s financial statements for the year
         ended 31 July 2007.

         The internal auditors stated:
         “In our opinion, for the 12 months ended 31 July 2007, Henley College Coventry has
         adequate and effective risk management processes; has adequate and effective control
         processes and has adequate and effective governance processes to manage the
         achievement of the organisation’s objectives”.

         The external auditors stated:
         “we have not identified any areas of internal control weakness that we consider
         should be brought to the attention of the Audit Committee which arose as a result of
         our audit work”.

         The Audit Committee was of the opinion that the College had an adequate, effective
         and reliable framework of internal control. The Committee monitored all outstanding
         recommendations resulting from internal audits at every meeting.

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                               7
         Members received and noted the Audit Committee’s Annual Report to the

9/5/07 Statutory Year-End Accounts 2006/2007 (DOCUMENT 4)

         Richard Bateman presented the annual accounts for the year ended 31 July 2007. The
         annual accounts had been considered by both the Audit Committee and the Finance
         and Policy Committee had received a reconciliation between the statutory accounts
         and the year-end management accounts.

         The following were highlighted:

                    Income and expenditure accounts showed a £456k surplus
                    Increase in the balance sheet of £1.2m (reduction in the pension liability)
                    The accounting policies which had been used consistently in dealing with
                     items which were considered material in relation to the financial statement
                    Rewording of the accounting policy in relation to software depreciation
                    Reduction in funding council grants
                    Increase in tuition fees paid by or on behalf of students
                    Reduction in staff costs
                    FRS17 retirement benefit charge
                    Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM) reviewed the College’s
                     ESF funded projects and a number of issues were raised. Additional work was
                     needed to be carried out by the College, the result of this work would ascertain
                     if any repayment of grants would be required.


         (i)         confirmed that the College’s accounting policies were still appropriate
         (ii)        approved the annual accounts for the year ended 31 July 2007
         (iii)       authorised the Chair and Principal to sign the annual accounts for year
                     ended 31 July 2007
         (iv)        authorised the Chair and Principal to sign the letter of representation to
                     the external auditors
         (v)         approved Chair’s action in the event of there being any subsequent
                     changes to the annual accounts, as a result of Baker Tilly UK Audit LLP
                     completing their audit work

10/5/07 Financial Monitoring Report

         Richard Bateman presented the financial monitoring report as at the end of November

          Income budget positive variance £44k
                Over budget
                    Overseas students £85k
                    UK students’ fees £40k (cut back on Learner Support Fund
                    Other income £35k
                    Bank interest £19k
i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                   8
                     Short course income £18k (timing difference)
                Under budget
                     Work based learning £94k (slow start, action plan put in place)
                     LSC ‘other’ £72k (Adult Apprenticeship project which will end in
                        Easter 2008)
                     HE income £16k
         Payroll budget positive variance £103k
                Over budget
                     FRS17 adjustment £67k
                Under budget
                     Teaching staff £116k
                     Business support staff £52k
         Non-pay budget positive variance £43k
                Over budget
                     Marketing £26k (timing difference)
                Under budget
                     Long term maintenance £21k
                     Software £26k (timing difference).

         The sensitivity analysis was highlighted, showing a likely case surplus of £177k. The
         sensitivity cases did not include the impairment charge for writing down the value of
         the College buildings due to their shortened life with regard to the rebuild proposals.
         This was likely to be an additional depreciation charge of £4.1m, which would be
         partly offset by the release of £2.8m of capital grants.

                                       Forecast Out-turn
         Worst                                112
         Likely                               177
         Best                                 291

         The balance sheet remained strong with net assets of £7,295k.

         16% of aged debts were more than 120 days overdue and primarily related to NDC
         grant for the astro-turf project

         In summary a strong balance sheet and financial ratios, surplus in each sensitivity
         case, an operating surplus of £578k, hence the College remains in financial health
         category A.

