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									                                            EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER, REGION 20
                                            NOTICE TO NEW EMPLOYEES, FULL-TIME

CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT - Center policy requires that employees shall not manufacture, distribute, dispense, use or be under
the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol during working hours while at the Center or at Center-related events outside of usual
working hours. You are responsible for informing the Center in writing of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in
a workplace no later than five calendar days after such conviction or an arrest for any felony or offense involving moral turpitude within
three calendar days of the arrest. An employee who is convicted of or receives deferred adjudication for such an offense must also report
that event to the immediate supervisor within three calendar days of the event. It is also unlawful to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly
carry a firearm, illegal knife, or prohibited weapon on Center premises. Exempt employees shall submit a letter to the division director
outlining additional employment.

CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE REVIEW - Employees are evaluated continuously during their employment. For new employees, a
conference with the immediate supervisor (appraiser) will be held at the beginning of employment to clarify expectations for performance
and to develop performance goals. The formal appraisal period is that period between the pre-conference (scheduled during the month of
September or upon employment prior to March 1), sixth month new employee review (mid semester), and the post-conference (scheduled
between June 1 and August 15). For employees employed March 1 or later in the fiscal year, the goals should be tailored to meet what is
feasible to accomplish through the end of the fiscal year.

DOCUMENTS - I have been briefed about the existence, location and contents of the Center's Electronic Policy Manual and Procedures
and Employee Handbook (e.g. COBRA, HIPAA, etc.). I agree to abide by the policies and procedures of ESC-Region 20 and any
subsequent changes. I understand that I can access the policies and procedures on the Center’s Intranet. I take full responsibility to read
these documents and to ask questions about their contents. If I need any assistance, I will contact HRS. I have received a copy of:

        403(b)/457(b) Plans, RAMS Retirement Savings Plans brochures
        AD Local, Mission Statement/Goals and Objectives
        CK 5.5.2, Safety and Emergencies
        CK 4.7.2, Notification of Urgent Situations/Early Dismissal
        CKC 4.7.1, Evacuation Procedures
        CRG Legal/Local Insurance and Annuities Management [403(b) and 457(b)]
        DBD Local, Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Conflict of Interest
        DEA 5.2.3, Salary System Administration
        DEA Local, Compensation and Benefits: Salaries, Wages, and Stipends
        DEB Sick Leave Bank
        DEB Local, Compensation and Benefits: Leaves and Absences
        DEB, Leaves and Absences
        FMLA Notice and documents regarding insured benefits rights (COBRA & HIPAA)
        DH 5.3, Personal Responsibilities Related to Employment
        DH Local, Standards of Conduct
        DHA Local & Exhibit, Sexual Harassment
        DI Exhibit, Drug Free Workplace
        DNA 5.2.2, Continuous Performance Review
        DNA Local, Accountability: Performance Appraisal
        EC Local, Electronic Communication and Data Management
        EC 6.5.2, Electronic Network & Procedure
        Texas Government Code, Sections 556.004/005/0055/006/007/008 regarding lobbying prohibition
        Workplace Safety Manual

I understand that none of these documents imply a guarantee of employment and that they may be changed at any time. Changes in policy
may supersede, modify, or render obsolete other documents.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS - I understand that the use of the Education Service Center’s electronic communications system
is a privilege and not a right. I agree to comply with all regulations and guidelines that govern electronic communications.

HEALTH PLANS & BENEFITS (You are required to accept or decline coverage within 30 days from your date of hire.) Benefits are
subject to change at any time with approval of the Board of Directors. Benefits are based on the number of hours worked, if TRS-eligible.

