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Verbal Reasoning Test Workbook by P-KoganPagePublish


Almost every battery of psychometric tests will include a verbal reasoning subtest or series of questions. Employers use them to test your ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information, often of a complex or specialized nature. The Verbal Reasoning Test Workbook will help you to prepare for these tests, offering you everything you need for a comprehensive programme of self-study, including advice on what to expect on the day, English usage questions, sentence sequences and 150 warm-up questions. Designed as a companion guide to the best-selling How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests, it contains:700 practice questionsfour full-length realistic mock testsdetailed explanations of answersinterpretations of scores An invaluable source of practice material and advice, The Verbal Reasoning Test Workbook will help you to improve your test techniques and increase your chances of success.

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