         Governors received and considered the financial monitoring report at the end of
         November 2007

Scott Finley and Anthea Smith left the meeting for the next agenda item

14/5/07 Pay Award 2007/2008 (DOCUMENT 7)

         Please see confidential minute

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                 9
Staff governors, Principal, senior postholders and the Clerk left the meeting for the next
agenda item

15/5/07 Remuneration Committee

         Please see confidential minute

Clive Stock left the meeting at 6.15pm

The Principal, senior postholders, staff governors and the Clerk returned to the meeting

24/5/07 Celebrating Success

         The Principal highlighted:

                  The College had been awarded the Matrix Excellence Award for their support
                   to students. 12 institutions country-wide had received this award
                  Winner of the College heat of the Society of Floristry Annual Competition
                  Victoria Bates – runner up in the British Florist Association Eurofleur
                  Lilleshall Sports Tournament:
                           1st    Men’s Rugby Team
                           1st    Matthew Cardinal – Trampolining
                           2nd    Men’s Basketball Team
                  ICT Awards – highly commended (only College to reach the finals)
                  Winning of a contract to deliver pre-recruitment course for HSBC bank
                  Full page spread in the Independent relating to Marlon Devonish and his
                   attendance at the AoC Conference
                  Festive Event on the 3 December with singer Sandra Godley from Coventry
                  Successful management residential at Bosworth Hall
                  His attendance at the 20th anniversary of the College’s Marketing Network as
                   the key note speaker.

         Members were delighted with the report on College success

Fleur Sexton left at 6.25pm

16/5/07 Risk Management Plan (DOCUMENT 8

         The Principal presented an updated Risk Management Plan for 2007-2008 (initially
         received by the Corporation in July 2007). The changes made by the senior
         management team in November 2007 were highlighted:

                  Failure to plan for the effects of the new funding methodology (08-09)
                   medium likelihood/high materiality.
                   This will be an item on the governor Away Day Training in May 2008
                  Failure to improve student retention medium likelihood/medium materiality
                  Loss of CoVE status for Hospitality and Catering high likelihood/medium
i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                               10
                  Failure to adapt to the increasing LSC practice of commissioning work high
                   likelihood/high materiality
                  Serious incidents resulting from anti-social behaviour of students and non-
                   students medium likelihood/medium materiality
                  Failure to convert enquiries and applications to enrolments medium
                   likelihood/high risk
                  Likelihood of accredited qualifications being withdrawn by awarding bodies
                   low likelihood/medium materiality.

         Members considered and noted the updated Risk Management Plan

18/5/07 Value for Money Report (DOCUMENT 10)

         Richard Bateman highlighted the actions taken by the College to ensure Value for

                  Changes to how sessional staff were recruited
                  New deal for IT equipment ensuring best value
                  Contract for reprographics renegotiated with resultant savings and additional
                   photocopiers for the College
                  Insurance premiums negotiated with Zurich resulting in a 4.3% reduction
                  Software licences renegotiated

         Members received and noted the work carried out by the College to achieve
         value for money

20/5/07 Self Assessment Report (DOCUMENT 12)

         Ray Goy highlighted the contents of the College’s self-assessment report. The
         Curriculum and Standards Committee had received a full report at their meeting on
         the 28 November.

         A personal approach to validating Programme Area SARs had been undertaken this
         year. Each Programme Manager had been invited to attend a meeting with the Vice
         Principal Curriculum and Quality, the Director of Professional and Quality
         Development and David Lennox and Sandy Watson from the Coventry and
         Warwickshire Learning and Skills Council.

         The grading sheet resulting from the validations was discussed. Grade indications at a
         cross-College level were:

         Leadership and Management                      2
         Achievements and Standards                     2
         Quality of Education and Training              2
         Capacity to Improve                            2
         Overall Effectiveness                          2

         The Principal highlighted the draft self-assessment grading summary and the College
         Development Plan incorporating the Post Inspection Action Plan.

