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									Moments in Time
Chronicles of Eternity

Author: J. A. Gordon

Edition: 1

A hypnosis session in a candlelit room opens the door to the long lost world of Nero's Empire in the first
century A.D. where the young Auxiliary Centurion, Graecus, and his men struggle to uphold the
honourable principles of their General and to survive the vicious politics of a corrupt age. Through the
opening of this portal into ancient times the day to day life of the soldiers - the dangers they faced, the
food they ate, their deep comradeship, laughter and victories - is revealed and how, amid the perils of a
turbulent world, a love was found which would echo across the coming centuries.This is the first book in
the Chronicles of Eternity series. Books II and III – 'The Weight of Time' and 'A Capital Time' are available
in hard copy and will shortly be published in eBook formats.

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