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									Permanent Layoff Notice Template - - REPRESENTED EMPLOYEE

(on dept letterhead)



Dear (employee),

As we have discussed, (insert reasons for layoff e.g.: the department has
been instructed to cut $XXX, OR the source of funding for your position, the
XXXXX grant has ended and will not be renewed. As a result of the lack of
funds) I regret to inform you that effective (date), your (percentage of time)
(payroll title) position as a (working title) will be indefinitely reduced to
(percentage of time). Your last day on pay status will be (date).

As a University employee, you are entitled to recall and preferential rehire
eligibility. If you would like more information regarding these rights, please
contact the UCSB Employment Unit at 805.893.4662. {IF ELIGIBLE FOR
AGREEMENT, insert this language….. Instead of recall and preferential
rehire you may choose to receive severance if you so desire. I have
attached a Severance form for you to complete, sign, and return to me
within 14 days of the date of this letter if you wish to elect severance.
Based upon your service to the University, you are entitled to receive
(insert number of weeks) of severance pay in lieu of recall and preferential

You have a right to a review of this action in accordance with the [insert
applicable collective bargaining agreement, e.g., UC/CUE Agreement,
UC/AFSCME Service Agreement…]. For more information regarding these
rights, you may contact the UCSB Employee & Labor Relations Office at
(805) 893-7302.

I recommend that you contact the UCSB Benefits Office at (805) 893-2489
with any questions you may have regarding how this action may affect your
For information regarding unemployment insurance application procedures
you may contact Liz Molina in the UCSB Human Resources Office at (805)
893-5375 or you may contact the Employment Development Department
directly at 1-866-333-4606 or online at

Your continued contribution to both (insert department name) and the
University is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions on any of the
above, please feel free to contact me at (phone number) or via email at
(email address).


(Title), (Dept)

Cc:   Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations
      Human Resources, Benefits
      Human Resources, Employment

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