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                11
         College key strengths and areas for improvement were highlighted, these were
         broadly in line with Ofsted’s findings at the College inspection in May 2007.

         The self-assessment process had graded the Engineering programme area a 4, a robust
         action plan was now in place.

         Governors agreed it was vital that the College continue to strive to improve all the

         Health and Social Care, Business Administration and Public and Uniform Service had
         all been graded 1. Four years ago Public and Uniform Service had been graded 4 and
         it was excellent to see the improvement in this area.

         Governors agreed that they would like to be able to access the entire SAR through the
         College web site. The Clerk would arrange for this to be done and notify governors
         of the access details.

         Governors received and noted the self assessment report

21/5/07 Student Union Accounts for 2006/2007 and Budget for 2007/2008
       DOCUMENT 13

         Maria Crompton presented the Student Union Accounts for 2006/2007. These had
         been certified by a qualified member of College staff who was independent of the
         Student Union.

         Several book-keeping issues had been raised all of which had now been addressed.

         The budget for 2007/2008 had been prepared in consultation with the Student
         Executive and showed a planned surplus of £292.

         Governors approved the certified accounts and noted the budget for 2007/2008

22/5/07 Governors’ Performance Indicators (DOCUMENT 14)

         The Clerk presented the review of the performance indicators for 2006/2007. Of the
         ten performance indicators two had not been achieved:

                  All governors to participate in the annual training day (apologies had been
                   received from 5 governors)
                  Not all governors had met the 75% individual attendance target at Corporation
                   meetings and on three occasions committees had not achieved 60% attendance
                   although this had not impacted on quoracy.

         Governors discussed the proposed performance indicators for 2007-2008 and agreed
         that performance indicator 2 would be changed to read:

                  75% of governors to participate in the annual training day. All governors to
                   participate in training during the year.

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                                  12
         Members of the Corporation agreed the 10 performance indicators with the
         above revisions to performance indicator 2

23/5/07 AoC Annual Conference

         The Chair reported on the AoC Annual Conference held in November 2007.

         John Denham, Secretary of State, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills
         had been an excellent speaker as had Sir Bob Geldof.

         Funding would be available for apprenticeships and foundation programmes and for
         training adults in the workplace.

         Governors received feedback from the AoC Annual Conference

Section 4

25/5/07 Financial Regulations (DOCUMENT 15)

         Members received and approved the amended financial regulations

26/5/07 Remuneration Terms of Reference (DOCUMENT 16)

         Members received and approved the revised terms of reference for the
         Remuneration Committee

27/5/07 Students’ Terms and Holidays (DOCUMENT 17)

         Members received and agreed the students’ terms and holidays for 2008/2009

28/5/07 Governors Training Programme (DOCUMENT 18)

         Members received and noted the governors’ training programme for 2007/2008
         and agreed to notify the Clerk if they had any specific items for inclusion in the
         programme for the ‘Away Day’ in May 2008

29/5/07 Meeting Dates (DOCUMENT 19)

         Members considered and approved the meeting dates for 2008/2009

30/5/07 Minutes and Reports of Corporation Committees (DOCUMENT 20)

         Members received and noted minutes from the following committees:

                  Estates, 8 October 2007
                  Employment Policy, 30 October 2007
                  Audit, 5 November 2007
                  Finance and Policy, 13 November 2007

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                           13
Section 5

31/5/07 Publication of Documents

         There were no exclusions from publication

32/5/07 Any Other Business

         The Clerk reminded governors that documents 3, 4, 12 and 15 should be placed
         in their red file.

         Governors were also invited to the staff Christmas lunch and quiz which was
         being held on the 21 December 2007 at 12 noon in the restaurant.

         No other items of other business had been notified

33/5/07 Date of the Next Meeting

         Tuesday 11 March 2008

         The meeting closed at 6.58pm

i\gov\corp\minutes\Mins11Dec07                                                         14

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