8 Reasons to Use a Business Credit Card by Ardi.Track


									                  8 Reasons to Use a Business Credit Card

Credit cards are fast becoming a business necessity. They're flexible, easy to use,
convenient and offer users the ability to make purchases instantly, anywhere in the world.

We've spent some time analysing credit cards aimed at businesses and have put together a
list of our top 8 reasons to use a company credit card.

   1. Easy tracking of expenses and purchases - Using a credit card for business
      purchases makes it easier to track expenses. The majority of credit card providers
      offer comprehensive expense reporting (both online and off) which can save you
      countless administration costs and a lot of hassle.
   2. No more petty cash - Petty cash used to be the most popular way to pay for
      small, incidental purchases but the days of the petty cash tin are well and truly
      over. These days it's more common for companies to make purchases online or
      over the phone. Providing key staff members with a credit card that's attached to a
      business account means you can make instant purchases and reconcile expenses
      quickly and easily.
   3. Rewards and incentives - The majority of business credit card programs offer
      rewards and incentives for users. Organisations can save money on a variety of
      goods and services from petrol to air travel, insurance and other professional
   4. Build business credit - One of the most important reasons for applying for a
      business credit card is to build your business credit. This will come in handy if
      you need to take out a business loan in the future. Responsible use and a
      consistent payment history will be great assets to your credit rating.
   5. Separate business and personal finance - If you're a small business owner you'll
      know how important it is to separate business and personal finance. Having a
      business credit card will help with this division and will come in especially handy
      around tax time. Remember to keep your accounts separate and don't be tempted
      to make personal purchases on your business credit card (or vice versa).
   6. Large purchases or unexpected expenses - There may come a time when you
      need to buy supplies, make a one-off payment or pay a large bill. Business credit
      cards help you to make these one off payments quickly and are more convenient
      than applying for a business loan.
   7. Embrace the quiet times - Cash flow is a major concern for all businesses and
      even more so if you have employees or creditors that rely on your payments. A
      business credit card can help you cover the quiet times and the seasonal lulls.
   8. Say goodbye to cash - Having cash on-site or carrying it around with you is not a
      good idea. Business credit cards reduce the need for ready cash making your
      business less of a target for theft or loss.

If they're used responsibly, business credit cards can help you run your business better
and even save you some money.

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