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iCook Italian

Editor: Monica Monari
Author: Lara Balleri
Translator: Thomas Murphy

Everything you've always wanted to know about rice but were afraid to ask. Dry, in a soup, baked, or as a
dessert, rice holds a special place of honour in Italian cuisine. Beginning with the raw material itself
which, moreover, makes up two thirds of the daily food intake of almost three billion people. There are
thousands of different varieties just waiting to be discovered in the right context: Italy alone boasts Arborio
and Carnaroli, Vialone and Selvaggi. Why not try the refined qualities of India's Basmatic, too. From rice
soup and salads to desserts and risotto, but also the country style recipes of "Sour tout", above all,
which was imported by the monsù, the French cooks who worked at the Bourbon dependence. The 40 
recipes contained in iCook Italian Rice show just how versatile this precious ingredient really is. Delicious
and nutritionally perfect. Look out too for some handy tips from our chefs: the toasted onion which is then
soaked in the soup to lighten the colour, how to thicken with frozen cubes of butter and how to stop the
cooking process before serving by resting the pot on a wet dish cloth. Meanwhile our sommelier has the
last word with some recommendations regarding the right drink. iCook Italian is a series of cookery
eBooks, each one containing 40 illustrated recipes. From appetisers to pasta, from rice to soups, from
second courses of meat and fish to ice-creams, desserts, puddings and cakes as well as pizza, focacce,
egg dishes and salads, iCook Italian is a genuine feast of Italian gastronomy. All dishes were chosen by
taking a peek at the recipe books in grandmother's kitchen along with those of the most creative and
talented chefs in the country, marrying tradition with modernity and putting regional specialities alongside
the cuisine of other countries. All were chosen with an eye on their nutritional value, something which has
made Mediterranean cuisine such a success. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the finished dish
and step by step instructions on how to make it. We haven't forgotten about the ideal wine either, which
helps bring out the very best in flavours and aromas, and some simple, but practical, advice about the
pleasures of food and how to choose the right ingredients for that final touch of class. Secrets stolen from
the best kitchens in Italy.

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