SECOND TERM WORKSHEET - 2009
                              ENGLISH LITERATURE
                                   CLASS : 8

Answer the following questions-

   1. Why was the tiger unable to exercise his powers in order to attack the sage?
   2. What efforts did the tiger make to kill the sage?
   3. How did the sage make the tiger submissive?
   4. What did the sage want the tiger to do while he brought the headmaster down from the
   5. Bring out the instructions given to the tiger before taking him out of the room?
   6. In what way was the narrator’s attitude towards studies different from that of his elder
   7. Explain in your own words what happened when the narrator ran to grab hold of a kite?
   8. Write a paragraph on what has impressed you in the poem HARRY PUSHED HER.
   9. Narrate in your own words the different hardships that Harry had to face while he
      pushed his disabled sister?
   10. What kind of a childhood did Harry have?
   11. Who us Nakoo? What role did he play in the matches played by the two teams?
   12. Where did the children play their cricket matches?
   13. Which team was stronger? Why?
   14. What did the boys see when they reached the riverbank? How did the overcome this
   15. In what manner did Nakoo bring out his revenge on the boys?
   16. Describe the plight of the bank manager on the cot?
   17. What did Creep the Louse and her enormous brood thrive on?

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   18. How did the mosquito react when he entered the king’s bedroom?
   19. How does he describe the king’s bed?
   20. What was the reaction of the louse on seeing the intruder?
      What precautions did the louse want the mosquito to take while he bit the king?
      Bring out any three characteristics of the mosquito in this poem? Substantiate your
      answer with examples from the poem.

‘I am the guardian of this house.’
      1. Whose words are these an why did she say so?
      2. What does ‘this house’ refer to?
‘You I fear would cause all three.’
      1. Whom does ‘You’ refer to?
      2. Why can’t the speaker risk her family?
‘For I’ve learnt from learned lore’
      1. Whose words are these?
      2. What information does the speaker have?
‘All were killed without ado’
      1. Who and how were they killed?
      2. Who was responsible for their death?
‘You might need Math to work out your batting average’
      1. Who said to whom & why?
      2. Name the lesson & the writer.
‘They gaped in awe at their cricket pitch’
      1. Explain ‘gaped in awe’
      2. Why did they gape at the pitch?

‘It was not long before Nakoo dozed off too’
      1. Where was Nakoo?
      2. Who else had dozed off?

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“Help,” he shouted Help’
      1. Who is the speaker & why did he need help?
      2. How was the problem solved?
“He pushed her for years”
      1. Who pushed whom for years & why?
      2. What was the absurdity in this act?
‘Harry pushed her without care’
      1. What did Harry not care about?
      2. Which character of Harry is portrayed here?
“He wanted to lay a firm foundation for that edifice”.
      1. What does ‘that edifice’ stand for?
      2. Who wanted to lay affirm foundation?
      3. Name the author of this lesson.
‘You have seen with your own eyes how hard I work’
      1. What is the attitude of the speaker towards studies?
      2. How was the speaker’s performance in studies?
      3. Was he responsible for this performance
‘But nobody gets to be a good player from this.?
      1. Which game is mentioned here?
      2. Who is the speaker talking to? Why does he say this?
‘But I had to get subdued while he went on talking”
      1. Name the speaker.
      2. Why was he subdued?
      3. Where is the speaker?
“Sir, swamiji, are you all right”
      1.Whose words are these?
      2.Why is the speaker worried about swamiji?
      3. Who is in the company of the swamiji?

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“Here he is take care of him”
      1.Who does ‘he’ stand for?
      2. In what condition was he?
      3.What was the situation outside?

1] Imagine yourself to be the Headmaster in the lesson ‘A TIGER IN THE SCHOOL’ Explain
in detail how you felt when you saw the tiger enter your
Room. What was your spontaneous reaction & the manner in which you were finally rescued.

2] You are the elder brother in the lesson’ My Elder Brother’ Make a Diary entry of a
Particular day when you caught your brother far from the hostel, running behind a kite instead
of studying. How your felt on being caught and the manner in which you tackled him.

3] What are your impressions about the role played by the crocodile in the lesson’ CRICKET

4] Write a summary of the following poems
A] Harry Pushed Her
B] The Louse & The Mosquito

                                                    Mrs. Hameeda Banu & Mrs. Farah
                                                         VI – VIII Girls Section (IISR)

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