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									                              Cbse Class 10 Books
Cbse Class 10 Books
Huge quantum of syllabus and poor reading skills are the two main reasons that usually force students
studying under the CBSE class X to seek resort from cramming. Right from the start, students studying
at various levels are discouraged to practice mindless cramming and are advised to understand the study
material before they actually start learning the key concepts.

However, apart from advisory annotations very less is done to actually help students of CBSE class X
to improve their reading skills and not indulge in cramming. Ideally, the attempt to improve the reading
skills should begin right from the early years of schooling. However, it is never too late for students of
CBSE class X to improve their reading skills and score great marks in their board examinations.

Improved reading skills helps students to comprehend and appreciate the text better. It also helps
students to effectively churn out the key points from the said text and write answers that can fetch them
their dream score,

Now that all you CBSE class X students out there know the importance of good reading skills, here are
a few tips that will help you improve your existing reading skills.

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Keep your reading goals clear! Before starting to read, students should clearly set their reading goals.
Pre-assessing the reading needs will not only help CBSE class X students to be more focused while
reading but will also help students effectively utilize the available time.

While reading a novel, the idea is to read the book from start till end in order to understand the entire
story where as in case of a newspaper report the purpose could be to obtain a brief gist of the event.
Therefore, the CBSE class X students should understand their reading goals and study accordingly.

Choose the reading material carefully! While preparing for CBSE class X board papers, students should
practice caution while choosing the book for studying. To improve reading skills students should first
give the prescribed NCERT books a thorough read. After going through the NCERT book, CBSE class
X students should follow it up with other curriculum aligned books by other prescribed publishers only.

Study as per the desired reading technique! There are basically two key reading techniques, scanning
and skimming. Scanning is a process wherein a student scans through the available study material for
the CBSE class X board papers and selects portions to study. Whereas, skimming is a process of speedy

Under this process the CBSE class X student is required to quickly glance through the available study
material so as to grabs an overview of the topic. In order to improve reading skills, students should
choose the reading technique according to available time and proficiency level that one intends to
achieve from the reading session.

Take notes! CBSE class X students who wish to improve their reading skills, should ideally follow up a
thorough read of the chapter with preparation of study notes. Self-made study notes will not only help
CBSE class X students to improve their understanding of the topic but will also help them learn the art
of expressing their thoughts in their own words. Students can prepare their own revision notes and
compare their notes with the ones available online by a variety of websites for any inaccuracies.

Now that all you CBSE class X students know how to improve your reading skill, take a go at these tips
for a great score in exams.
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