; Data Storage Cost Reduction Strategies
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Data Storage Cost Reduction Strategies


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									 Enterprise Data Storage
Cost Reduction Strategies
    Synchronous Workshop
   October 12 & 13, 2010 0regon State Fairgrounds

   Presented to: SDC Directors Advisory Board
       Presented by: Ben Berry ODOT CIO
            Master Change Facilitator
               October 25, 2010


                      Synchronous Workshop Executive Speakers

     Scott Harra                       Clyde Saiki                             Julie Bozzi
    Executive Sponsor               Executive Co-Owner                      Executive Co-Owner
      DAS, Director                 ODOT, Deputy Director                  DAS/SDC, Administrator

 Elizabeth Harchenko             John R. McNaughton                       Mary Beth Herket
      DOR, Director              Gartner, Executive Partner VP         Secretary of State, State Archivist

                                       Ben Berry
                                          ODOT, CIO
                                   Master Change Facilitator

                                14 Agency Participants
     DAS, SDC, EISPD     DCBS      DHS           DOA             DOC        ODF           DOJ
        DOGAMI           DOR      Lottery       ODOT             OED       OHCS          PUC

Enterprise Synchronous Workshop Methodology

Business Problem
 Electronic data storage has become
 a critical management and budget
 issue for Oregon state government

 Enterprise Synchronous
   Workshop Goals
 1. Defining enterprise data storage
    problems and issues
 2. Identifying enterprise data storage
 3. Creating a common enterprise action
    plan for data storage cost reduction

Executive Sponsor & Owners

      Scott Harra                     Clyde Saiki                Julie Bozzi
   Executive Sponsor              Executive Co-Owner         Executive Co-Owner
     DAS Director                ODOT Deputy Director       DAS/SDC Administrator

                               Common Vision
                       Enterprise Data Storage Management

                 Agency Agreement on Enterprise Approach to
                 Improved Data Storage Management
                 Sense of Urgency to Reduce Costs
                 Agency Commitment to Enterprise Action Plan

ODOT’s TreeSize Methodology ~ An Agency Example…..
       Data Storage Sample, 40 of 400 ODOT Servers
        Local Servers   Storage Area Network (SAN)           Remote Servers

                                      ·   INSTALL
                                      ·   SCAN
                                      ·   ANALYZE
                                      ·   REPORT

                          Group by File Extension
                             ·       E-mail                      Note: Produced Pie & Bar Charts for
                                                                       reporting Agency data storage
                             ·       Graphic
                             ·       Video/Audio
                             ·       Database
                             ·       MS Office & Documents
                             ·       Programs

                         Render Data Groups (Excel)
                                 ·    Email
                                 ·    GIS
                                 ·    Applications
                                 ·    Graphic
                                 ·    Video/Audio
                                 ·    Database

ODOT Data Storage File Analysis
Data Storage Sample, 40 of 400 ODOT Servers, Extrapolated
             Includes:                                                                               Databases
              Aerial Imaging                                                   Includes:            SW Applications
              VECTOR                                                            .PST files
              RASTER                                                 Email                          GIS
                                                                                 MS Office
              LIDAR                    GIS                            21%

                                                                                      Graphics         Includes:
                                         SW                                                             .JPEG
                                                                                        22%             .GIF
                                                                                                        .TIFF
                                        18%                                                             .PDF

   Engineering Sector                                                        Video/Audio      Includes:
   Highway                                                                                     .WMA
                                      Databases           Includes:               3%
   DMV                                                    .SQL                                MP3
                                         7%                                                     MPEG
                                                           Access

Validated by Dan Hande ODOT Senior Network Application Analyst                                                     6
October 7, 2010
Synchronize the Organization Methodology

     Gather agency stakeholders to create consensus decision
     making ~ using both insiders and outsiders

                              Data Storage Managers and Technicians

     Business Directors and                                  State Data Center Experts
     Financial Analysts

                                                                            Synchronous Workshop Co-MCFs

   SDC CIO Advisory                      Enterprise
   Board Members                           Team

                                                        SDC Director Advisory Board Members
       Synchronous Workshop Coordinators

Art of Decision – Making
Leadership that shapes the future!


        L1    L2                       LF1                     LF2           M
      autocratic                                                        assumes Goal Congruence

     No group                      Leader meets       Leader meets with      Group
     Self or written                with people one     group in open forum     participation
      information                    on one             Prompts ideas and      Group Decides
                                    Collects info       considers input
                                    Leader makes       Leader still makes              Synchronize the
                  Gather info and   decision            decision                         Organization
                   then Leader                                                            Methodology

           Leader decides                                              Group decides

                  to decide L = Leader
        Less timeLegend:                           F = Followers    More time to decide
                                                                    M = Mutual
          (time efficient)                                         (more developmental)
Break-Out Groups
          Topics for Opportunity                     Examples
                                         • Email Attachments vs. links
                                         • Retention and Archiving
    Business Practice Issues               documents
                                         • Governance/Communication
                                         • Tape Back Up Expense/Reduction
         Technical Issues
           We have identified four major topics
                                         • Allocated vs. Unused disk space
                                         • Data De-duplication deployment
           based on informational sensing sessions
           with agencies.         • Cost Allocation Methodology
          Budget Issues           • Current and Projected SDC Cuts
                                         • Fixed vs. Variable Costs
                                         • Leasing Strategy Payback

                                         • Duplicate Data Sets
             GIS Issues                  • Storage Strategy (current & future)
                                         • Standards and Policies

                                SDC Storage Growth Trend

                                                                Actual                                                  Forecasted

                                                                  Reported Monthly
                  1,000,000                                        Trend To Date                               Estimated Future
                                                                                                               Annual Trend @
                   800,000            100% Cap.
   Storage (GB)

                                                        90% Cap.