                                                                                                                                    Revised 6/2/2012
  TRS-ActiveCare 1, 2, or 3           If health care coverage is elected, the Center will contribute to the “Employee Only” premium cost.
  Dependent on Eligibility            Refer to TRS-ActiveCare Rates & Funding
  Supplemental Compensation           NOTE: Supplemental compensation will begin the 1st day of the following month after hire date.
                                      Refer to Supplemental Compensation Form.
  Available Benefits- Employee        Accident, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Cancer /ICU, Dental, Disability, Life, Vision, Section
  paid                                125 Flexible Benefit Plan: Health Flexible Spending Account, and Dependent Care Assistance
  403(b)/457(b)                       Employees have the opportunity to defer compensation into a 403(b)/457(b) Plan. Contributions may
                                      start at any time during the year. Enrollment and other information located on Region 10 RAMS
                                      website at www.region10rams.org.

  Approved Paid Leave: Holidays, Family Leave, State Sick Leave, State Personal Leave, Jury Duty/Subpoena Leave, Military Duty, and
  Vacation (not applicable for full-time employees working less than 12 months). NOTE: If an employee has used more leave than earned
  at the time of separation, the cost of the unearned leave shall be deducted from the final paycheck or the employee will be asked to
  reimburse the Center for the unearned leave.

  Teacher Retirement           Employees working 18.75 hours or more per week and/or concurrently employed in more than one position
  System                       and each position does not meet the requirements of minimum employment as long as combined employment
                               meets minimum eligibility requirements.
  Other Deductions             Authorized Tax Sheltered Accounts [403(b) and 457(b)], Withholding Tax, Social Security/Medicare, and
                               elected benefits.

SALARY SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION - The Executive Director provides for the development and implementation of a uniform
salary system which is sensitive to the local market. In order to be eligible for continued employment, an employee must move from
Competency Level 1 to 2 prior to the next fiscal year, unless employed for less than six months before the next fiscal year. In that
instance, the employee may remain on Level 1 through the next fiscal year. Thereafter, movement to Level 2 must occur prior to the July
attendance cut-off date.

TRS RETIREES – For retirees who retired from TRS after September 1, 2005, ESC-20 is required to contribute to the TRS pension
fund a percentage of compensation and pay a health care surcharge for certain retirees employed by ESC-20. Due to these mandatory
contributions, it is your responsibility to notify Human Resource Services whenever you elect or change your TRS health care coverage.
Changes in coverage may increase the Center's required contributions and funding ability. Also, you are responsible for monitoring hours
allowed to work each month, in order that your retirement benefits are not negatively impacted. Refer to the TRS web site at
http://www.trs.state.tx.us/Benefits/emp_afteret.pdf for additional information.

PAYCHECKS - Paychecks are calculated through and issued on the last workday of each month. Leave transactions for the current pay
period include all approved leave at time of paycheck processing. Leave for the current period, taken or approved after the paycheck is
processed, will be included in the next pay period. Any adjustments for absences occurring between the attendance cutoff date and the last
day of the month will appear on following month’s paycheck. Employee social security numbers are maintained and used by the Center
for payroll, benefits, internal verification, and administrative purposes and to conduct in-depth background checks. Federal law requires
the Center to report income and social security numbers for all employees to whom compensation is paid. The Center reports social
security numbers to Federal and State agencies as authorized or required by law and for benefit purposes. Further disclosure of your social
security number is governed by the Public Information Act (Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code) and other applicable law. Direct
deposit shall be used for employee salary payment. Employees who opt out of the direct deposit method of salary payment shall submit
their request in writing to Human Resource Services for processing.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION - Education Service Center, Region 20 has workers’ compensation coverage from the Texas
Association of School Boards Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund to protect you. You can obtain more information about your
workers’ compensation rights from any office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation, or by calling 1-800-252-7031. You also have
the right to free assistance from the Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC). You can contact OIEC by calling 1-866-393-6432.
Please notify HRS of any on-the-job injury you may experience. If you seek medical treatment, you must choose a treating doctor from
the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance.

ALL EMPLOYEES SERVE AT THE WILL OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. I understand that my employment may be terminated at
any time for any reason at the will of the Executive Director, or that I may resign at any time.

Employee Signature                  Date                                  Human Resource Services Signature                           Date
                                                                                                                                  Revised 6/2/2012

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