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The New Australian Stockmarket Investor by P-AllenUnwinPty


A fully updated and indispensable guide for the growing number of serious new investors in the Australian stockmarket by John W. English, whose book on operating a small business has gone through eight editions and is a 'bible' in the field.IF YOU WANT TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INVESTMENT DECISIONSYOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOKIf you want to learn about investing, and you are not sure where to begin, this book will get you started. If you are ready to make your first investment, this book will answer your questions and aid you in making an intelligent, informed decision. If you are already an investor, this book will not only help to refine your investing skills, but also improve your ability to evaluate recommendations from stockbrokers and financial advisers.LEARN THE ESSENTIAL SKILLS THAT WILL HELP YOU MAXIMISE YOUR STOCKMARKET RETURNSFrom speculative shares to blue chips, futures to options, private portfolios to unit trusts, The New Australian Stockmarket Investor is a practical, user-friendly guide to the essentials of investing. It is not a get-rich-quick book, nor is it weighed down with theory-it has been written for the do-it-yourself investor who is serious about investing their money in the Australian stockmarket.

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