                                         80% Cap.
                   200,000                                                                                                         Opportunity” -
                                                                                                                                    Annual Trend
                                                                                                                                  (Reduce T4 & T5
                        0                                                                                                              Tape)
                              03/10       04/10           05/10           06/10              07/10    08/10     08/11        08/12        08/13
                                                                                              Time                   Annual Projections

                                Current Monthly Growth Trend                                Estimated Annual Change in Growth Trend

October 7, 2010
*All values represented in this image have been confirmed by SDC Staff as estimates only.
Workshop Prioritized Issues

 Priority                        Issue Category                          Topic

    1       Data Retention                                         Business Practice
    2       Archive & E-Discovery Tools                            Technical
    3       Data Consolidation                                     Business Practice
    4       Back-Up Size at 62% of cost, Disaster Recovery, etc.   Technical
    5       De-Duplication Tools                                   Technical
    6       Staff Training (Short and Long Term)                   Business Practice
    7       Total Cost of Ownership – Do customers know cost?      Budget
    8       Metrics                                                Budget
    9       Shared File Access                                     GIS
   10       Legislative Process                                    Budget
   11       Technical Alignment with Business                      Technical
   12       Data Duplication                                       GIS

Workshop Prioritized Solutions
                                                                               Short Term
                                                                               ( 0-12 months)
 Priority                            Solutions                      Topics
                                                                               Long Term
                                                                                (> 12 months)

    1       Provide Budget Metrics Visibility                       Budget     Long Term
            Use low cost Network Attached Storage (NAS)              GIS
    2       instead of SAN, where applicable                                   Short Term
            Implement/Modify Tape Backup Strategies
    3       (Currently represents 62% of storage)                  Technical   Long Term
    4       Establish Enterprise Access to Data (Shared service)   Technical   Short Term
    5       Gain Active Executive Support (SDC Agency Directors)   Practice    Long Term
    6       Apply SDC Lower Cost Offerings                          Budget     Long Term

    7       Deploy De-Duplication Strategy for Backups             Technical   Long Term
            Execute Intra-Agency Agreements on Shared GIS            GIS
    8       Data                                                               Short Term
            Comply with State Archivist Agency Retention           Business
    9       Policies/Guidelines                                    Practice    Long Term
            Implement Enterprise Training Best Practices           Business            12
   10       Program                                                Practice    Long Term
       Common Strategic Data Storage Cost Reduction Timeline
                                    Final Report
      Work         Workshop
                                    Due Nov 22, 2010
                                                                    Action Plan Implementation
                   Q4               Q1       Q2        Q3      Q4     Q1   Q2       Q3   Q4   Q1   Q2

                                 Short Term (<= 12 Mo.)                    Long Term (> 12 Mo.)
                              1) Budget Metrics Visibility
                            2) GIS Shared Storage Environment
                              3) Backup Tape Strategies
     Preparation              4) Enterprise
                                 Access to Data
               1 ½ Days
              Synchronous                                    5) Executive Support

                              6) SDC Lower Cost
                                 Offerings                  7) De-Duplication
                              8) GIS                        Strategy for Backups
       Enterprise is                                         9) Agency Retention Guidelines
                                                       10) Enterprise Training Program

               2010                          2011                           2012                13
Next Steps

  •   Finalize Enterprise Data Storage Action Plan
      - Due date for Final Report with cost/benefit analysis -- Nov 22, 2010
      - Include workshop SMEs (subject area experts from Agencies and
  •   Communicate Progress
      - to State of Oregon Executive Technology Committees
             ODOT Central Services Management             October 21
               SDC Directors Advisory Board               October 25
                  CIO Management Council                  October 27
               ODOT GIS Steering Committee                November 15
                         CIO Council                      November 16
         Oregon Geographical Information Council
                                                          December 15


             Synchronous Workshop Expert Staff & Support
      SDC Representatives                Agency Subject Matter Experts
      Darin Rand, Plans & Controls Mgr   Lloyd Lowry, ODOC CIO
      Gary Kreiger, Storage Mgr          Lisa Martinez, ODOT Manager
      David Denson, Storage Lead         Jennifer McGarvin, DHS Technician
      Wayne Smith, Architect             David Mather, DAS GIS Administrator

                               ODOT Internal Team
                      Barbara Jensen                Kelsey Giltz
                       Pam Bernard                 Brad Hoeren
                        Lorie Cruce               Jazzmin Reece
                       Susan Kuang               Jonathan Jackson

      Enterprise Data Storage Cost
    Reduction Synchronous Workshop
           Common vision required to address Sense of Urgency

This presentation was supported by: Business Analyst Interns of the Oregon Department of Transportation
               For more information contact Ben Berry at [ Ben.Berry@odot.state.or.us   ]

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