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									Walter Schellenberg
Author: Walter Schellenberg

This is a chilling memoir by the head of Hitler's Foreign Intelligence Service. This unique account of
Hitler's corrupt regime illuminates more vividly than any other the deepening atmosphere of terror and
unreality in which the Nazi leadership lived as the war progressed. Schellenberg recounts with first-hand
knowledge the motivations and machinations surrounding the Nazi Army's every move and offers vivid
accounts of the countless incidents in which he played a major part including Heydrich's assassination,
plans to kill Roosevelt and Stalin, and an attempt to kidnap the Duke of Windsor. But this remarkable
inside account is perhaps most memorable for its riveting portraits of Adolf Hitler, and the men whom
Schellenberg calls, with stunning lack of irony, 'Hitler's willing executioners' - Heydrich, Himmler, Mueller,
and Kaltenbrunner.

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