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									Human Rights and Civil Liberties
Issues in Society

Editor: Justin Healey

Protecting and promoting human rights, including civil liberties, is about making sure that basic
safeguards for equality and fairness are in place so that we can prevent the violation of rights, and provide
remedies when a violation does occur. Following a recent national consultation over a charter or bill of
rights aimed at dealing with some controversial issues and emerging human rights principles, the Federal
Government has decided it will not be introducing a Human Rights Act in Australia, but rather a new
human rights framework. Protecting and promoting human rights requires balancing the interests of
individuals and groups with the interests of society including security, public health and public order. This
book examines Australia's human rights record and a range of opinions in the debate over adequate and
appropriate human rights protection.Three chapters: Human rights in Australia ; Arguments for a bill of
rights ; Arguments against a bill of rights.Also includes: Worksheets and activities ; Fast facts ;
Glossary ; Web links ; Index.

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